Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hello readers, it's quite a week here at Pulp's Art, we've lots of great titles and of course our book signing with JP Kalonji and Johan Walder on Friday and Saturday!

Men of steel seem to be popping up everywhere, the full theatrical trailer for Superman: The Man of Steel was released recently and looks to be the film fans have been waiting for. Meanwhile, Marvel's third outing for old "shell head" has been getting rave reviews, so thankfully this has arrived,

HC in slipcase 280pp Color Black + White
So by now you know what to expect from an art book based on a Marvel film, lots of concept art featuring the iron clad Avenger, his adversaries and allies and the locations where the action takes place.
Hard core fans of the comic book have been longing for iron Man's arch enemy The Mandarin to appear in the films and their wish has been granted and he's not come alone, uh-oh.
Our hero and the art department are tested to the limit in this epic production, see how the visual development team rose to the challenge.

We stay with films but move to the medium of animation with,

HC 143pp Color Black + White
Titan Books
Blue Sky studios have taken a break from making wonderful animated films about prehistoric life as featured in their "Ice Age" series to tell a tale of tiny folk.
Can you picture minuscule noble, faerie and elve types, the leaf people,  battling from the back of birds for the honour and survival of their species and environment, brutish orc and troll types, the Bogons?
If you can't then this book will conjure all the imagery you could want, from what I hope will prove a heart warming crowd pleasing comedy with a sound environmental message.
The quality of the "Ice Age" series and "Rio" features from this studio should inform you that this book features top notch imagery and being the first book to celebrate the art work of the Blue Sky team it's a welcome and over due addition to the ranks of our Art of collection.

Keeping it sweet, why here's another Mark Ryden book coming round the bend,

HC 352pp Color Black + White
Hot on the heels of Mr Ryden's last collection of his cute but cruel art work "The Gay 90s" comes this whopping big career retrospective from the Kaiser of art book publishing Ben Taschen!
It will dwarf your copies of Mark's previous books such as "Blood" and "Fushigi Circus" but if you wanted just one book of his work for your book case then "Pinxit" would be the one!

Keeping it alternative, here's the latest tome from Low Brow libraries favorite son,

HC 208pp Color Black + White
Skira Rizzoli
Gary Baseman is one of the most prolific artists in any field, he's drawn and painted images and textiles and designed toys, games and apparel, if you can stamp a style on it chances are Gary has!
The book is based on the first career retrospective of Gary's art held at the Skirball Cultural Centre.
The title eludes to the fact that this was a very personal project for Gary, it's as if one were invited into his parlour to discuss his family back ground and how the rich cultural tradition of his Ashkenazim family mingled with the multi cultural vibrancy of his home town, LA to inspire his unique talent.

How about some comic art now but comic art by an animator,

HC 88pp Color
Robert Valley
In this latest self published book animation ace Robert Valley concludes the sad story of his friend Techno's decline begun in Massive Swerve # 4 and entitled, "Pear Cider and Cigarettes".
I wrote of Robert's previous chapter in Techno's story that he brought all the visual story telling skill one would expect from an animator but also the story telling talent of the novelist, in the sensitive handling of the emotionally charged material, this still holds true of this the conclusion to the story.

We finish with some classic old school comic art, as if to emphasise the fact that this week we have a little something for everyone,

HC 176pp Black + White
The latest Artist's Edition focuses on another thorough breed from the E.C; stable of amazing comic talent, this time the work of Jack Davis gets the "treatment".
Jack Davis used dynamic brush strokes and elongation to dramatic effect in stories of horror, suspense, westerns, war and finally in satirical humor for virtually all of EC's titles.
In these faithful reproductions of the original pages one can get a real free for the genius of this one of a kind artist.

Pulp's Art will be closed tomorrow for 1 May but I hope to see you here following the brief break.

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Hello readers, a quick word about "The Croods" movie, I reviewed the book before having seen the film and reported that certain critics I'd read had been cool towards the film but as far as the book was concerned I thought the book to be a winner.
Well, so is the film and by a stretch, I don't want to heap scorn and derision on those critics who don't get what a joy, what an exhilarating rush this film is, or the evident fun all involved were having, because their lives must be awfully dull if they thought sitting through this film was just their job and so it wouldn't be fair of me.

For my part, I recommend you go, see and enjoy "The Croods" film then pop in here and buy the art of book!

