Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hello readers, 1st of November tomorrow so the shop will be shut but we'll be back to sell you books on Friday, who knows maybe you'll want some of this week's new arrivals.

if you weren't already aware of the proximity of the holidays then several of this week's releases will get the old sleigh bells ringing in ones memory banks, because the season to be jolly is always signaled by the release from publishers of deluxe editions like these.

This is exactly what I'm on about, a classic but in a bigger and better edition,

HC 120pp Black + White
One of the master's most celebrated stories is now in available in a deluxe and numbered limited edition, reprinted in close to it's original size so you can really appreciate the amazing work of Moebius.

Few people could match Moebius for the exotic and esoteric nature of his work when he chose to give his creative impulse absolute freedom but one who could was his friend Jodorowsky, how's this for odd?

HC 72pp Black + White
Disturbingly weird erotic encounters are served up in one of the more extreme and challenging collaborations - even by the standards of these artists - by the highly respected artist and writer team.

Jodorowsky can even subvert a genre as grounded as the western, as he does in this title richly deserving of the deluxe treatment,

HC 120pp Black + White
Families don't come any more dyfunctional than that which nurtured the eponymous hero of the Bouncer series, meet his ma and her murderous progeny in the story arc which introduced us to the deadly one armed minder.
Francois Boucq's black and white art work looks amazing in this format, which in size is close to the original page.

To another odd genius now,

HC 248pp Color
My French partner would insist upon Gainsbourg's genius but being a Brit I simply saw a creepy little feller being inappropriate with his daughter Charlotte and only knew of one rather tediously repetitive song by him.
Then I saw "Gainsbourg - Vie Héroique" and couldn't fail but be impressed and  started to listen to the songs, so OK now I get it, he was a creepy little feller but also sensitive, smart and talented.
That talent is celebrated here by the best BD artists, visually interpreting his songs, je'taime!

For those who like their festivities with lots of pudding, might I suggest,

HC 304pp Color, Black + White
An orgy of naughty tales by some of the best talents around in one hefty tome.
Given the size of the book and the nature of its contents , one way or another you'll end up with an ache in your arm!

Another naughty classic to round out this selection of gift ideas just released, or re released,

HC Black + White
Very French humor in these bawdy tales from the early 80s of a crafty and seemingly irresistible lecher and his cuckolded victims by two colossi of BD Jean-Claude Forrest and Max Cabanes.

A new and excellent version of a classic now,

HC 136pp Color
Following the critical and commercial success of his adaptation of  "A Bord de L'Etoile Matutine", Riff Reb returns to a classic novel with again a nautical theme and a larger than life sea captain.
In Jack London's Sea Wolf, which Riff is adapting here, the bookish Van Weydon through misfortune finds himself in the company and at the mercy of Wolf Larson, a brutal bully, even if a literate one.
What follows is an existential story wrapped up in the trappings of an adventure. 
Another adaptation by R.R. which does the source material full justice and leaves me wishing his editor would steer him towards adapting Conrad's brilliant "Heart of Darkness".

OK we chart a different course now and land ho in the fantasy realms of,

HC 200pp Color
3D Total
Daarken is a freelance artist usually working in the field of fantasy gaming and on such licenses as Magic The Gathering and Worlds of Warcraft.
If you like tusked orcs, pointy eared elves and armoured champions then you are in for a treat as this book features the last four years of the popular fantasy artist's output.

Fantasy of an altogether different sort now, as we buzz off to the..

HC 56pp Color
The continuation from "X'ed Out" of Charlies' latest David Lynchesque creepy classic, a story populated by an assortment of grotesque and inadequate characters, all served up in CB's clear, confident, flat, positively Belgian style, predictably certain to be a critics choice.

SC 284pp Color, Black + White
OK this isn't the actual cover because that's just a pretty non descipt black rectangle with the words "Lore" on it.
What you need to know is this is a serious fantasy novel about a secret society, a reluctant hero and the odd creatures they are meant to police.
The ever helpful Ashley Wood has provided panel and spot illustrations to accompany the stirring prose of T.P. Louise, and the book is in development as a major movie.

Fantagraphics are doing us a favor by reprinting the glorious EC Comics in compact, affordable editions specific to an artist or theme, here are the first two.

