Friday, September 30, 2011


We are very proud and pleased to announce that the exceptional artist Kent Williams, the talent behind such graphic novels as "Blood, "Tell Me Dark" and "The Fountain" will be signing copies of his latest art book, "Eklektikos" and others here at Pulp's Art, Monday October 10 from 17.30 hrs. 

Kent is in town for a sale and exhibition of his work at Galerie Daniel Maghen,
for the details contact the gallery at 47 Quai des Grands Augustins, 75006 Paris,
Telephone: 01 42 84 37 39

Nos Années Strange

Samedi  1 Octobre à partir de 14h, venez retrouver Jean-Marc Lainé et Sébastien Carletti chez Pulp's art pour la dédicace de leur livre Nos Années Strange. Les auteurs présenteront dans un premier temps leur ouvrage avant de le signer.
Si vous n'avez pas encore fait l'acquisition de ce superbe ouvrage, il est en vente chez Pulp's Comics et bien sur chez Pulp's Art.

Venez nombreux !!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This week's US delivery is pretty much all restocks but the one brand new title is a significant one because it's:-

HC 246pp Color
Chronicle Books
James Jean's first two art books, Process Recess 1 and 2, were sell outs in the best sense of the term, the out of print copies commanding huge sums on Ebay for the few willing to part with their copies.
Following a hugely popular stint as cover artist for DC Vertigo's Fables, and yes there's a gorgeous collection of these illustrations available here, he's now even more sought after.
If you were one of those who purchased one of those out of print copies of the Process Recess books on Ebay you may want to look away because Rebus is the best of Jame's major work from the last 10 years collected into one beautiful book and I do mean beautiful.
OK if you were one of those Ebay purchasers who kept reading why not call in and buy two copies, one for you and another because this gorgeous book is destined to be a collectors item, ah sweet consolation. 

We are now carrying a bunch of books from Heavy Metal publishing, among which  are some very cheeky books by Booty maestro Serpieri, a great collection of Barbarian illustrations from Arthur Suydam, some antiquated motor transport interspersed with lots of lovely nude cuties courtesy of Denis Sire and some steamy sketchbooks from Spaniards Azpiri and Royo.

Finally last week the Gallery 9em Art debuted a new exhibition and sale of original art from Frank Cho, Brandon Peterson and Adam Hughes in northern Paris.
Comic art doesn't come much better then when it's drawn by these three talented illustrators so we recommend you catch this opportunity to see it in the flesh, then if your pockets don't run to purchasing original art why not call back at Pulp's Art where we have a nice selection of books from each of the artists.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


It's a pretty eclectic assortment of books I lay before you his week friends.

Let's kick off with some good news, we're happy to announce that Pulp's Art is now carrying the books of Allen Spiegal Fine Arts.
For many years now Allen has been representing and publishing artists at the cutting edge of the industry where the distinctions between comic art, genre illustration and fine art blur.

Allen will be in Paris early next month accompanying the artist Kent Williams, Kent's in town to open an exhibition and sale of his art at the Galerie Daniel Maghen.
And just in time we have the latest collection of Kent's stunning art:-

HC 68pp Color
Elektikos collects Kent's recent fine art output, pieces not featured in the impressive Amalgam.
Kent's work explores the sense of alienation and dislocation afflicting us in this digital age in exquisitely painted images of the human form often vulnerable and yearning for that certain elusive something.

HC 168pp Color, Black + White
The first monograph of Kent's fine art, beautiful figurative art exploring the human condition.

SC 108pp Black + White
A superb collection of 108 drawing from the artists represented by Allen including Phil Hale, Dave Mckean, Jon J Muth, George Pratt, Greg Spalenka, Greg Ruth and many more in a package designed by Kent Williams.

HC 120pp Black + White
Between September 2008 and October 2010 Greg Ruth decided to each week set time aside from a hectic schedule producing illustrations on demand and draw somethings which weren't an obligation.
The spectacular results are published here, these aren't sketches or scribblings but fully fledged illustrations often following a sequence or theme which hint at a narrative.
As the artist's friend actor and writer Ethan Hawk says in his introduction "this is the good stuff".

SC 96pp Color, Black + White
So if you can't sleep this book contains lots of stuff from the award winning multitasking artist Dave McKean to while away the hours, paintings, photos, comics, essays and all the stuff that keeps him up at night!