Friday, April 26, 2013


Hi again readers, here's a couple of things I'd like to bring your attention ahead of the weekend.

We've just received the final installment of this excellent mini series, sequel to a much loved classic,

HC 62pp Color
Xavier Dorion and Mathieu Lauffray conclude their acclaimed sequel to Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island", in which LJS and the salty sea dogs from the good ship Neptune finally find the fabled city of Guyanacapac and a whole heap of trouble into the bargain.

Then go see this before one of the Fat Ladies sings,

The Brizzi brother are two talented artists who count Disney Animated Features among their distinguished clients.
Right now the Galerie Daniel Maghen is hosting an exhibition and sale of various pieces drawn by the brothers depicting moments of the highest drama from the world's great Operas.

I'm a fan of the brothers work and I'll be making my way there soon, meanwhile let me remind you that we have one of the few books to feature a significant amount of the brothers' work, the glorious Medieval romance L'Orlando Furioso; see images from it below

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Hi readers, hopefully you read my recent postings about our dedicase here May 3 & 4 with Swiss sensations Johan Walder and JP Kalonji and also about Joe Weatherly's master class course over here in Paris!

Good, so let's look at what's new this week and we'll kick off with a blood soaked tale of samurai and demons,

SC 120pp Black + White
Dark Horse
JP Kaloni, yes him, follows up his successful "365 Samurai and a Few Bowls of Rice" with another story featuring his nose less hero Ningen.
JP's work gets better and better and frankly this book needed to be sized up to do it full justice but this is still a visual treat and a real rush for those who like Samurai and Ninja action flavoured with a dash of the supernatural.

(Like the Belgian artist Michetz of Kogarutsu, JP really knows his Japanese culture and has martial arts moves straight from the dojo.)

We stick with the Japanese theme but throw out any measure of authenticity in favor of the fantastic,

SC 256pp Color Black + White
Udon Entertainment
With its mix of sorcery and action Atelier became immensely popular with Japanese gamers, this book looks at artwork for all three incarnations of the fantasy game, Rorono, Totori and Meruru.
Along with lots of pin-ups, promotional and development art there is an extensive selection of Mel Kishida's character studies along with character profiles, it's the ultimate fan book.

We keep it cute but cross the continents to arrive back here in Paris for,

HC 160pp Color
Vents d'Ouest
A story about fidelity and infidelity follows two friends, the sensible Calista and her impulsive and imprudent friend Anna.
A story written by Jim and drawn by Grelin of men and women looking for the elusive something and getting distracted by more basic stuff, much of it set in the bedroom!
Despite having a very spare style, like his brother Bengal, Grelin is still able to convey a lot of emotion with just a few strokes of the pen, expect to care about these characters, or at least some of them.

We've had the VF for a while but we now have the VO or English edition of Mark Ryden's Gay 90s,

we also got a welcome restock of, Petar Meseldzija's impressive sketch book,
Source of Imagination:

Finally the charming Arthur Fong dropped by and very kindly signed all our copies of, 

that's Arthur's work gracing the cover of "Art of the Croods"; the film has done so well Dreamworks will want Arthur and the other talented artist to go back to the stone age for a Croods 2 or is that Too Crood?


Joe Weatherly is bringing his highly respected teaching course to Paris this summer.
A 5 day course is being organized here in Paris, involving studio time and field trips to the Zoo and Natural History Museum, where Joe will explain how to get the best results when depicting our winged and four footed friends.

Joe specializes in the drawing and painting of animals, as well as working in animation for Nickelodeon and Dreamworks he has taught approach and technique at several respected schools of art and design.
Joe now works in the field of fine arts, working on commissions and gallery shows as well as running work shops in S California.
He also makes convention appearances where his books, prints, Ts and DVDs sell briskly.
You can find his books and DVD here at Puilp's Art.

Those interested in knowing more about his Paris Master Class can pick up a flier here at the shop, or should email joewclass@gmail.com or call 0618040131

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Hello readers, so the sensational Swiss tag team of JP Kalonji and Johan Walder will be signing and sketching for fans here at Pulp's Art on the afternoon of May 3rd from 14,30 until 19,00 and May 4th from 11,00 till 16,00.