HC 208pp Black + White
Classic stories, over 24 of them all illustrated by Wally Wood from the horror and suspense lines of EC, "Tales From the Crypt", "The Haunt of Fear" and "Crime Suspense Stories", including the classic story "Confession" which came in for a severe criticism in the hysterical critique of comics "Seduction of the Innocent".
Wood was one of the most appreciated artists in the extraordinary EC talent pool, perhaps on account of his versatility, there wasn't a genre Wood didn't master.

(N.B. Wally Wood's Artist Edition is still available from Pulp's Art in a new printing, which reprints several classic tales from his tenure at EC, including several of his seminal science-fiction stories.)

HC 240pp Black + White
The second book in Fantagraphics' salute to EC collects the war stories from "Two-Fisted Tales" and "Frontline Combat" penned by one of the medium's greatest talents Harvey Kurtzman.
This collection includes stories written and illustrated by Kurtzman as well as stories illustrated by the most gifted artists of the era including Wally Wood, Jack Davis and Alex Toth, in addition all 23 of Kurtzman's dynamic covers are reproduced in color and again essays contextualize the importance and impact of these works.
Kurtzma's war stories marked a departure from the traditional war stories of the period in that they jettisoned cliche to focus on the humanity of the protagonists.

Until next week be safe.

Monday, October 29, 2012


Hello readers, a quick thank you to all concerned who contributed to making the first Paris Comics Expo a resounding success and so ensuring its return next year.

To the organizers, exhibitors, the guests, the artists and of course the paying public thank you.

The work to make it even better next year, with even more top artists and stars, has already begun and it will be a little later in the year to avoid the St. Malo BD festival.

We hope to see you there but for now thanks to everyone who joined us over the weekend at Espce Champerret.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hello readers, not so many new books to digest this week but a lot of info to engage you.

Now I've mentioned earlier this week the Paris Comics Expo happening over this coming weekend, well the news relating to it gets more exciting as we draw closer to the big event. 
As well as dragging John Higgins, Guillem March, Jock and Sean Murphy away from their drawing boards, Urban Comics will be smuggling Scalped artist R.M. Guera off the reservation and Riccardo Burchielli has their permission to quit the DMZ to be at the show.

In addition we'll be premiering in France Digital Banana's fabulous sculpture, Banana Girl, designed by Pixar artist Bill Presing and sculpted by Anders Ehrenborg.

Cute isn't she, enough to get your magnesium and potassium levels rising? Well supposedly there's also a rare and very cheeky nude variant, so pop along to Paris Comics Expo in Espace Champerret this weekend to ensure you are one of the lucky few to own a piece.
We'll also have of some of Bill's great books at our stand as well, for those whose budget or space wont accomodate collectibles.

So, to the new titles this week and hot on the heels of Totally Mad comes another idiotic treat,

HC 272pp Color, Black + White
Running Press
Mort began working for Mad in 1956 and he's still at it! His caricatures of TV and movie stars for the famous Mad parodies are many fans' favorite memories of the 60 year old humor publication; some of the more illustrious of those fans have submitted their appreciation of Mort's satirical skills to this project, despite being on the receiving end .
This handsome tome reprints the best of the TV and Movie satires, along with one off pieces Mort illustrated in these past 50 years, selected by Mort and his editors and so an instant classic.

Britain's 2000 AD isn't yet 60 but at 35 they must be doing something right, and you don't get much further to the right than,

HC 272pp Color
2000AD is the home of Judge Dredd and a host of other colorful characters, most of them more fun then the fascistic lawman of the future.
Frankly the deadpan Dredd is a flat canvas for the creators, who are meant to enjoy themselves developing the further bizarre and extreme characters who make up the cast of his allies and adversaries and the weird future they inhabit, which is realy our era but on steroids and class A drugs.
Clearly I'm not a big fan but  they don't need my approval, there are fans a plenty for the comics, books, games and now a second feature film and what I can't argue with is the calibre of the talent called upon to depict Dredd down the years.
2000 AD has nurtured just about every outstanding comic talent from the UK and Ireland.
So to his many fans do enjoy this feast of what you'd probably call Zarjaz artwork culled from the comic's covers over the last 35 years, and featuring work by fantastic artists such as misters Bolland, Dillon, Fegrado, Irving, Staples and Walker.

