Thursday, June 6, 2013


Hi readers, something for all tastes again this week and we kick off with a real treat, not one but two new issues of, Illustrators Quarterly,

SC 94pp Color Black + White
Book Palace
This British response to the excellent American publication, Illustration is every bit as good as it's cousin across the "pond".
Each issue focuses attention on top notch illustrators from back when magazines and books contained gorgeous illustration, with informative essays and generous helping of the artist's work.
In these two new issues, we have a classy piece on David Wright's toffee nosed totty in issue # 2 while # 3 pays it's respects to the master of historical illustration, Fortunino Matania.
These are just the high lights, there are many more worthy artists and features to be discovered in each issue of this highly recommended title.

I'm pleased to say the principal artist from this next book dropped by the store recently and picked up a few titles,

HC 184pp Color Black + White
Dark Horse
Sounding like a Christopher Nolan film the premise of Remember Me is that of a memory hunter and trader who has had her own memory swiped, so she's got as much idea about her past as a serial spliff smoker but this isn't a film it's Capcom's new game.
So, the setting is Neo Paris in the year 2084, dangers, human and high tech lerk around every corner and the game is certain to be a rush, though of course what you want to know is that this book is brimming with interesting art work covering every aspect of the game and rendered by a team led by ace artist Aleksi Briclot.
This is from the publisher which brought you the amazing Art of Mass Effect and more recently Bioshock, so you know you wont be wasting your time or money with Dark Horse and Aleksi Briclot involved; now have I forgotten to mention anything?

We stay on the back of Dark Horse and continue riding round Paris with our next book,

HC 80pp Color
Dark Horse
Whoa that's a chap on the cover, name of Shasha, anyway he's had a run of bad luck leading right up to the clown costume and the circus but will his luck change when he meets an equally saucer eyed sorceress?
You'll have to buy this book written and illustrated by one of Gothdom's favorite creators, Victoria Frances. 

Finally our last title this week lowers the tone to a point where I feel I should warn our high brow readers to disengage with this review right now because here comes,

HC 160pp Color Black + White
Back in the 1990s a "touched" genius and a team of talented animators created " The Ren & Stimpey Show" for Nicelodeon and television animation was never quite the same again. That genius was John Kircfalusi, the show was as wacky and out there as was John himself and eventually - as things got stranger and weirder - Nicelodeon and John parted ways.
Still, what John did next was this, a series of comic books every bit as noxiously hilarious as Ren & Stimpey and now collected into one book by IDW and with additional material.
For those who find the functioning and malfunctioning of the body funny, this is the book for you as things which should have been scooped and bagged or flushed feature strongly along with a cast including the slack jawed idiot, Jimmy and his half pint red neck uncle, George.
The stories aren't always savory and they're certainly not subtle but John with pals like Shane Glines, Jim Smith and Rich Pursel sure did funny stuff and in a rich visual style recalling the animated shows of the 50s and early 60s.
Now wash your hands!

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