Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hello readers, a mixed bag of news for you to bring the curtain down on June, on a personal note my yahoo email address has been usurped by some so'n'so and yahoo have yet to cover themselves in glory by rectifying this sad state of affairs.
So, if someone drops you a line calling themselves Nick and with a sob story of being destitute in Spain and requiring funds, ignore them, in fact best to ignore any email of this sort from anybody.

Moving on but sticking with the notion of mean streets and destitution comes this absolute classic from the Marvel Cannon,

HC 200pp Black + White
While the focus of this book is the stunning art of David Mazzucchelli, as one would expect for an addition to IDW's Artist's Edition range, which faithfully reprints classic comic stories from scans of the original pages in the original size, it has to be said this was an absolutely terrific story by its writer Frank Miller.
David's artwork for this story of Matt Murdock's and Daredevil's fall, redemption and rise, perfectly captured the intense emotion of the characters and urban setting of NY's Hells Kitchen for this crucial story arc in the character's trajectory.
David collaborated again with Frank Miller on the acclaimed Batman Year One story before leaving super heroes behind as he produced more personal works through Rubber Blanket, City of Glass and the enormously successful - and deservedly so - Asterios Polyp.
David's was always a subtle style even when drawing superheroes, he was aware that less can achieve more, his art was always propelling the audience through the story with images that perfectly suited the mood and tempo of the narrative, never distracting one with eye candy and showing off.
Post their fruitful collaborations, while David sought subtlety Frank went another way and went pretty far down that road, so it's nice to have this tribute to two fine artists making a valued contribution to our medium with a wonderful story about the potential of the human spirit. 

The Artist's Editions are produced in low numbers and consequently appreciate rapidly in value once the print run is sold, so don't delay acquiring your copy as we expect a high demand for this book.

Meanwhile, we've had some restocks through our doors this week and some rare out of print books in both the animation and western art sections, as well as the welcome return of the sold out Iain McCaig artbook Shadowline pictured below.

Oh and we finally got the VO edition of,
not so very different from the VF edition, just a little less fussy with the grammar really, still a visual treat for Sci-fi fans!

Finally to this weekend and two events not to be missed, this Saturday we will host Korean artist Kim Jung-Gi for a book signing here at Pulp's Art between the hours of 3 and 6.00 PM, his fabulous 2011 sketchbook is available now and your purchase just might win you a sketch this Saturday, after which we suggest you head over to the 

39 rue Daitancourt,
75017 Paris
( Metro: La Fourche Line  13)

where our pal Mike Huddleston's outrageous artwork for Butcher Baker The Righteous Maker - to be published by Ankama later this year - will be displayed for your viewing pleasure.
Saturday night Mike will be doing some live art and there'll be a DJ and refreshments, so this is by invitation only but you can pick up some invites from us here at Pulp's Art, fun starts there at 18.30hrs.
If you can't make the Saturday Vernissage make a point of getting over to the gallery at some point because this is a show which shouldn't be missed.

( This is a picture of Butcher Baker and not Mike!)

HC 200pp Noir et Blanc

Retrouvez dans ce livre l'incroyable art de David Mazzucchelli, comme dans les precedents Artist's Edition vous pourrez admirer les pages originales de la geniale saga Born Again scannées en haute definition à partir des veritables originaux et imprimées au même format.
Le travail de David pour cette saga sur la chute de Daredevil et de Matt Murdoch, capture parfaitement les emotions intenses des personnages et l'ambiance du quartier new yorkais d'Hell's Kitchen qui sont cruciales pour cette histoire.
David a toujours eu un style subtil, il a toujours su que moins de details apportaient plus d'impact, il a toujours presenté aux lecteurs des images qui etaient parfaites pour l'ambiance et l'humeur de ses histoires. 

Les Artist's Editions sont imprimées en petite quantité, ne tarder donc pas trop car nous attendons une importante demande.