From one crazed future to another now as we head waaay out west in the company of mule and the Shaolin Cowboy,

SC 96pp Black + White
Dark Horse
OK straight away let me tell you this isn't a comic book but a pulp novella heavily illustrated by SC's creator the peerless Geoff Darrow. Yes the deranged drawings of Geoff are combined with the wacky words of Andrew Vachss to tell a thrilling blood stained tail of the Shaolin Cowboy's latest frolic in gore.
Geoff's original tails of the Shaoilin Cowboy were published by Burly Man Press, who never kept it together long enough to collect this stupendous story into one magnificent volume, now cheeky blighters are demanding Somali Pirate style ransom prices for these rare and wonderful comics!
So, we fans will just have to be satisfied with this book for the time being but saints be praised because further relief is at hand, as Dark Horse prepare to release Geoff and his Shaolin Cowboy loose in further adventures some time soon.

Finally one of those rare BDs we offer, and this ones very rare nothing medium about it,

HC 48pp Color
Another story set in one of those horrible prisons in space but not just another one of those stories given this one is crafted by writer Herik Hanna and illustrator Sean Phillips.
Herik wrote the script of the well received 7 Detectives while Sean is know to readers for his work on 7 Pyschopaths and Criminal.

Finally, it beholds me to remind you once again to please call in on us at the Comic Expo this weekend.
This fine city needs an event which addresses the aspirations of those fans who like things fantastic but in addition and somewhat alternative to classic BD and Manga.
We hope this event addresses their needs and it is our intention to make this a major event which both pros and fans of comics, cult film and TV from around the world, will be putting on their calendar to attend and enjoy for years to come!

I'm looking forward to seering you there, NPJ.

Bonjour chers lecteurs, je vous ai déjà parlé de la Paris Comis Expo
qui va avoir lieu ce week-end, et je peux vous dire que les nouvelles sont de plus en plus excitantes, nous attendons des stars telle que John Higgins, Guillem March, Jock et Sean Murphy ainsi que R.M. Guera et Riccardo Burchielli .

Vous pourrez également y découvrir en avant première la fabuleuse statue de Banana Girl, pin up désignée par un des plus important artiste travaillant chez Pixar Bill Presing et sculpté par Anders Ehrenborg.

Il existe également une version nue très très limitée donc n’hésitez pas à venir au Paris Comics Expo, Espace Champerret ce week-end si vous voulez être parmi les chanceux à posséder cette statue.
Nous aurons également différents artbooks de Bill Presing avec la statue.

HC 272pp Couleur, Noir et Blanc
Running Press
Mort commença à travailler pour Mad en 1956 et il continue encore aujourd'hui! Ses caricatures des stars de séries TV et de films font parties des parodies de Mad les plus connues et préférées des fans.
Cet ouvrage est un best of de ces satires et de certaines illustrations faites depuis 50 ans, le tout ayant été choisi par Mort et l'editeur, déjà un classique.

HC 272pp Couleur
2000AD est la maison de Judge Dredd et d'autres personnages hauts en couleur, la plupart plus marrant que ce gardien de la paix fasciste.
Judge Dredd est parfait pour les créateurs de comics voulant explorer le bizarre et develloper des personnages extrêmes vivants dans un futur ou la société est sous stéroïdes et drogues dures.
2000AD a vu débuté tout les plus incroyables talents d'Angleterre et d'Irlande comme Brian Bolland, Dave Gibbons, Duncan Fregedo et bien d'autres.
Cet artbook est donc un véritable plaisir pour les yeux, rempli d'incroyables illustrations.

SC 96pp Noir et Blanc
Dark Horse
Laissez moi tout de suite vous prévenir que cet ouvrage n'est pas un comics mais un roman écrit par Andrew Vachss et illustré par Geoff Darrow.
Découvrez donc une nouvelle aventure du Saolin Cowboy qui après plusieurs années revient avec cet ouvrage dont l'histoire devrait continuer en 2013 dans une nouvelle série de comics chez Dark Horse.

HC 48pp Couleur
Une autre histoire se passant dans une horrible prison dans l'espace mais celle ci est écrite par Herik Hanna et illustré par Sean Phillips.
Herik avait écrit le scénario des 7 détectives et Sean est connu entre autre pour Criminal.

