Friday, May 31, 2013


Hello readers, well yesterday Paris experienced rain such as Noah must have witnessed and despite us having 5 intervening floors between us and the rains point of contact with our building, somehow much of that rain found its way from the roof directly through our ceiling and onto three of our book cases!

Quick work saved most of the books from the deluge but for the time being I have three book cases out of commission, making the back of the shop look a tad forlorn.
Obviously we hope to have them back in service quickly but until repairs have been made to our roof, I can't risk putting stock on them.
Sorry for any inconvenience this causes, those looking for the Asian animation books and the BD can ask me about titles, because the stock is sitting in a nice warm spot out of harms way.

I'll close this post with the express hope Summer answers its call next month!

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hello readers, quite a lot to like in this week's new releases and we'll take off with,

HC162pp Color Black + White
Insight Editions
The phenomenal success of this game franchise is another one of those that passed this old duffer by as I like traditional media and means of communication. So what I know is that what started out as a game for mobiles and such from Finland has become a world wide hit, spawning all the spin offs enterprise can think off and oh yeah the characters are all irritable birds.
Anything else I might want to know about past, present and future for the cranky chicks and their franchise I can find in this coffee table art book, dedicated to the feathered fiends from Espoo Finland!

And we're stuck with crazy fauna again in,

HC 192pp Color, Black + White
Quirck Books
Well this is certainly an original oddity in which the actual author E.B. Hudspeth imagines the lost journals and research of a Doctor Black, a scientist of the mid 19th century convinced that mythical creatures were in fact evolutionary steps on humanities journey to today's specimens.
The book is the biography of Dr Black's strange life and his  weirder research including detailed and oddly beautiful anatomical studies of mermaids, satyrs, minotaurs etc., you haven't read or seen anything quite like this!

A  very welcome addition to our shelves is,

HC or SC 208pp Color Black + White
Vanguard Productions
Vanguard follow up their definitive reference of Frank Frazett's works with this volume dedicated to another master of heroic fantasy, Jeffrey Jones.
That Jones would venture off from illustration and comic strip work to pursuit fine art was hardly surprising given the subtlety of his work, which was as much informed by masters of the impressionist movement as it was by the giants of the Brandywine School of Illustration but at the height of his commercial success he was as much sort after as Frazetta, himself an enthusiastic admirer of Jones' work.
This full run down of the artist's published work is profusely illustrated and in addition there are essays and tributes by collectors, collaborators and friends to this extraordinarily talented artist.

So, I'm hoping to receive some more books but I don't want to tempt fate and so I'll just post this for now but keep watching this space please.

Oh, and any readers in Germany should know we've a significant presence at the Munchen Comic Festival these next 4 days, including having Daniela Uhlig signing her new book with us, Sugar Girls over the weekend.  CHEERS!

Saturday, May 25, 2013


This is a reminder that if you like Ashley Wood's art yet you haven't visited the exhibition at Galerie Daniel Maghen, then you still have until the end of Thursday30th of May to do so.

The enthusiast wont be disappointed, all the subjects and themes we want to see are there, from hulking robots to provocative ladies.

While here at Pulp's Art we have books of Ashley's art to suit all size of pocket and it's just a 12 minute walk from here to 47 Quai des Grands Augustins and Daniel's gallery.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hello readers, quite a bit to get through this week so without further ado, it's,

HC 64pp Color
You might feel another comic adaptation of Michael Moorcock's celebrated albino, wizard prince, Elric wasn't really necessary. As Moorcock makes clear in his introduction to this new interpretation there have been several previous adaptations and if one also considers those illustrators who have imagined the character for the novel's covers then we are in the company of some seriously good artists.
Yet this new treatment ranks as the author's favorite to date and it's probably because this creative team aren't pulling their punches in their depiction of the character and his world, this is Elric and Melnibone as Morcoock envisaged it, majestic and monstrously cruel.
If you like the dynamic and epic art style of Matthieu Lauffrey you are certain to like what Poli, Recht and Bastide are doing here and you get additional character studies and development art, along with portraits by top illustrators, to round out this impressive debut volume. 

We stay this side of the Atlantic as we review the latest in a top series of art books,

SC 302pp color Black + White
Cafe Sale/Ankama
The latest showcase of the best artwork from animators, BD and game artists served up during this past year on the Cafe Sale site, the francophone web page for displaying digital art.
Like Spectrum some of the work is commissions for professional projects and some of it is work done for the artist's pleasure in their down time and now printed in this gorgeous book for our pleasure!

And still we stay here, to review another French title and the cultural high point of this week's review,  ahem clears throat..

SC 94pp Color 500 ex signed
Galerie DM
Recently Daniel Maghen's gallery hosted an exhibition of Paul and Gaetan Brizzi's depictions of scenes from the most celebrated Operas. A catalogue was produced to celebrate the occasion and we're fortunate to have some of the 500 copy print run of this handsome publication.
The Brizzi's have been working in animation, creating wonderful art in pencil to inspire and guide their colleagues in the visual team's endeavours to capture and create beautiful art specific to a particular time and place.
As well as featuring all the finished pieces from the show, the book also features development art for images the brothers decided to adapt or change.
The brothers are masters of location, atmosphere and emotion and their style is ideally suited to capture the high drama of the greatest moments from the best loved Operas.