Nous avons egalement recu quelques reassorts, certains livres d'animation et livres sur le western qui sont normalement epuisés, et nous avons recupéré quelques exemplaires de l'artbook sur Ian McCaig Shadowline.

Nous avons enfin recu la version anglaise de l'art of Prometheus!

39 rue Daitancourt,
75017 Paris
( Metro: La Fourche Line  13)

Notre cher ami Mike Huddleston presente son travail sur Butcher Baker The Righteous Maker - qui sera publié en français par Ankama cette année - lors d'une exposition d'oeuvres originales .
Samedi soir Mike dessinera en direct lors de cette soirée de lancement, il y aura egalement un DJ et de quoi se rafraichir, à partir de 18h30.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Dedicace avec Kim Jung-Gi, Samedi Juin 30, 15hrs - 18hrs!

Hello readers we're delighted and relieved to at last be in a position to confirm the details of our book signing here at Pulp's Art on June 30th between 3.00 and 6.00P.M. with the sensational artist Kim Jung-Gi.

I'm thinking you have the time and date by now so let me explain the method, on Wednesday we should have our restock of Kim's two sketchbook, 2007 and 2011, customers can buy a book and will be given a ticket, one per book, for a draw to determine those customers who will receive a sketch from Kim and the order in which these will be produced.
Books and Tickets will be available while stocks last up until we make the draw, shortly before Kim begins signing and sketching at 15.00hrs. 

Those customers who have already purchased Kim's books from us, need only contact us and as long as we have you logged in the data base of our fidelity card/reward system you will be awarded a ticket or tickets for the book or books previously purchased.

Kim will be with us for 3 hours and he calculates being able to produce at least 15 sketches in this time, believe us what Kim can produce in 10 minutes would take a less remarkable talent hours assuming they were able to draw to this standard, so we hope to make lots of customers happy.

Well, I hope I've made things clear but if you do have questions then do contact us.

Perhaps it isn't fair of me but if there any waverers out there wondering if they should skip the sales or the sun to spend a few hours in Pulp's Art, below are just a few reason why it will be worth your while, Kim's is a truly awesome talent.
Adnan and I we're both fans and we bought his books on their arrival here at Pulp's Art, come and see why both we and the international community of illustration fans are so excited by this artist!

So, can I expect to see you Saturday June 30th between 15.00 and 18.00hrs then?

Finally thank you again to Jean-Christophe Caurette of the Stasbulles Festival and super BD scribe Jean-David Morvan for their assistance in our staging of this event.

Bonjour chers lecteurs, nous sommes ravis de pouvoir enfin vous confirmer les informations concernant la dedicace de Kim Jung GI, ce sera le samedi 30 Juin entre 15h00 et 18h00.

Et voila exactement comment elle va se derouler, nous recevrons un important reassort des ses deux sketchbooks de 2007 et 2011 mercredi, il sera alors distribué un ticket numeroté par sketchbook acheté, ces tickets seront utilisés lors du tirage au sort qui designera ceux qui pourront avoir un sketch de Kim et l'ordre de leur passage.
La distribution des tickets numerotés se terminera avec le tirage au sort qui aura lieu à 14h50. 

Pour les clients qui nous ont deja acheté ces sketchbooks, il suffit seulement de nous contacter et apres avoir verifié que vous avez bien acheter ces sketchbooks, nous vous donneront alors un ou deux tickets numerotés.

Kim sera present 3 heures et il pense pouvoir faire au moins 15 sketches.

Si jamais vous aviez des questions n'hesitez pas à nous appeler.