Johan Walder is an illustrator active in the BD, Animation and Gaming industries, he has these BD's to his credit,

and of course he has a brand new art book just out from ourselves, The Labyrinth and Trinquétte,

JP Kalonji has been published by Akileos, Glenat and Paquet in Europe and Dark Horse in N America,

JP has also worked for music producers and festivals, NGOs and makers of fashion ware and sporting goods and yes like Walder he's just released an art book with us,

We are still discussing with the chaps how many sketches they think they can manage in the time frame and once we know this I will post details of how we will orchestrate the event.
Meanwhile, please make a note on your calendar or in your dairy because you wouldn't want to miss this amount of fun.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Hello readers, our web store www.pulpsart.fr is getting a make over, expect to see lots more books on its virtual shelves in the coming weeks, as we put a new and energetic emphasis on this aspect of our business.

We are finally able to sell all the new Trinquétte titles to you, visitors to the store will know we had sample copies on show of these great titles but now they're available to buy in the store and from the site,

We should be having both JP Kalonji and JM Walder in the store the afternoons of the 3 and 4 of May signing books and making sketches, watch this blog spot for more details.

As for new titles, well we have these just in,

HC 184pp Color Black + White
Dark Horse
The creators behind Bioware's hit fantasy game present all the information one could want about the religions, races, regions, creatures, monsters and magic featured in the game in this copprehensive over view.
As this profusely illustrated book makes clear, the thorough realization of all aspects of the game has created such a compelling cast and setting that it has spawned a series of novels, comic books and an animated feature.
Fantasy fans should certainly take this opportunity to find out why Dragon Age is generating such enthusiasm with fans of gaming and fantasy.

HC Color
Ankama Editions
Didier Crisse collaborates with talented artist Maba, in this fast paced adventure mixing steam punk and high fantasy.

Finally we have this excellent anthology,

SC 128pp Color Black + White
Editions de la Cerise
Clafoutis is a regular selection of the best in independent illustration and story telling from across the world.
Chinese legends, dream scapes, intimate and personal stories are all given space in the latest collection.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Hello readers, a reminder that Pulp's will be in Barcelona for the Ficomic festival from Thursday onwards, check us out at stand #32/33.

Also, we have our new co editions with Trinquétte and The Labyrinth in the house, even those books we aren't able to sell straight away are here for your viewing pleasure. Please stay tuned  as we hope to announce a signing here with two of the artists in the new line up for the near future.

" Game of Thrones/Trone de Fer" is back on your TVs and if you're a fan why we have lots of books relating to the fantasy creation of George R.R. Martin which might be to your taste.

So to the new books this week and they're all celebrating art from back in the day, including this eagerly anticipated title

HC 144pp Black + White
IDW's Artist's Edition series allows the enthusiasts the opportunity to see major works by the mediums top creators as they were originally drawn and presented to the publisher. The latest features the art of the revered Will Eisner, it was produced with the participation of the Eisner Estate and features complete stories from the Post War period, generally acknowledged as some of Will's best work on his iconic creation "The Spirit".
Black and white doesn't really do justice to the reproduction of the art, black, white and sepia might be closer to the real reproductions because the art is actually scanned in color despite in not being colored, to ensure all the details are presented authentically.

More classic American comic strip art from an undisputed master in,

HC 240pp Black + White
Fantagraphics continue their reprinting of classic EC comics in collections based on the work of a particular artist or writer with a welcome compilation of Al Williamson's works for the company's " New Trend" line. Al's work from Weird Science and Weird Fantasy made a big impression on the young George Lucas who Incorporated Al's aesthetic into his Star Wars films.
Along with other stories, this collection  features three adaptations of Ray Bradbury short stories and some stories Al worked on with his fellow "Fleagle Gang" members, Frank Frazetta and Roy Krenkel.

Finally, it's the latest volume in the popular series reprinting the long out of print instructional books by a master draftsman,

HC 120pp Black + WHite
Titan Books
Though this is the fifth book in Titan's run of reprinting the classic books of Andrew Loomis, it was in fact the first book he had published back in 1939.
In it Mr Loomis uses his alter ego, "Professor Blook" to guide one into how to create funny and serious images from scratch but to a very high standard using his tried and tested formulas.

Hope to see you here soon and do enjoy your week.

Friday, April 5, 2013


Hello readers, phew busy week what with the stock take - that will teach me to buy so many books, even if they are cool - and the arrival of the last batch of Trinquétte books!

Anyway this week we offer a wining selection of fabulous art books for your viewing pleasure from home and abroad, treats from the past and the present.