Monday, October 22, 2012


The trinity of Pulp Stores, Toys, Comics and Art will be exposing their wares to the gaze of thousands of fans this weekend at the Paris Comics Expo, the fun runs between 10 - 19Hrs Saturday and 10 - 18Hrs Sunday at Espace Champerret.

It's not just the Pulp's fantasy emporiums which are submitting themselves to public scrutiny, oh no, the major publisher's over here of translated comics from the US are coming along, such as Delcourt, Panini and Urban.

Celebrities from cult films and TV shows such as Star Wars, Stargare, Ghost Busters and others will be part of the mix; they'll be signing autographs and telling you just how nice and talented George Lucas and the McGiver feller were back in the day.
While fans of Back to the Future can have their picture taken with a perfect replica of the film's Delorean time machine, car, thingy.

And what's a Comic Expo without super star artists? 
I'll tell you, an Expo without star artists is a sad affair, so to ensure everyone's happiness it's a veritable Milky Way of artists illuminating the Paris Comix Expo heavens.
From the New World Guillem March, Sean Murphy, Mike Huddelston, Jock and Terry Dodson are coming, from the soon to be dis United Kingdom we'll be joined by Simon Bisley and John Higgins and from our own fractious continent Olivier Coipel, Didier Crisse and Viktor Kalvachev, will be cheering up proceedings!

Terry and Viktor both have exhibitions and sales of their art opening this week, Thursday evening get the skates on as you'll need to hustle round town as both shows and sales enjoy a gala opening with the artists in attendance.
Terry's work from Songe will be showing at the Galerie 9em Art, while Viktor's work from Blue Estate will be showing at the Galerie Arludik.

For more info visit these sites,

See you this weekend I hope, meanwhile stay safe.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hello readers and welcome to our run down - though generally we try to stay up beat and positive - of new titles in the store this week.

What's that above, why it's

Box of 4 Books, 3 x HC, total 260pp Color, Black + White
Dark Horse
Every bit of design work under taken by master draftsman Yoshitako Amano for thumpingly popular video game Final Fantasy and a bit more is contained in this box, both gorgeous and sturdy.
So what's the deal, well Pandora you get 3 hard cover books of mesmerising artwork, a flip book, three prints and a book all about the artist.
It's a big package and this is reflected in the price but when one considers its quality and quantity of material it still makes this item a bargain.

We stick with games as if we couldn't get past the next level, duh,

SC 192pp Color Black + White
Udon Entertainment
Arguably the greatest characters from the mediums of gaming and super hero comics took each other on in the hit series which wowed fans of fight games. Now image fans can drool all over the fabulous artwork produced to bring the project to fruition and to celebrate its existence.

(I bet some of you wish Marvel's Crossovers were games you could control, personally while I'm glad the most resent delivered us from the pomposity of Charlie X, it left the achingly annoying Logan living and may have done lasting damage to the other X-Men, those who don't feature in 15 books each month.
Maybe it should have concluded with the line, " no more crossovers", I'd drink to that bub, schnikt splosh!)

At the risk of making the kids queasy we return to an age before video games and ..

HC 300pp Color Black + White
Titan Books
Another mastercalss from the maestro, this time taking in specific aspects of design and coloring images.
Mister Loomis let's us in on his approach to solving design problems, use of models, color and all sorts of sound sensible advise for the enthusiastic amateur and the seasoned pro alike.
Again this is a reprint of a long out of print classic, highly sort after by the cognisntie and commanding handsome prices in the rare book trade.

Back to the now and art instruction for the computer age, as I press a few buttons and hey presto it's ..

SC 288pp Color Balck + White
Total 3D Publishing
So regulars know that Total 3D publish great books about making art via your computer which involve pros explaining the procedure and a portfolio of stunning images by the same pros, easy as that!

No need for pudding tonight as we serve up two generous helpings of Americana now,

HC 256pp Color Black + White
Time Home Entertainment
A well deserved bow for Mad magazine on its 60th birthday, in this collection of LOL features, covers and stupid satirical stuff the usual gang of idiots served up in their 6 decades of taking the michael out of the great, good and down right awful.
The thing with Mad - as this book makes clear - is that when they got the gag right, they did it perfectly,  an ever changing rosta of talented artists and writers served up to the pretencious, ghastly and pretty much everybody just what they were asking for.