HC 54pp Black + White
A collection of drawings made by Dave on a trip to Brussels, capitol city of a land big enough for two languages but with no room for a government!
All our copies are signed, that's by Dave and not famous Belgians.

SC 224pp Color
Monacelli Press
Heh heh yes that's FBI head honcho or queen bee if you prefer J Edgar Hoover in a Tutu as depicted by the irreverent caricaturist Robert Risko.
Since his first assignment in the late 70s Risko has been depicting the great and not so good in bright and breezy illustrations for America's top journals.

HC 166pp Color
Settlers West Galleries
Following a distinguished career in commercial illustration - like many illustrators - Roy loaded the wagon and headed west to pursuit a career in fine art, depicting the indigenous tribes of America's western wilderness.
Roy was known for his bold designs when he was producing paperback covers and film posters such as the famous Outlaw Josey Wales image.
In his fine art he occasionally uses an abstract background to contrast the faithful depiction of an Indian brave in the foreground.
This is an extensive collection of his Indian paintings, an inspirational book for any enthusiast of Amerindian culture and, or, majestic fine art.

HC 40pp Color, Black + White
Calgary Comic Expo
We stay out west but head north of where Roy Andersen holed up even crossing the border into Canada to join up with the Calgary Comic Expo posse.
Every year the show gets the attending artists to submit a western themed piece to include in their annual art book and 2008's included the likes of Bruce Timm, Gene Ha, Jo Chen, Bill Pressing and other top artists from the fields of animation and comics.

HC 232pp Color, Black + White
As Bill Schelly recounts, in this heavily illustrated book by him on one of the all time greats in American comic book illustration, Joe Kubert started his career as a professional artist at the age of 12!
Now one can quibble about why the law didn't put a stop to a publisher employing a kid but it doesn't appear to have done Joe's career any harm, as here we are 73 years later and after the creation of 1000s of superb comic illustrations with this excellent tribute to one of the mediums most esteemed draftsmen.

HC 88pp Color
Daniel Maghen
One can't help but suspect the luminaries of the Decadent movement would have loved Catalan artist Corominas' adaptation of Oscar Wilde's celebrated novel A Portrait of Dorian Gray.
Lush, fluid and elegant water colors perfectly capture the story of a dissolute young gentleman gadding between high society and the gutter in good Queen Vic's London.
Following the 72 pages of beautiful comic book art are 15 pages of portraits and development work.

HC 120pp COLOR, Black + White
If there's a problem with Ashley Wood's books it's that we can't keep them in stock, you can suggest we order more and we could respond that we order plenty, perhaps his publisher should print more? 
Yet I suspect IDW print plenty, the simple fact is Ashley is so accomplished a stylist and draftsmen and his subjects so appealing, such as those very rude girls and boiler headed robots, that none of us have yet to know his work's full demand.
In this book Ash bring his distinctive style to bear on the uber successful shoot 'em up from game company Konami, Metal Gear Solid.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


SC 24pp Color, Black + White
Moebius Productions
An elegantly slim number printed on luxurious fedrigoni paper commemorating an exhibition of Moebius art at the Chebourg Octeville for the 6th festival of the 9th Art held earlier this year.
Limited to just 500 examples this is a thin yet satisfying slice of the master's art produced to the usual high standard of his own publishing business and featuring pieces not published elsewhere.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


OK, let me get straight into introducing these great new books,

SC 16pp Color, Black + White
Flesk Publications
This item was first released at the San Diego Comic Con, it's a teaser for the forthcoming book from Flesk Publications Naughty & Nice: The Good Girl Art of Bruce Timm, about which more in a moment.
Frankly we're lucky to have these copies as this teaser is a unique booklet, limited to just 1000 copies and signed by the artist, it features artwork which wont appear in the final book, it's purpose is to entertain and prime the audience for the main event later this year.

Eventually two editions of Naughty & Nice will be made available, a regular soft cover of 304 pages and a deluxe slip cased hard cover.
The publisher John Fleskes is debating the final version of the limited deluxe slip cased edition with  his art director, printer and of course Mr Timm but it is certain to be mighty fine and much sought after by collectors and as such we suggest you ask us to reserve you a copy.

I'm sure Bruce Timm doesn't need an introduction but just in case he's the stylist and driving force behind many of Warner Bros Animation Studio's better shows, from Batman to Green Lantern Corp and the artist of several comic books including Batman: Mad Love.