Je voudrais finir en remerciant à nouveau Jean-Christophe Caurette du festival Strasbulles et le scenariste Jean-David Morvan pour leur aide dans la preparation de cette dedicace.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hello readers lots to cover this week so without any further ado here's an important new book,

HC 200pp Color Black + White
Dynamite Entertainment
I don't think it's hyperbole to suggest the American comic industry wouldn't be where it is today without Howard Chaykin's positive contribution.
This book is an over due tribute and a reminder of the debt the industry owes him.
Chaykin has pushed the industry, often kicking and screaming, towards greater sophistication by championing and pioneering new formats and modes of presentation and challenging the notion of what was acceptable in terms of style and subject for the medium. 
His adaptation of Alfred Bester's Sci-Fi classic The Stars My Destination and his personal project Cody Starbuck helped established both the graphic novel and the notion of higher value products with a long shelf life, while Black Kiss and American Flagg persuaded the whole comic community that comics were anything but juvenile.
As someone who started in the industry in 1979 shortly after Phil Seuling had introduced the " direct market " concept of buying comics which back then ensured the industry avoided oblivion but had yet to guarantee any success, I have a real appreciation of what Howard did for us all.
Beyond that he is of course a talented artist, this book combines lots of his illustrations from comics and other mediums along with essays from admirers who wish to acknowledge his influence.

HC 160pp Color
Image Comics
Writer artist Frank Cho's much loved news paper strip about the amusing goings on at an animal hospital, Liberty Meadows, didn't so much win awards as it gobbled them up, if an award was appropriate then this strip won it.
Find out why it was so garnered with gongs by getting your hands on this excellent new collection of Frank's color Sunday strips.
This is the first time these Sunday pages have been collected and there's a host of additional goodies such as unseen artwork, oh and they're "digitally" recolored, naturally!

HC 192pp Color
Titan Books
"FLASH AH-AA saviour of the universe" and the inspiration to George Lucas for Star Wars! 
Flash is one of the first and arguably most famous science fiction heroes though perhaps space opera is a better description of what he got up to on Mongo and other planets.
Anyway Titan are going to throw his complete news paper strip adventures at us and they kick off with master draftsman Alex Raymond's debut on the character in 1934 when air travel let alone space travel was pretty novel.
Beautifully restored and reproduced these early examples of Raymond's work quickly move from charming to inspirational!

HC 128pp Color
Kontur Publishing
The compiler of these images for the "ultimate book of SW inspired street art" is a die hard fan willing to admit that Empire Strikes Back is his favorite film of all time but don't assume his appreciation of SW has him straight jacketed into full fan conformity.
Oh no his collection of art works used to deface buildings and depicting stuff from the all time most successful multimedia franchise is in fact a lot of fun, being ironic and amusing, the Force is strong in this one.

HC 160pp Color
Titan Books
He's become a pillar of the Pop Surrealist and designer toy scenes with gallery shows around the world of his muted and macabre depictions of anthropomorphic animals suffering or inflicting horrible damage.
Now Titan have collected his work to date and put in a book to inspire some and depress others!

SC 144pp Black + White
Image Comics
This might be the autobiographical adventures of ace artist Jim Mahfood as featured on his blog or it might be what he wishes he was doing but isn't because he's drawing and writing this stuff?
Whatever, it's great gonzo fun and this collection features additional strips and some photos of the great and the good inhabiting Jim's world.

SC 144pp Color Black + White
Udon Entertainment
Artist Shigenori Soejima has created some striking illustrations for the respected role playing and video game Persona 3.
It's a slim book by the standards of Udon who usually offer up a bit more bang for ones buck but fans are certain to appreciate this collection of character and setting designs and studies, storyboards and finished art from the game.

Now about those laminates, we've taken images from a variety of sources and had them laminated, you can find stunning and unique images at Pulp's Art which we're sure you wont find elsewhere and which we wont always be able to repeat.
We've chosen a variety of subjects and styles from heroic fantasy and super hero action to pin-ups and much loved animation and had them laminated onto sturdy durable board ready with a picture hook friendly attachment, do drop in to take a look.

Stay tuned for confirmation of the hours for our book signing with Kim Jung-Gi here at Pulp's Art on the afternoon of Saturday June 30th.