Gentler humor now,

HC 160pp Color Black + White
Archie Comics
They wouldn't want me telling you this but the girls are 70 years old and counting, still to restore my gallantry let me tell you they look smashing for it.
Comic archaeologist Craig Yoe has gone digging and sifting through the layers of time to serve up these rare treats featuring these bonafide American Sweethearts in images from artists such as Don DeCarlo, Bob Montana, Harry Lucey and others.

OK humor of a far more pungent sort as we celebrate a unique French talent and the return of his highly original creation.
Jérome Moucherot is an insurance salesman, married with 3 children, not much fun or uniqueness here you might think but given Jérome's fate is governed by his creator François Boucq and that Jérome inhabits the Urban Jungle and we're not discussing Metaphor here, you will want to reconsider any preconceptions you might be harbouring.
Jérome's misadventures are achingly funny and archly surreal. 

The tone was set in the very first volume, The Teeth of the Shark, which remains a tour de force of imagination and humor, brilliantly executed, in which J's youngest is snatched from the dinner table by a shark, forcing J to submit to the inspired calculations and machines of his genius upstairs neighbor, Leonardo, to propel him into the aquatic dimension from whence came the shark, guided by an ill tempered and foulmouthed pilot fish.
Francois has just completed the fifth volume in J's madcap escapades for their new editor Lombard, each of the five books is in full color and runs to approximately 80 printed pages.
Viewing, reading, absorbing is almost believing, call in and drop out so to speak, with these unforgettable feats of imagination!

OK to the long awaited sequel of,

HC 48pp Color
Denis-Pierre Filippi's plot is more than just an exercise in allowing American good girl artist Terry Dodoson to indulge his passion but happily the story does place our heroine and her sister in exciting situations which extenuate their charms!

Terry will be one of the star attractions at the Paris Comics Expo on the last weekend of this month, another will be the appearance of Britain's Simon Bisley and happily two books of Simon's amazing art are back in print.

HC 94pp Color

HC 150pp Black + White

Check out the site at for all the news and info about this exciting event, which will also feature these amazing artists Viktor Kalvachev, Mike Huddelston - sunday only, Jock, Sean Murphy and Guillem March.

Bonjour chers lecteurs, voici les nouveautés de la semaine

Coffret contenant 4 livres, 3 x HC, total 260pp Couleur, Noir et Blanc
Dark Horse
A peu prés tous les travaux de recherches et designs produits par l'incroyable artiste qu'est Yoshitako Amano pour la populaire saga de jeux videos Final Fantasy sont contenus dans ce coffret magnifique.
Vous retrouverez donc dans ce coffret 3 magnifiques recueils accompagnés d'un livret, 3 lithographies et un livre sur Amano.
Le coffret est assez imposant, ce qui explique son prix, mais la qualité du produit et l'incroyable richesse des illustrations en font un achat raisonnable pour tout fan de Amano et de Final Fantasy.

SC 192pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Udon Entertainment
Les meilleurs personnages des jeux videos Capcom et des comics Marvel se font face pour le plus grand plaisir des fans des deux médiums.
Retrouvez dans ce recueil illustrations, recherches et fiches qui ont été produits depuis la création de cette saga.

HC 300pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Titan Books
Une nouvelle masterclass du maestro, cette fois-ci au sujet du design et de la couleur.
Mister Loomis partage avec nous sa méthode pour pouvoir créer différents designs sans jamais se répéter, utilisant des modèles, couleurs et toutes sortes de conseils parfaits aussi bien pour les amateurs que les pros.
Voici donc une réédition très attendue après de nombreuses années de rupture de stock.

SC 288pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Total 3D Publishing
Les habitués savent que les éditions Total 3D publient des ouvrages où des pros vous apprennent leur techniques étapes par étapes avec un portfolio de leurs travaux.

HC 256pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Time Home Entertainment
Ce recueil publié pour les 60 ans du magasine Mad regroupe les meilleurs rubriques, couvertures et humour stupide et satirique produits depuis la création de ce magasine mythique.
Découvrez les nombreux talents artistes et auteurs qui ont nourri Mad avec les meilleurs gags durant ces 60 années.

