Thursday, June 30, 2011


New this week at Pulp's Art are some books we mentioned a while ago but through nobodies fault took a little longer to arrive than expected, so without any further delay let's introduce:-

SC 64PP Black + White
Flesk Publications
Al Williamson was a superb drawer mixing the refinement of Foster and Raymond with the dynamism of his friend Frank Frazetta.
This second selection of his sketches and unfinished drawings is like the first actually printed in full color to capture the delicate subtlety of the work and again features moments of action and repose from the series and genres for which he was famous.

SC 48pp Black + White
Flesk Publications
Mark and his work almost belong to another age, he's as courteous as his work is meticulous.
Mark's fabulous drawings of prehistoric life, pulp heroes and gorgeous women would have been right at home along side those by Wally Wood and Al Williamson at EC Comics. This book is another selection of commissions and development work for various projects and certain to please his many fans.

We've earlier books in these two series and we try and stock all the books in print from Flesk Publications because like us they are passionate about good illustration, they also take time and trouble to ensure their books are as good as they can be.

SC 208pp Color
Udon Entertainment
Lots of shinny artwork by the talented pin-up artsit Tony Taka from Sega's Shinning Tears and Shinning Wind games.

On the subject of art derived from and inspired by games, we've had a lot of inquiries about this book,

well we got in a small quantity to cover requests, more should have arrived and will, so if you want a copy of Alice Madness Returns then please pay us a visit next week.

Coming soon Art of Cars 2, Art of Monster Hunters and much much more...

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Pulp's Art, along with other members of the Pulp's Fraternity will be braving the elements, hordes and the RER B to exhibit at the the Japan Expo/Comic Con, look for our stand "Pulp's Art" # C.A. 12 in isle CA, hall 6, June 30th to July 2nd, that'll be us without the samurai swords, cat's ears or the Sailor Moon outfits!

As promised here's some images for this week's new books:-

SC 48pp Color Black + White
Comix Buro
Signed and numbered of 900 examples.
A bumper collection of drawings and illustrations from the superb artist behind Delcourt's Meka and Dargaud's Naja.

SC 48pp Color Black + White
Comix Buro
Signed and numbered of 900 examples.
Not only do you get a nice helping of his classic caricatures of the famous and infamous from politics and showbiz but you get some insight into how internationally acclaimed artist Mulatier approaches his work.

(If you like caricatures you may want to check out Kruger Faces, also on our shelves here at Pulp's Art. Kruger is held in enormous respect by his peers and is arguably the best living exponent in this specialized field of illustration, blurring the line between caricature and fine art.)

We have all the Comix Buro sketchbooks in print available at Pulp's Art, if you aren't yet familiar with this excellent series - inspired by the self published books US artists sell at conventions - then do call in and get to know them, each contains a good mix of sketches and finished art by great artists in the field of animation and BD.

HC 249pp Color
Dark Horse
Playboy magazine always had great cartoonist providing cheeky gags for its swinging readers, Dean Yeagle is one of the hot talents Hef currently has on the case but one of the most fondly remembered is Doug Sneyd, a regular contributor since 1964.
This lavish book includes 300 published pieces as well as sketches and essays about Doug and the distinctive, shapely "Sneyd" girl.

Pulp's Art isn't the kind of shop to have a section behind a beaded curtain but we do have a glamour, pin-up, cheese cake section for Gentlemen to relish!

HC 172pp Color Balck + White
Gingko Press
Wow, it's as if someone took all of the the anger on the streets of Athens and  Damascus and threw it onto a canvas and they then picked that up and hurled that into a book, this book in fact!
Yes more angry edgy art from Alex Pardee with a tip of the hat to the obvious influence of British illustrator Gerald Scarfe.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hello readers, sorry there's so much going on I haven't had time to update the blog with images so far this week, rest assured this will happen meanwhile you might like to know we've the new issue of Juxtapoz # 126 and Illustration # 33 as well as a restock so we've all issue of Illustration currently in print, also new sketchbooks from Comix Buro by Bengal and Mulatier as well as new printings of Meyenet and Yeagle's sketchbooks.
There 's a fabulous new collection of Playboy cartoons by Doug Sneyd and a new book of art by the underground/urban artist Alex Pardee, all this and some good restocks so please call in on us at Pulp's Art.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Just in from Spain, where the weather has to be better then here, we've got these wonderful illustration books.