HC 200pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Dynamite Entertainment

Je ne pense pas que ce soit exagere de penser que l'industrie du comics ne serait pas où elle en est aujourd'hui sans la contribution positive d'Howard Chaykin.
Ce livre est d'ailleurs un hommage et un rappel de la dette que lui doit l'industrie.
Chaykin a poussé l'industrie avec difficulté pour l'amener vers plus de sophistication en changeant les formats, la presentation, le style et les sujets des histoires.
Son adaptation du roman Terminus des etoiles d'Alfred Bester et son projet personnel Cody Starbuck ont aidé à etablir les Graphic Novels et l'idée de produits plus chers mais de meilleures qualité que de simple comics, avec egalement une durée d'exposition plus longue dans les comics shops.
Il a aussi montré avec des projets comme Black Kiss et American Flagg que les comics pouvaient s'adresser aussi aux adultes.
Il est aussi un artiste talentueux et vous retrouverez dans ce livre de nombreuses illustrations faites pour les comics et autres medias.

HC 160pp Couleur
Image Comics

L'auteur Frank Cho avant de se faire un nom dans les comics de super heros avait deja une belle carriere dans les comics strip avec une de ses creations Liberty Meadow.
Ce sont ces strips qui son recueillis dans ce livre avec en plus quelques travaux jamais publiés et comme bonus ils ont etaient colorisés à cette occasion.

HC 192pp Couleur
Titan Books

Flash Gordon est le premier et le plus connu des heros de science fiction.
L'editeur Titan Books a decidé de réediter tous les strips de Flash Gordon et 
cela commence avec l'année 1934.
Magnifiquement restorés et reproduits ces premiers travaux d'Alex Raymond passent de charmants à inspirants!

HC 128pp Couleur
Kontur Publishing

Retrouvez dans ce receuils les nombreux travaux inspirés de Star wars qui ont recouverts les facades d'immeubles et murs de nombreuses villes dans le monde.

HC 160pp Couleur
Titan Books

Il est devenu un pilier de l'art Pop surealiste et du design de jouets avec des expositions dans le monde entier grace à ses representations macabres et mutantes d'animaux anthropomorphiques souffrant ou infligeant d'horribles blessures.
L'editeur Titan Books vous propose ce recueil de tous ses travaux, un livre qui inspirera autant qu'il deprimera!

SC 144pp Noir et Blanc
Image Comics

Retrouvez des strips qui vous racontent la vraie vie où la vie revée de l'artiste Jim Mahfood, ce livre recueil les strips qu'il poste sur son blog.
Vous y trouverez beaucoup de gonzo et quelques suplements comme des strips jamais publiés et des photos vous montrant Jim et ses amis.

SC 144pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Udon Entertainment

L'artiste Shigenori Soejima a créé des illustrations incroyables pour jeux videos Persona 3.
Les fans de ce jeu devraient apprecier ce recueil d'illustrations de personnages, d'environnements et de storyboards. 

Nous venons egalement de recevoir un important arrivage de laminés, il y en a pour tous les gouts, heroic fantasy, super heros, pin ups et animations. 

Et pour finir les derniers details concernant la dedicace de Kim Jung-Gi seront disponibles trés trés prochainement! 

Thursday, June 14, 2012


The books just keep on comin' this week readers, let's start off with a new title which is certain to be a crowd pleaser.

HC 86pp Color
The amazing artistic team behind Ishanti, draftsman Crisse and colorist Besson, return to the theme of Ancient Egypt with this sumptuous and comprehensive visual guide to that culture's fascinating pantheon of Gods.
Invisible, formless all powerful deities whose purpose we aren't supposed to fathom and who work alone are OK for those that like this sort of thing but this gorgeous book reminds us of the eye popping fun religion was back in the day of less jealous Gods!

HC 96pp Color Black + White
In the same vein as Froud and Lee's Fairies this book is a profusely illustrated  examination of the Fairy and Folk Lore of Scotland, where else.
The artwork isn't without its charm and there seems to be a healthy appetite for everything Scottish right now, so herres ta yuh!