HC 160pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Archie Comics
Je ne suis pas censé vous le dire mais ces deux filles sont nées il y a dejà 70 ans, mais à leur crédit elle paraissent toujours aussi jeunes et belles.
L'historien du comics Craig Yoe vous présente leur histoire depuis leur création et tous les changements qu'elles ont connues depuis.
Vous y trouverez également des dessins originaux de grands artistes comme Don DeCarlo, Bob Montana et Harry Lucey.

Voici la réédition d'un classique de la bande dessinée franco belge.
Jérôme Moucherot est un vendeur d'assurance, marié et ayant 3 enfants, Jérôme habite une jungle urbaine et grâce à son créateur Francois Boucq il vit les aventures les plus folles et surréalistes que l'on puisse imaginer.
Des le premier volume, qui est un tour de force d'imagination et d'humour, brillamment exécuté, le plus jeune des enfants de Jérôme est enlevé durant le repas par un requin, forçant Jérôme à utiliser des machines inventées par son voisin du dessous Leonardo pour poursuivre le requin à travers l’océan et tout cela guidé par un sacré poisson rouge.
François vient juste de sortir le cinquième volume des aventures de Jérôme.

HC 48pp Couleur
Denis-Pierre Filippi a écrit un scénario qui permet à Terry Dodson de dessiner de magnifiques femmes tout en proposant au lecteur une incroyable histoire pleine d'aventure et de rebondissements.

D'ailleurs sachez que Terry sera l'un des artistes present à la convention Paris Comics Expo durant le dernier week-end d'Octobre, il sera entre autre accompagné de Viktor Kalvachev, Mike Huddelston, Jock, Sean Murphy, Guillem March et de Simon Bisley.

HC 94pp Couleur

HC 150pp Noir et Blanc
Soleil autre

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Hello readers and this week's list of new arrivals has yielded a bumper crop of books for fans of animation art and also, for fans of fantasy.

We start with a book that's been decades in the making and for no discernible reason over two years in the planning and production,

HC 152pp Black + White
Disney Editions
What ever the results there isn't any denying the talent of the artists employed by Disney down the years.
This book charts and showcases that talent, with a selection of rare images from the archives of the development of characters and spanning the history of the studio from Steamboat Mickey right up to Tangled.
To be honest given the wait I was expecting more from this book and can't understand the delay, other than the editor was perhaps racked with indecision about which pieces to use, the obvious solution being to publish a book with more pages, even if you have just blown a few million on the poorly marketed, curates egg of a film which is John Carter!
Anyway that's a small gripe given the book boasts beautiful production values and some wonderful images. 

We stay with animation by checking in at,

HC 160pp Color, Black + White
Titan Books
Perhaps on account of the need to translate and dub songs on top of the script the French will have to wait until February 2013 to see this animated feature from Sony.
Meanwhile one can enjoy this book crammed with wonderful art covering the whole process of developing and delivering an animated film from an immensely talented team of artists.
Hotel Transylvania is a haven for monsters, in what might not be a very funny film but is certain to look fantastic.

The holidays will be upon us sooner than parents think and to get us in the mood is,

HC 158pp Color, Black + WHite
Insight Editions
The Guardians of childhood - a bunch of characters representative of certain holidays who need to keep one eye over their shoulder for Tim Burton's Jack Skeleton - need to recruit the elusive Jack Frost to foil the dastardly plans of Pitch.
This is the premise behind Dreamwork's latest animated feature, however it plays the film is going to look gorgeous and you can get your fill of the eye candy produced by the artistic team in this sumptuous book from the reliable Insight Editions.

Ok fantasy of an all together different sort now, so put the kids to bed as we whisk off to Westeros,

HC 198pp Color, Black + WHite
Chronicle Books
Everyone associated with this amazing show is deserving of the utmost praise and in this book some of the previously unsung heroes of the production team are finally given their due respect and recognition.
This book provides one with the inside track on the inspired people behind the  fabulous look of the show, from designers of sets, costumes and accessories such as armour and weapons, to story boarders and matte painters.
The more obvious talent is also here as the script writers and actors also tell their behind the scenes stories.
So, a book certain to enthrall the many fans of George RR Martin's epic fantasy and it's brilliant TV incarnation.