Another item John published for the convention circuit, specifically the Breda Comic Strip Festival of 2010 is

SC 16pp Color
Flesk Publications
Again a big thank you to John for allowing Pulp's Art to get some of this limited edition sketchbook from the modern master Mark Schultz.
While doomsday cults calculate if the world will end before Mark completes the illustrations he wants to accompany his novella Storms At Sea, a lucky few of us can enjoy these sketches most completed in blue line, which are a combination of studies from Mark's sketchbook and preliminary sketches for Storms At Sea.

SC 16pp Black + White
Flesk Publications
Like his collaborator on Prince Valiant, Mark Schultz, Gary Gianni is a traditional illustrator happy to have his style of illustration compared to the greats of a bygone age such as Clement Coll and Booth.
Gary's subjects are also traditional, Prince Valiant and characters from the stories of HG Wells, Melville and Lovecraft but that's not to say he isn't brimming with imagination and original ideas; as this sketchbook sampling makes clear, an example being his octopus headed pirates committed to paper long before a certain film franchise featuring Pirates did something similar.

You may like to know we have limited quantities yet reasonably priced copies of Gary's sketchbooks produced to accompany the Wandering Star editions of Robert E Howard's stirring adventure yarns, Bran Mak Morn, Solomon Kane and of course Conan.

HC 64pp Color, Balck + White
Flesk Publications
Get an insight into the workings of five inspired artists and their politely passionate publisher.
John Fleskes has created this introduction to the personalities and works of the five artists he is most heavily involved with currently and his attitudes to publishing illustration art.
Craig Elliott, Gary Gianni, Petar Meseldzija, Mark Schultz and William Stout have selected some of their favorite works to please their fans and impress the uninitiated.

4 x HC in Slipcase
Excellent value for money and a great way to start your fitness regime is this hefty package containing all four art books for the four Marvel movies setting the stage for next summer's uber block buster Avengers!
This package contains the long out of print Art of Iron Man as well as Art of Iron Man II, Thor and Captain America, for good measure there's also a limited edition Avengers Poster, Avengers Fans Assemble! 

HC 176pp, Color, Black + White
Voyageur Press
Is your nerve strong enough to allow you to enter the Alien Vault? 30 years ago audiences screamed and swooned as the crew of the Nostromo got on the wrong side of a creature neither bright nor beautiful.
Alien Vault is a treasure trove of Alien trivia and artifacts from and for the original film, including art by Giger, Moebius and Ron Cobb, rare photos of the actors and crew and it's just in time for the prequel!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Welcome back to our blog updating you on what's new at Pulp's Art, there's not a lot of new titles this week but what we might lack in quantity we make up for in quality.

SC 146pp Color
Funkolor Studios
Taiwanese artist Jo Chen is enjoying huge success as a cover artist for various US comic publishers, including Dark Horse for whom she painted a number of gorgeous Buffy The Vampire Slayer images.
This book includes many of her most popular pieces from Buffy, Marvel's Runaways and Thor Son of Asgard, as well as pieces for other publishers and personnel work.
Our supply of this rare Chinese printing are very limited so come early to avoid disappointment!

HC 160pp Color, Black + White
Impact Books
If you like dragons then stop right here as this book might just be to your liking. inside Dragonworld 49 creators discuss the inspiration they derive from this mythical creature and the characteristics they want to convey in their work,
and so one finds whimsical, cruel, timid and fierce dragons galore in this enjoyable collection.

HC 256pp Color, Black + White,
The news cycle, pandering as it does to a public unable to maintain its interest once the spectacular and sensational has subsided, hasn't had a lot to say about how the people of northern Japan are coping now months after the cataclysmic earthquake and tsunami wrought havoc and destruction to its shores.
Anyone who viewed the images of the aftermath will be in no doubt that a massive effort is required to bring something remotely like a recovery to the devastated areas.
This art book is a means of assisting the recovery, both materially and emotionally, for in it artist from around the world depict their tribute or response to the event and its survivors and from its sale the publisher will donate a % to the relief fund.
The images range from the heart breaking to the heroic and your support of this title will be uplifting in every way.