HC 96pp Color Black + White
Not a book about crazy optician Alain Afflelou but another guide to Fairies, illustrated by the popular artist of Korrigans and other fantastical subjects,Pascal Moguerou.

OK let's leave the realms of fantasy and beat it to down town LA to hook up with Ozzy artist Shag;

SC 84pp Color
Ediciones Balboa
Whoops we scanned this at an angle please tilt your lap top a little to the right and down would you?
Anyhoo this is a rare collection of Shag drawings printed in a tiny quantity to mark the 25th anniversary of the excellent comic store Madrid Comics, what you need me to tell you where this comic store is!?
Cool cats will be familiar with Shag's retro lounge style of illustration the rest of us squares can buy this book and mellow out, niiiiiiiiiiiiice.

Let's bow out with an homage to one of the greatest characters in the comics cannon, as a certain sailor drops anchor and land hos!

HC 176pp Black + White
Popeye debuted in the years of the depression, his no nonsense approach to life and the fickleness of fate, combined with the genius of Segar's whit and draftsmanship made him a hit back then and clearly a hero for our financially screwed up times as well.
For today he's getting a well deserved new lease of life, Fantagraphics are reprinting the original Thimble Theatre strips by his creator E.C. Segar, where Popeye, Olive, Whimmpy, etc. made their debuts, while IDW have launched a new comic book featuring this iconic character. 
Over here we have this homage from an international team of comic talents, which probably would have found favor with Segar were he still alive for its irreverent and caustic humor, sadly he succumbed to cancer many years ago but his creation is still fighting fit as Bluto and other neer-do-wells are finding out.

HC 86pp Couleur

L'incroyable equipe artistique ayant realisé la Bande dessinée Ishanti, le dessinateur Didier Crisse et le coloriste Fred Besson, reviennent vers le theme de l'Ancienne Egypte avec ce somptueux et documenté guide visuel du pantheon des Dieux de l'Ancienne Egypte.  

HC 96pp Couleur Noir et Blanc

Dans la même veine que les recueils sur les Feés de Froud et Lee ce livre contient une profusion d'illustrations de tous les êtres fantastiques qui peuplent les hautes terres d'Ecosse.

HC 96pp Couleur Noir et Blanc

Voici un autre recueil sur les fées, illustré par le populaire artiste des Korrigans et autres sujets fantastiques, Pascal Moguerou.

SC 84pp Couleur
Ediciones Balboa

Voici un recueil rare sur le travail de Shag imprimé en tres petite quantite pour le 25ème anniversaire de l'excellent comic shop Madrid Comics.

HC 176pp Noir et Blanc

Popeye est apparu pendant la grande depression Americaine, son approche de la vie et du destin combiné avec le genie du dessinateur E.C. Segar ont font un succes immediat et clairement un hero durant notre propre crise financiere.
De nos jours l'editeur Fantagraphics reimprime les strips originaux de facon magnifique et l'editeur IDW a lancé une nouvelle serie dont il est le heros.
REVOILA POPEYE est un hommage par differents artistes du monde entier, que Segar aurait surement apprecié car ces artistes ont su garder l'irreverence et l'humour caustic des origines.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Back from Erlangen

Well I'm back from Erlangen, you might have noticed the slight changes made to recent postings, yes that was me unable to resist meddling, despite Adnan doing a great job while I was away.

Thanks to Tobias and the good folks at the Erlangen festival and the good people of the City, it was an enjoyable trip and as predicted we sold a lot of books.

So new in the house this week is a rich brew of subtle and contrasting flavors, let me pour it out for you:

SC 328pp Color Black + White
Fundacio Palma Espaid ' Art
We're delighted to have secured copies of this catalog from a comprehensive exhibition held in Palma of works by Fernando Vincente.
Fernando is a virtuoso illustrator, in his native Spain he is in demand to provide book jacket and magazine covers for subjects ranging from the scientific, literary and philosophical to the erotic and noir.
His is an elegant, minimalist style, his images uncluttered yet brilliantly constructed to grab and hold ones attention.