HC 48PP Color
Dib Buks
Alfonso Azpiri has been exciting pin-up fans on both sides of the Atlantic for many years now, so we're very pleased to be the first in France to offer this latest collection of new images featuring alluring and powerful women.

HC 48PP Color
Dib Buks
Rapazas has provided lots of covers for the hugely popular erotic comic Kiss, which has been a success in both the USA and France as well as at home in Spain.

HC 48PP Color
Dib Buks
In the tradition of Victoria Francés these are romantic images with an erotic over tone accompanied by the occasional romantic story, Spanish text.

SC 64pp Color, Black + White
A nice collection of editorial illustrations by the great Spanish artist Tino Gatagan, featuring literary and pop culture icons.

HC 96pp Color
Dib Buks
Illustrations by some of the best artists in Spain for the publication "Training & Development Digest", yeah I know but stifle those yawns because these are striking, often powerful images.
The best illustrators make the most mundane assignment interesting, take a look at the American Illustrators 51 Annual, also in our store, some of the best images have the most unlikely origins .

Let me take this opportunity to remind you we have books from across Europe at Pulp's Art, other Spanish books include a fabulous career retrospective for Jordi Bernet and a delightful collection of pin-ups by Fernando Vincente.
We also have Swiss books featuring the artistic titans Giger and Kruger, and Dutch books featuring the superb sketches of Serge Baeken, as well as Italian books featuring Micheluzzi and Toppi not yet released in French. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This week we strike a balance between the cutting edge art of right now and classics which withstand the test of time, here's a selection of this week's arrivals, so far.

D'Artiste: Character Design
SC with slipcase 208pp Color
Ballistic Publishing
Each edition of D'Artiste serves up a generous portion of CG artwork with a slice of educational how they do it.
Anne Pogoda and Kekai Kotaki provide illustrated tutorials about designing characters as well as gallery sections.

Exposé # 8
SC 224pp Color, Black + White
Ballistic Publishing
Ballistic's regular collection of the very best in digital artwork from around the world, characters, environments, settings, vehicles and crafts are all featured by top talents in the fields of design and illustration.

Exotique # 6
SC 208pp Color Black + White
Ballistic Publishing
The same concept as Exposé, the best digital art from everywhere but concentrating on character art, so lots of sexy girls and hulking brutes naturally!

( We have just about every Ballistic book in print in stock, so if you like your CG/Digital artwork we'll be happy to see you at Pulp's Art.)

Constructing Green Lantern
HC 208pp Color
The trailer for this summer block buster - based on one of DC's leading lights - looks a lot of fun. This heavily illustrated book gives you a low down on how they created the look and effects for the intergalactic romp.

Femmes Fatales
SC 108pp Black + White
Yes one hundred of Mike's wild women, buxom barbarian and voluptuous vampires, no librarians though!

SC 128pp Color, Black + White
This is a great retrospective look at Mike's career in illustration and comics. If you liked EC and Warren comics back in the day, or the pulp paperback covers of Frank Frazett and Jeff Jones then you'll enjoy tripping down memory lane in Mike's company.

Black & White Images # 5
SC 106pp Black + White
John Vadeboncoeur Jr
Each year for the past five John has released a book of images from his extensive collection of classic illustration in pen and ink, a particular delight in this latest album is the humorous historical pieces by Will Crawford.

(We have a copy of each of the previous numbers which are now out of print, we also have copies of John's Illustration magazine including the latest issue # 12.)

While we're on the subject of classic illustration among the books in a recently acquired collection there are books by Franklin Booth, J. Celement Cole, Rackham, Remington, Rockwell, Russell and Wyeth that might be to your taste.

Coming soon... books from Spain, Singapore and lots more!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


At the end of last week we took possession of a beautifully maintained collection of rare books of fantasy art.
We are in the process of pricing the books and integrating them into our stock, certain books have sold within minutes of being placed on the shelves.
If you have an interest in high and heroic fantasy art as well as classic illustration then do make a point of calling into Pulp's Art at your earliest opportunity.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Quand Humberto et Francisco passent à la boutique ....