And we continue to mix the fantasy with a hot blast of,

HC 256pp Color
Barron's Educational Series
Steampunk originated as a pop culture movement inspired by proto science fiction from authors such as Verne and Wells to become a life style choice to rival the Goth movement, indeed you'll often encounter bewhiskered Steampunks arguing with unconvinced Goths that Tweed or Beige Corduroy is the new black PVC!
This book charts the rise and current status of the movement and features over 700 images, many unique to this tome, of costumes, gadgets and what have you for those out of step with the times and happy to be so.

To a different sort of despair for our times, as we survey,

Box counting 14 different items numbering 260pp Color in total
Mister easy option for his publishers and their printers is back with a new opus in his flat, detailed, retro style and as usual it's sadder than a Smith's song.
The 14 graphic works in the handsome box, tell a tale - in no particular order - of a young women on her way to probably a marriage and a mortgage, beset with the doubt, disappointment, loathing and dread that plague most of Chris's under confident characters.
As usual his art work is intricate and gorgeous, the story sensitive and caring.

Let's brighten the mood with some fun and games, well animie and games to be precise,

SC 208pp Color
A cavalcade of your favorite colorful characters from your favorite games and animies by your favorite Japanese artists, are featured in this a book sure to be a favorite with fans of video game and animie art from Japan!

From the land of the rising sun to the lands of the midnight sun as we head over to Scandinavia for our next release,

SC 128pp Color
Boom Studios
This facsimale of a mole skin is filled with the imaginative doodles and sketches of Mattias Andolfsson, a Swedish artist who works in fields as diverse as childrens books and video games, lots of good, inspirational imagery here.

Finally back home and we encounter the first wave of books in an ambitious publishing project by Editions Ankama,

HC 110pp Color
In the grim post war period writers of speculative fiction, or science fiction if you prefer, depressingly imagined apocalyptic or dystopian futures, where there would be either too few or too many of us, both envisaged social collapse, though few imagined the simple selfishness of human instincts priming the bait and laying the trap, many though it would be "the bomb" and not the banks and corporations, which would toll the bell for the end of life as we'd known it.
Anyway Stefan Wul is revered as one of the greatest French science fiction writers because of the 12 books he published in his life time, 11 between the years 1956 and 1959, lord alone knows how he found time to pull teeth as dentist Pierre Pairault?
Ankama are adapting his best known works into graphic novels and using top creators in the process.
The first two to be released are Niourk by artist Olivet Vatine, which features a young boy's efforts to survive in a post apocalyptic New York and primitive tribes people hunting and being hunted by weird mutant monsters, and Oms En Série by writer Jean-David Morvan and Mike Hawthorn, in which the remnants of mankind are an insignificant life form struggling to survive in a world ruled by enormous others.
Wul's predictions for the future are pretty wide of the mark but they make for wonderful entertainment  and so this series of graphic novels is sure to find an appreciative audience given the calibre of the artists adapting the source material and their evident affection for it. 
Let's finish with an example of Mike Hawthorn's great art from, Oms En Série.

Finally, this week will also see the release of the books we previewed at our book launch here last Wednesday, so as of tomorrow we'll be happy to sell you, Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera's Pieces of Wonderland, Felix Meynet's From Paris With Love, Menton3's artbook and Joe Cassey and our pal Mike Huddelston's rip roaring Butcher Baker!

Bonjour chers lecteurs, l'arrivage de cet semaine est riche de artbooks d'animation et de fantaisy...

HC 152pp Noir et Blanc
Disney Editions
Malgré la qualité moyenne de conception de cet artbook, on ne peut nier le talent des artistes employer par les studios Disney.
Vous pourrez admirez dans cet ouvrages de rares et jamais publiés images d'archives des studios Disney du premier film avec Mickey jusqu'à plus recemment Raiponce.
Pour être sincere, au vu de l'attente j'esperais plus de ce livre et je ne comprends pas le delai, l'editeur a surement du mettre du temps à choisir quelles images mettre et ne pas mettre, pour moi la meilleure solution aurait été de rajouter plus de pages!
Mais tout cela n'enlève rien au fait que les dessins sont sublimes et veritablement rares.