In complete contrast here's a book for those who like to skim the surface - of waves - as we note the high tide of:

HC 256pp Color Black + White
Inspired by the likes of underground great Rick Griffin and skate boarding pioneer Jim Phillips, this is art looking for the wild ride, the prefect wave and endless summer.
Standing Eyeballs, leering Tikis and Polynesian motifs abound to remind one that even counter cultures have their norms, still it's great fun dudes - hang ten! 

Whoa more contrast as we walk the not so mean streets of Toronto in the company of an exceptionally gifted artist:

SC 80pp Color
Drawn & Quarterly
Michael Cho is a contemporary illustrator whose work appears in many celebrated North American journals, he illustrates in a style recalling illustration's golden age in the post war period.
This book is sheer pleasure, it's Michael's studies beautifully rendered in colored ink of Toronto's less celebrated street corners and alley ways.
If like me this book appeals to you then check out Illio # 2 in which there is an extensive selection of Michael's fabulous work.

This May Kansas City - yes it's actually in Missouri, go figure - hosted the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live show, I couldn't make it out there either but our pal John Fleskes did:

HC 64pp Color Black + White
Flesk Publications
Each year fans of fantasy art eagerly await the selection of Cathy and Arnie Fenner and a bunch of industry insiders from that years submissions by artists and editors for inclusion in the Spectrum annual.
This May Cathy and Arnie decided to host a convention in their home town of Kansas City, a sort of fantasy art Woodstock!
To mark the occasion they asked John Fleskes, a publisher with an appreciation and affection for art and artist to match their own, to prepare a book to serve as a memento.
The list of attending artist was staggering so John selected 5 to profile in his book, each has a distinctive style and is recognized as being A list in their particular field which include comics, illustration, game and film design, portraiture and fine arts.
So enjoy a brief look into the work and thinking of uber talented Android Jones, Brom, Phil Hale, Iain McCaig and Mike Mignola.

Finally get ready to club something to death, why it's

SC 24pp Black + White
Amryl Entertainment
More of Budd Root's drawings of his captivatingly curvaceous cavewoman sometimes wearing her fur bikini but as often as not not, yay!

SC 328pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Fundacio Palma Espaid ' Art

Nous sommes ravis d'avoir un certain nombre d'exemplaires du catalogue d'exposition consacrée à la carriere de Fernando Vincente.
Fernando un illustrateur virtuose, dans son pays l'Espagne il a réalisé differentes couvertures de romans et de magasines avec des sujets allant des sciences, la litterature et la philosophie à l'erotisme et le polar.
Son style est elegant et minimaliste, ses images sont construites pour attirer l'attention.

HC 256pp Couleur Noir et Blanc

Inspiré d'artistes underground comme le grand Rick Griffin et le pionner du skate Jim Phillips, voila un art qui cherche les pistes sauvages, les vagues parfaites et des étés qui ne finissent jamais.

SC 80pp Couleur
Drawn & Quarterly

Michael Cho est un illustrateur contemporain dont le travail apparait dans de nombreux journaux d'Amerique du Nord, son style rappele les illustrations de l'avant guerre mondiale.
Vous retrouverez dans ce livre de magnifiques etudes colorées à l'encre des rues de Toronto qui sont peu souvent representées.

HC 64pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Flesk Publications

Chaque année les fans de Fantasy attendent avec impatiente la selection de Cathy and Arnie Fenner et de quelques professionnels des meilleurs illustrations soumises à eux et dont le resultat est le recueil Spectrum annual.
Ce moi de Mai Cathy et Arnie ont decidé de créer un festival dans leur ville Kansas City, une espece de Woodstock de la fantasy!
Pour marquer l'occasion ils ont demandé à John Fleskes, un editeur avec la même vision et affection de l'art et des artistes qu'eux, de faire un livre qui servirait de memento. 
La liste d'artistes present au festival etait incroyable, John en selectionna 5 à presenter dans ce livre, chacun ayant un style distinctif et etant reconnus comme faisant partis des meilleurs dans leurs terrains respectifs incluant comics, illustration, jeux videos, design de films et portrait.
Ces cinq artistes sont les talentueux Android Jones, Brom, Phil Hale, Iain McCaig and Mike Mignola.

