Friday, June 7, 2013


Hi readers, so as I wrote yesterday we will be having a special event across the Pulp's stores on Saturday 15th. 
At Pulp's Comics they will be slashing the prices on selected back issues and graphic novels, at Pulp's Toys they'll be doing the same on toys and collectibles and we'll be discounting lots of items here at Pulp's Art.

It's an opportunity you wont want to miss and to maintain every one's focus, both ourselves and Pulp's Comics will be posting on our blogs some of the selected items on work days leading up to PULP'S DAY!

Today's featured item is,

Francisco Herrera's Magic Box yours for 20€ assuming you come along on to the store on Saturday 15th.

Finally please note that we are selling these great books right now,

HC 96pp Color
An art book in which Mr Bilal revisits certain of his iconic creations, using mixed techniques and occasional photographic imagery, a gorgeous looking book by one of the mediums titans.

HC 103pp Color
DM Editions
Gallery owner Daniel Maghen is passionate about BD, so much so that he occasionally publishes them. His latest release is the tale of a special boy born on the unforgiving steppes of central Asia some centuries ago.
The boy has amazing powers and is guided in the use of his gifts by a willy shamanic guardian.
Carrion employs a simple but stunningly effective style both in composition and coloring to illustrate the intriguing tale by Ozanam.

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