Surrounded in this district by excellent BD stores we carry a very small selection of BDs for the occasional buyer, one more concerned with art then the narrative or for the foreign tourist overwhelmed by the sheer number of Franco-Belgian comic books in the dedicated stores.
Anyway to the few BDs we carry we couldn't resist adding these beauties:-

HC 74pp Color
Anthropomorphic antics in a fantasy setting as our canine heroes battle ursine and lupine villains.
Pau illustrates this lively tale in a lush style reminiscent of classic animation from its golden age in the 40s.
If you liked Bone by Jeff Smith then you'll like Atlas & Axis.

HC 74pp Color
Bengal's style is elegant and uncluttered, there's nothing superfluous in this fantasy story about angels and demons, even the color pallet is reduced.
One might not think the market here needs yet another fantasy graphic novel but the sophistication of Bengal's illustrations make for a welcome addition to the genre.
The book ends with a selection of pin-ups by other top artist.

We're off to Strip Festival Breda this weekend, yeah we should be at home watching the Rugby World Cup but duty calls and Holland needs art books!
Anyway, any Dutch or Belgian readers we hope to see you there.
Also attending will be John Fleskes of Flesk Publishing and he'll have the amazingly talented artists Craig Elliott, Gary Gianni, Mark Schultz and William Stout with him!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Doh, play time's over and it's back to work but don't feel blue just because obligation is back on the menu, check out our spirit lifting new arrivals; and for those of you who have enjoyed, or endured, an extensive summer break you'll enjoy checking out our summer arrivals here at the store or by reading previous posts.

HC 143pp Color, Black + White
Dark Horse
A welcome rave from the grave, as everything the incomparable Bernie Wrightson ever did for publisher Jim Warren aka Uncle Creepy and Cousin Eerie, including covers and front pieces, is interred in this great book.
Bernie remains arguably the horror fans favorite artist, he employed the techniques of the great engravers like Dore and Booth to his signature elongated characters in stories of gothic dread by masters of the genre like Lovecraft and Poe as well as those by Warren regulars Bruce Jones and Bill Dubay.

SC 128pp Color
Dover Publications
Over 100 of the Wyeth senior's illustrations made between 1905 and 1930, depicting the pioneer west, the American Civil War, and including his celebrated illustrations to accompany Robin Hood, Treasure Island, The Last of the Mohicans and other classics tales of high adventure.

SC 128pp Color, Black + White
Dover Publications
Baron Hans Henning Voight was the saucey so'n'so who lead the kinky Decadent movement under the moniker Alastair.
Alastair's opulent and oppressive style, often linked to that of Beardsley, Harry Clarke and Erté was used to great effect to illustrate stories by Oscar Wilde and Flaubert.

We have a pretty good stock of Dover's excellent publications covering illustration from the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

SC 160pp Color
Design Studio Press
Browsing through Places is a bit like strolling around the streets and buildings of the near future, such is the mastery of his craft demonstrated by Sean Hargreaves. 
Sean is a designer for the entertainment industry, his concepts have featured in The Fifth Element, Seven and many more movies requiring believable designs.
As well as providing the viewer with some environments Sean serves up some futuristic looking vehicles in which to gad about these locations.

SC 176pp Color, Black + White
Design Studio Press
Vroooooom, this book subtitled "The Complete Guide to Future Racing", assumes oil reserves are going to support this pointless exercise in wasting the stuff for some time longer, yet let's face it people are so feckless that it's probably making the right assumption.
Anyway, enough of my green concerns, those of you already familiar with Design Studio Press's previous books about futuristic cars such as Drive, Cosmic Motors and Start Your Engines - all of them available here - know to expect a whole heap of glistening, gleaming techno porn which will have you happy to grow old fast just so you can see this stuff for real!
As well as the racing cars of the future the book casts an eye over the likely drivers and courses.

SC 160pp Color, Black + White
Design Studio Press
Designers for the entertainment industry, Christian and Patrick obviously have creative juices to spare because they decided to create from scratch this sci-fi project about a far flung world hospitable to human habitation, with huge oil reserves and so colonized.
Technology moves on and the oil from this once thriving colony is no longer needed and so the colony becomes a backwater, reduced but not abandoned.
There's a wealth of ideas here lending themselves to rich visual research into what this world would have looked like in its prime and now in decline.
This is the first book in a proposed series by the designer duo exploring the world of Kolonie The Forgotten Empire.

At the end of next week we'll be heading to the flat land of Holland for the Breda show on September 10 and 11th, which in the soccer nuts Netherlands just happens to clash with the opening games of the Rugby World Cup, duh!
Oh well, if you're going then we'll see you there with an awesome assortment of illustrated books.