SC 24pp Noir et Blanc
Amryl Entertainment

Plus de dessins de Budd Root et de ses captivantes femmes des cavernes pulpeuses portant ou oubliant leurs bikini en fourures. 

Concerning Kim Jung-Gi Signing

By now you have hopefully read Adnan's announcement that Korean drawing sensation Kim Jung-Gi will be signing books here at Pulp's Art on Saturday June 30th. 
By next week we should have all the information about hours and organization but one piece of good news is that Kim works quickly, as anyone who has seen his live drawings on You Tube can testify to, and so we're confident a lot - if not all - of the customers attending will go away with a sketch.

I need to thank a couple of people for making the whole thing possible, first would be Jean-David Morvan the well known writer of BD for putting me in contact with Jean-Christophe Caurette of Optima.
Jean-Christophe is the driving force behind the comic festival in Strasbourg where Kim will be the guest of honor this year and it's through his contact that we are able to make the signing possible.

Those of you in Strasbourg this weekend might like to visit the comic festival,

follow this link to find out more,

Please keep checking this blogspot and our Facebook page for a detailed announcement about our signing here with Kim on the 30th.

D'ici la semaine prochaine, nous devrions avoir toutes les informations sur les horaires de la dedicace, mais nous avons quand même une bonne nouvelle, c'est que Kim dessine assez vite, ce qui nous l'esperons, permettra à une majeure partie si ce n'est tout le monde de repartir avec un dessin.

J'aimerais egalement remercier quelques personnes, tout d'abord Jean-David Morvan qui nous a mis en relation avec  Jean-Christophe Caurette d'Optima.
Jean Christophe est le responsable du festival de Bande Dessinée de Starsbourg dont Kim est l'invité d'honneur cette année et c'est grace à lui que nous pouvons faire venir Kim en dedicace.

Ceux d'entre vous qui serait à Starsbourg ce week-end pourrais vouloir assister à ce festival, vous trouverez toutes les informations à cette

Continuer à venir sur ce blog où à visiter notre page Facebook, plus de détails y seront annoncés. 

Friday, June 8, 2012


Prometheus: l'univers du film
HC 192pp Couleur Noir et Blanc

Une semaine avant la version anglaise voila le making of de cet incroyable film qu'est Prometheus en français, 30 ans apres le premier Alien Ridley Scott revient nous raconter pourquoi le vaisseau Prometheus a envoyé une balise de detresse que le Nostromo a fini par recevoir dans Alien.
Vous trouverez donc tous les devellopements artistiques et techniques qui ont amené à ce film, story-boards, recherches de costumes, d'environnements, du vaisseau et comme tout n'a pas etait fait sur ordinateur des photos des differents costumes, decors et maquettes.

OK this is now two weeks ahead of the VO edition but this being Paris we're not overly concerned.
Reviews of the film are mixed, hardly surprising given the writer is also he who  
created the initially compelling series Lost, only to do exactly that with the show's final seasons!
One thing all critics are agreed on is that director Ridley Scott is an absolute master of creating movies of staggering beauty and stunning visuals and that Prometheus is another feast for the eyes.
This book gives you the low down on how the aesthetic of the film was conceived and executed, with illustrations and photos and takes you inside the development of the story.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


We are both very pleased and very proud to announce that on June 30 an artist as equally charming as he is talented will be dropping by Pulp's Art, it's none other than Kim Jung-GI!

Kim will be available to sign books and discuss his recent work on his 2011 sketchbook and his upcoming project with Jean-david Morvan .

