Saturday, June 29, 2013


Hello readers, it's with regret that I write Pulp's Art will change in the weeks ahead and will eventually close its doors permanently.

I think we gave it a good go but in the final analysis there isn't sufficient support to warrant the use of resources this book shop requires, so I'll be leaving towards the end of July and I imagine shortly after that the focus of the shop will be changing.

I'm grateful to have had this opportunity in retailing and pleased that in our two and a bit years of being open Pulp's Art has sold some beautiful books to some nice people. Thanks to all of you who bought a book here or said something complimentary about the store, your patronage was greatly appreciated by me.

Pulp's Comics will continue to make the best in artist's sketchbooks and self published art books available ; before closing Pulp's Art will be discounting most of the stock in the shop, offering some really great bargains on some very good books, so come on in to hear the Fat Lady singing!


  1. So sad to read that :( ! Where Charles and I, will going after the closing ? You're our favorite bookstore in Paris !!!

    By the way .. keep rocking !


  2. I returned to Paris this month for my yearly trek and dropped by to see what was new..only to discover the shop had closed! D'oh! havent' been following the blog. VERY Sorry to see the shop go. One of my favorites in recent years!