We start with some books that I've been eagerly anticipating since they were announced, now they're here am I satisfied? Read on,

SC 224pp Black + White
Picture This Press
Containing some 300 black and white images, along with it's companion volume this new presentation of Kley's work brings to an English speaking audience the broadest sampling yet of this German master draftsman's work.
What to say about Kley's work, well it's dramatic, irreverent, exuberant, sensual, humorous, it is brimming with vitality.
This first book collects his illustrations for children's books and adult genre fiction, along with editorial illustrations and sketches.

SC 140pp Black + White
Picture This Press
The second collection of Kley's work features sketches and color pieces, as with the first book the accompanying text shed's light on Kley's life and times.
So this reviewer can tell you he's very happy with the books, though he wishes they were available in sturdy hard cover because he knows his copies will be subject to a lot of scrutiny.
Walt Disney acknowledged his indebtedness to Kley and the influence on fantasy artists like Krenkel and Frazetta is also clear, so all you enthusiasts of quality illustration are sure to want copies for yourselves!

From the same source and with the same "joie de vivre" - was it perhaps Laudanum induced - comes, 

SC 136pp Black + White
Picture This Press
Reed was a British cartoonist from the end of the 19th Century, his work appeared in Punch and other distinguished journals. This book focuses on Reed's inspired recreations of our ancestors fledgling attempts at just about everything!

Which leads us nicely into,

HC 176pp Color Black + White
Titan Books
The few reviews of this new film from the talented animators at Dreamworks which I've read have given this film a somewhat cool reception.
Sill the quality of the film doesn't determine the quality of said film's art book, take Brave a pretty empty film but great book, The Incredibles was exactly that film wise while the book was dull!
So regardless of the quality of the film, I have seen this art book and OMG it is spectacularly good looking.
So a feisty cave girl and her over protective dad lead their clan to a startling world just waiting for Darwin's theory to shut it down; the artistic story behind this one is wonderfully displayed in this beautiful book.

From animated films to animated games now,

SC 256pp Color Black + White
Udon Entertainment
OK so everything visual from Sega's acclaimed video game of strategy and tactics is given a thorough examination in this book.
A must for all fans of women going to war in nice, lacy frocks and little hats!

OK over on our side of the planet, good people have gotten together to produce, 

HC 32pp Color 
Another utterly charming book from Almanza the artist behind these two previous hits, Eco and Aristide.

Finally a classic character gets his just deserts,

HC 391pp Color Black + White
Belgium's favorite bellboy gets a homage to celebrate surviving both the Nazis and the vagaries of time and fashion to make it to 75 years old!
OK there's no episode recounting the day he picked up his bus pass, instead the great and the good of BD recount in text and image what the "ginger nut" meant and means to them.
Being an anthology and by nearly 200 artists it's a hit and miss affair but when it is good it's excellent!

Thanks for your patience this week, hope you enjoy reading this blog and that you've seen something here which you'd like to own!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hello readers so Easter has thrown a wee spanner in the works and the deliveries are backed up but this aaffords me the opportunity to bring you all some news.

Fans of those Artists Editions from IDW will be relieved to know that Will Eisner's Spirit will finally be arriving next week.

Citizens of Barcelona not only can you enjoy having a fabulous city and great football team - if that's your sporting thing - but at Ficomic, beginning next week on the 11th, you can find us and a selection of our books. It's a new team this year, Sam, Margot and I are rested so that Arno and Claude can wow you with their sales technique and stand side manner at stand # 32/33.

And thinking of crossing the Pyrenees let me hail the brilliance of a young Spanish artist working over here, if you aren't familiar yet with the ability of Adrian Fernandez Delgado then pop into Pulp's Art and demand to see Tangomango his latest book for Ankama, or Remington Tome 1 the previous book he illustrated for them.
Catalonia and Spain as a whole has yielded some amazing talent to follow in the considerable foot steps of Jordi Bernet, Juanjo Guarnido, Enrique Fernandez, Roger, Robledo & Toledano and Jordi Lafebre are all amazing artists in the field of BD, while Carlos Pacheco, Pascal Ferry, Salvador Larroca and Daniel Acuna are flying the flag over in the USof A.
Spain we salute your BD/Comic artists, while noting your politicians and financiers are as useless as ours!

OK stay tuned to this blog spot for updates on new stuff coming in this week!