So to close this selection of wonders from here, we keep to the theme of fabulous pencil work as we consider,

HC/SC 48pp Color Black + White
Ana Mirallès draws beautiful women just as a hot and bothered man might, her signature character Djinn is one of the most sensual sirens steaming up BD.
So her fans will be delighted to read Snorgleux Editions have edited another collection of her studies and sketches, including a heap of research work for Djinn.
The new collection is available in two versions,a deluxe in hard cover with a book plate/ex-libris and the regular soft cover.

OK let's cross "the pond" as see what's come out State side,

HC 352pp Black + White
OK for some this will be the wrong trilogy, such is thier attachment to the first three films which are of course the second installment!? Frankly I'm baffled by a lot of George's choices on the whole Star Wars project and not just getting the story back to front!?
Anyway, what you need to know is some incredibly talented people worked on sequencing the action for these films, including Iain McCaig and Ralph Damaggio. The commentary from the artists give a fascinating insight into how they approach the process of imagining a scene and how they interact with their fellow film makers.

We'll end with a couple of books featuring art from way back in the day,

SC 128pp Color Black + White
The images might seem camp and kitsch to us but in their day these were revolountinary images, pushing the boundaries of what was permissible even in the pulps and all the more remarkable for that epoch they were by a woman.
The original queen of the pulps, Margret Brundage provided Weird Tales and other pulps anthologies some of their most memorable covers, including the first ever depiction of Howard's Conan.
Her life story was as colorful as her art, she was married to a radical and she spent her life pushing against conservative tendencies and to broaden acceptance of ideas which had yet to come into vogue.

Finally, a new book of early work by a popular artist with the customers here,

SC 208pp Color
They forgot to mention war in the title! Anyway this is the companion volume to the same teams earlier collection of Wally Wood's non EC publisged science fiction comics, "Strange Worlds of Science Fiction".
So here we have genre stories by Wally Wood produced for publishers other than EC. It isn't Wally's best work but even on a bad day he was better than many and this book is a must have for completests.

Keep out of the rain here at Pulp's Art!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Hello readers, if you aren't out of the city on vacation you should consider visiting one of the many excellent galleries here in Paris.

OK tourists flock to the city's exceptional selection of world class museums housing some of the world's great masterpieces, from an array of cultures and time lines but as well as these and the galleries selling top dollar art in the "Latin Quarter " there are several galleries dedicted to our sort of stuff.

Galleries here in Paris dedicated to the sale and exhibition of BD/Comic art include Galerie Petits Papiers and Galerie du 9em Art, while two of our favorites are a stones throw from our store, the Arludik on Ile de La Citié and Galerie Daniel Maghen at Quai  des Grands Augustins.

At the Arludik they mix up aniamtion, comic and game art with shows regularly changing every few weeks, currently they are displaying the enticing sounding show, "Girls Drawing Girls",

While at Galerie Daniel Maghen they have long had the reputation of being the address for fans of BD, recently they have branched out and are putting animation and illustration into their mix. Currently they are having a show with the Tasmanian Titan, Ashley Wood.

Ashley's incredible art doesn't come cheap so if your budget doesn't run to a piece, call by our shop and find consolation with one of the many books of Ashley's art we stock but do go and see this amazing collection of his art and prepare to be shocked and awed!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Hello readers, we're offering some pretty substantial images by the artist Greg Graziani depicting heroes from America's "golden age of " comic strip" art.

Each massive picture in acrylic on wood is 90 by 80 cms, and features the head of a popular hero from the " funny pages", they are as follows,





Call in to see them and if you're swayed buy one or all four if you wish, we're easy, we just want our customers happy.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I mentioned this a few weeks back but it's worth repeating that we are now stocking our site with a lot of new titles.

You can now find an amazing assortment of books featuring art from your favorite games and some from the studios which create them, our pin-up category has been plumped up and foreign and domestic customers can find even more of the best in French art books.

Simply go to www.pulpsart.france or you are sure to find something to your taste.


Hello readers, Pulp's Art will be open tomorrow between 13Hr30 and 19Hr30, so if you start getting either of cabin or hay fever then you know where to come for a cure.

It's nostalgia time here at Pulp's Art, as Adnan takes over from me while I take a short break for a few days; and also on account of this week's big new title from the US of A is Michael Golden's Artist Edition Portfolio.
This is the full 22 page story by Michael and Larry Hamma from the G.I. Joe Year Book # 2, in which the GIJ team are in Afghanistan looking to retrieve some high tech which Cobra and the Soviet Oktober Guard are scrapping over.
Each page of the folio is double sided, you have the text free side with Mike's dynamic art in all it's glory, while on the reverse you have the page complete with Larry's story.

And that's it, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow or when I get back, bye for now.