Friday, May 31, 2013


Hello readers, well yesterday Paris experienced rain such as Noah must have witnessed and despite us having 5 intervening floors between us and the rains point of contact with our building, somehow much of that rain found its way from the roof directly through our ceiling and onto three of our book cases!

Quick work saved most of the books from the deluge but for the time being I have three book cases out of commission, making the back of the shop look a tad forlorn.
Obviously we hope to have them back in service quickly but until repairs have been made to our roof, I can't risk putting stock on them.
Sorry for any inconvenience this causes, those looking for the Asian animation books and the BD can ask me about titles, because the stock is sitting in a nice warm spot out of harms way.

I'll close this post with the express hope Summer answers its call next month!

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  1. Glad no one was hurt and most saved....yes summer please it is fair now we have waited so long!