Thursday, June 6, 2013


"Pulp's Day, what's that Nick?" Well, across the three Pulp's stores, count 'em, Art, Comics and Toys we'll be deep discounting selected items and not just slow stuff or books caught in last week's deluge, oh no top sellers in prime condition are making the list.
Between now and the 15th all the store's blog spots will be teasing you with items and their price, this is an unrepeatable offer, these items at these prices will be available in the store while stock lasts on the 15th and only on the 15th so please mark the calender now!

To give you an idea of what to expect how do you like the sound of J Scott Campbell's White Hot and Marvelous at 15€ each, that's like 50% off!

Here's what had to say about the 15th, "Cette année, il va falloir réserver votre journée du 15 juin, car vous ne voudrez pas manquer la première édition de la journée Pulp's. En effet à cette occasion vous pourrez découvrir des remises exceptionnelles sur des centaines d'articles. Pour vous faire patienter jusque là nous avons décidé d'annoncer les promotions  au jour le jour jusqu'à la date fatidique."

So I hope to see you on the 15th, I believe everybody will go home very happy.

Stay tuned for this week's new arrivals, I'll be posting them soon!

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