De passage à Paris, Humberto Ramos et Francisco Herrera sont passés nous faire une petite visite et ont improvisé une petite séance de dédicace dans la boutique lundi dernier.
Voila les photos avec quelques unes des dédicaces....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


We started the week with some really exciting deliveries including new releases, crucial restocks and some beautiful rare and out of print books.
Crucial restocks included some of Dean Yeagle's self published pin-up books including Mandy Godiva, Mandy Morning and Scribblings # 3.
We also received a very small quantity of the much sought after film book Art of District 9.
The rare and out of print books we received includes "western art" by Robert Lougheed, Frank c McCarthy and Kenneth Riley, and a selection of books by one of the greats from the last golden age in British illustration, Angus McBride.
Books by Angus include a selection of books featuring ancient and barbarian  warriors and the extremely rare collection of covers for Iron Crown Games Characters of Middle Earth.

Mention of Angus McBride leads me to presenting our first new arrival:-

The Bumper Book of Look & Learn
HC 256pp Color, Black + White 
An amazing collection of features from the celebrated British educational magazine of the 60s and 70s. 
Look & Learn assembled an amazing line up of artists including Angus Mcbride, Ron and Gerry Embleton, Fortnino Matania, Peter Jackson, Patrick Nicolla, Richard Hook, Don Lawrence.. the list goes on, to depict scenes to inform and entertain its young readers.

HC 50pp Color
After his extensive run on the fan favorite Trigan Empire strip Don Lawrence illustrated another Sci-fi/Fantasy strip, Storm, and for an equally impressive run.
To celebrate 30 years of Storm the Book Place had 250 copies of this artbook printed celebrating Don Lawrence's gorgeous color work for this excellent BD.

(In the near future Pulp's Art will have the wonderful French editions of this strip, published by Toth Editions.)

An Edmund Dulac Treasury
SC 128pp Color 
Dover Publications
116 gorgeous color images span the career of this legendary French artist from the debut of the 20th Century, a particular high light are those he created for The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and Shakespeare's Tempest.

Stuart Immonen's Centifolia II
SC 128pp Color, Black + White 
Ad House Books
Centifolia was amongst our favorite sketchbooks because it revealed the true enormity of Stuart's talent.
Yes he's  the master of depicting mass destruction as wrought by super powered beings but he also makes delicate and subtle studies of all sorts of stuff and he makes whimsical and ironic comic strips with his wife Kathryn.
Anyway we've got Centifolia back in stock and a second helping of Stuart's unpublished artwork in Centifolia II and yet again it's a sublime book!

A customer asked if we could get anything by Mike Hoffman, we contacted Mike and were frankly surprised by his prolific out put but happy to sign up for some of it.
Shortly we'll be receiving some prints by Mike as well as yet more books but meanwhile you can get a good fix of his dynamic, EC comics and Pulp influenced art in these great and affordable self publications.

SC 72pp Clr, Black +White
Is an overview of Mike's output over the past 5 years, accompanied by his interesting comments on the whys and wherefores of its coming about.

Lost Art
SC 48pp Color Black + White
Mike serves up a generous helping of his earliest professional work from the dawn of the digital age!

Secret Sketchbook The Lost Years 1975- 95
SC 72pp Black + White
A great collection of the humorous and sensual sketches, approved by famed animator Bruce Tim no less!

Secrets of Drawing
SC 96pp Black + White
If you aspire to draw muscular heroes or curvy girls you wont go wrong following Mike's tips and techniques outlined in this book.

Newspaper Girls
SC 64pp Black + White
Every week for about a year Mike took a "Sharpie" marker to a page of news print and drew a lady, published here for the delectation of his fans.

The Prodogies Artbook
SC 160pp Color Black + White
Vents D'Ouest
Opening in cinemas this week is this computer generated animation film about super powered teenagers bringing a significant amount of destruction to New York.
This artbook showcases the amazing work of the talented artists who created the distinctive look for this stunning film. Amongst the principal character designers was comics superstar Humberto Ramos and his great friend the magnificently mustached Francisco Herrera!

(Each year at the San Diego Comic Con, the USA's biggest pop culture event, Francisco and Humberto debut new self published books for their fans.
This year will be no exception and the books they have planned look amazing be sure to check back at this Blog-spot to find out more about these titles and when they'll be on our shelves.)