Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Hi readers, new this week at the boutique for beau books here in the City of Lights, are the following.

The essence of great comedy is - pause for effect - timing and look what we have now, a few week's after the artist has left Paris!

HC 48pp Color
The work of Ashley is always dynamic but here you get Ash with a dash 
of "action art", that or he simply got carried away depicting the numerous nubile nymphs in these paintings and sketches, from his first fine-art gallery show at the Jonathen Levine gallery in NYC.
It both is and isn't the Ashley art we know, it's his stuff OK but unrestrained by any direct commercial or client related constraints.

Now to something all about commercial concerns and yet likely to be of significant artistic merit and a lot of fun, it's

HC 167pp Color Black + White
Chonicle Books
The latest film from Pixar, yes that animation studio with 24 Academy awards, whose films have made a staggering $5 billion, reintroduces Mark and Sully in a welcome return to the world of Monsters, of all shape and stripe.
This art book gives you all you would want and expect from an "Art of ..", color guides, character studies, storyboards and a raft load of development art.

If you like animation art then you'll want to know that we have a few of Oscar Martin's Tom & Jerry sketchbooks, a very nicely self produced book by the Spanish artist of research work he made featuring these popular characters.

Our last book is a welcome addition to the popular books by Ben Caldwell,

48pp Color Black + White
Ben Caldwell
I know anyone who has bought one of Ben's books has come back happy and usually for more, so it's good we now have this new book from him. The DD Misfits' Manuel is a heavily illustrated color guide to all the stupendously rich back ground material for Ben's Dare Detective story and its setting of Ebrinor.
Prepare to be sucked into the hyper active imagination of an excellent artist and the zany yet credible world he's created! 

Before I go and monkey around a bit more here in the store, yes we're still waiting on getting the roof and various pipes fixed, so I have to put stuff here and there so it doesn't sit out of sight in the office, let me tell you we have had these great books come back into stock,

Tune into this blog spot each day for further details about discounted titles for Pulp's Day (PD) and be sure to get back here Friday afternoon when I'll be making an important announcement about PD.

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