HC 160pp Couleur, Noir et Blanc
Titan Books
Decouvrez dans ce livre le merveilleux travail effectué pour ce film, tout le procedé de devellopement d'une equipe d'artistes immensement talentueuse.
L'Hotel Transyvania est rempli de monstres, le film n'est peut etre pas tres drole mais il sera certainement fantastique.

HC 158pp Couleur, Noir et Blanc
Insight Editions
Les differents guardiens des fetes de notre enfance ont besoin de l'aide de Jack Frost pour les aider à dejouer les mauvais plans de Pitch.
Voici donc l'histoire du nouveau film des studios Dreamwork, ce qui signifie que le film sera probablement magnifique et vous pouvez avoir un avant goût avec cet artbook.

HC 198pp Couleur, Noir et Blanc
Chronicle Books
Toute personne associée à cet incroyable serie merite des louanges et dans ce livre des personnes precedemment inconnues de la production sont enfin reconnues.
Cet ouvrage nous fait decouvrir les coulisses de la serie, le travail des decorateurs, costumiers et designers à travers leurs storyboards et illustrations.
Il y a egalement de nombreuses anecdotes de la part des scenaristes et acteurs.
Donc voilà un livre indispensable pour les fans de l'incroyable serie de George RR Martin.

HC 256pp Couleur
Barron's Educational Series
Le Steampunk est une culture qui s'est inspirée de la science fiction d'auteurs comme Jules Vernes et H. G. Wells pour devenir un art de vivre rivalisant avec le mouvement Goth, vous rencontrez d'ailleurs souvent des fans de Steampunks parlant à des Goths indecis du velour beige et des tweeds comme etant les nouveaux habits originaux!
Cet ouvrage est une encyclopedie de ce jeune mouvement avec plus de 700 images, la plupart jamais publiées, on y voit des costumes , gadgets et illustrations.

Boite contenant 14 livres 260pp Couleur
L'auteur le plus difficile pour les editeurs et leurs imprimeurs est de retour avec un nouvel ouvrage et comme d'habitude il est plus triste qu'une chanson des Smith.
L'ouvrage est en fait une magnifique boite, avec pas moins de 14 differents livres qui raconte l'histoire – dans aucun ordre particulier – d'une jeune femme en route pour un mariage et un emprunt, elle est emplie de doutes, deçue et triste, ce qui semble toucher la plupart des personnages de Chris.
Comme d'habitude magnifiquement illustrée et ecrit.

SC 208pp Couleur
Un ouvrage rempli de la plupart de vos personnages de jeux videos et d'animés preferés, le tout par les meilleurs artistes Japonais.

SC 128pp Couleur
Boom Studios
Ce facsimile d'un moleskine est rempli de croquis imaginatifs par Mattias Andolfsson, un artiste Suedois qui travaille aussi bien pour les jeux videos que pour l'edition jeunesse, pleins d'images riches d'inspiration.

HC 110pp Couleur
Pendant la guerre froide, les auteurs de romans d'anticipation, ou science fiction si vous preferait, imaginé un futur apocalyptique deprimant, un futur où l'on serait soit trop nombreux, soit trop peu.
Avec bien sur une societé qui aurait radicallement changée, le tout causé par des bombes atomiques et non pas par la cupidité des banques et de multinationales, ce qui paraît plus probable aujourd'hui!
Stefan Wul est reveré comme l'un des plus grands auteur de science fiction français grace au 12 ouvrages qu'il a publié, 11 entre les années 1956 et 1959, le tout en continuant sa profession de dentiste.
Ankama adapte donc ses meilleurs travaux en bande dessinée, utilisant les meilleurs createurs d'aujourd'hui.
Les deux premieres series sont Niourk par Olivier Vatine, où l'on suit les efforts d'un jeune garçon essayantt de survivre dans un New York post apolyptique où des tribus primitives le traquent tout en etant traquées elles mêmes par des monstres mutants.
La seconde serie est ecrite par Jean david morvan et dessinée par Mike Hawthorne, on y suit une humanité devenue insignifiante et essayant de survivre dans un monde dirigé par des forme de vie géante.
Les predictions de Wul sont assez loin de la verité mais le resultat est quand même tres divertissant.

Pour finir sachez que cette semaine seront mis en vente les artbooks de Bobby Chiu et Kei Acedera's Pieces of Wonderland, Felix Meynet's From Paris With Love, etMenton3'.