Given Kim's popularity this is certain to be a ticketed event, we'll release further details in the coming weeks, stay tuned!

Nous sommes trés fiers de vous annoncer que le 30 Juin un artiste aussi charmant que talentueux sera à Pulp's Art ,et cet artiste n'est autre que Kim Jung-GI !

Kim sera là pour signer ses livres , discuter de son travail sur son dernier sketchbook datant de 2011 et sur ses projets personnels dont une BD avec Jean-david Morvan.

 Connaissant la popularité de Kim ce sera une dedicace avec des tickets limités , nous vous donnerons plus de details dans les semaines à venir.

New at Pulp's Art June 6

SC 160pp Color Black+White
Chronicle Books

We can't guarantee this will be a return to form from Pixar after the made for moving merchandise Cars 2 but we can tell you the visual development departments have done a magnificent job here.
There are elements of Brother Bear and How to Train Your Dragon here, even a wee dram o' Brave Heart which was almost like an animated film.
Anyhoo that landscapes and folks of Medieval Scotland are beautifully rendered but beware the extensive storyboards and color keys virtually give you the whole plot line so just steal peeks till the film is out and you've seen it!

SC 160pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Chronicle Books

Cet art book est visuellement simplement somptueux avec de magnifiques illustrations et decors, de supers personnages et des pages du storyboard ultra dynamique.
L'equipe de devellopement visuel nous revelent le processus qui a amener ce fantastique monde nordique des concepts de l'equipe artistique au grand ecran. Loin d'etre une tâche facile les equipes artistiques et techniques ont travaillé ensembles pour vous livrer cette merveilleuse vision des personnages et de leur univers!

Friday, June 1, 2012


Hello readers, so May bowed out with some nice new titles and some useful restocks.

Let's begin with some great books from here,

SC 128pp Color Black + White
The latest pocket sized art book in the series which punches way above its weight.
For book 6 the editors decided to concentrate on structures futuristic, rustic, fantastic and contemporary and its a delightful collection of images for the pro and fan alike.

SC 304pp Color Black + White
The only rival to the excellent fantastic art annual Spectrum is this wonderful collection of artwork submitted to the Francophone art site Cafe Salé.
The pieces range across all the subjects and moods fantastic art embraces, the cute to the grotesque, shocking and subtle, pure pleasure beautifully packaged.

While from over there we received,

SC 224pp Color Black + White
Baron's Educational Series
Like your instructional books to be no nonsense straight to the point, then this is for you if you want to learn the basics and more for creating images in Photoshop and Illustrator and other pixel or vector based programs, what ever these are?

HC 148pp Color
IDW continue their collections of the Horror comics of the 50s which subverted the Nation just as Doctor Wertham said it would.
Lurid tales of the walking dead from Jack Cole, Bob Powell, Wally Wood and a grave yard full of great comic artist, definitely worth leaving the morgue for!

OK restocks included the blockbusting Art of the Avengers, a tiny quantity of the out of print  Disney-busting Art of John Carter - just kidding, the Mouse House is safe for share holders - as well as several other top titles such as Art of District 9 which have returned to our shelves.
As have the wonderful Inside Moebius books, we once again are proudly offering books 3 through to 6 of the final series from the late master.

Next week we should be getting the long awaited Art of Brave, yes its like a mash up of elements from Brother Bear and How To Train Your Dragon, but the trailer looks exquisite and the roster of artists working on the film couldn't have been much better, personally I can't wait!!!!!!!

Finally Sam the man and I will be hitting the road next week to spread the good word about Pulp's to the fine folks or is that volke attending the Erlangen comic festival in Germany, where we'll be selling some cool books and drinking some of the splendid oat sodas brewed thereabouts!

Bonjour chers lecteurs, le mois de mai se termine avec l'arrivage de nouveaux titres et quelques bons réassorts.

SC 128pp Couleur Noir et Blanc

Le dernier volume en date de cette serie, le theme de celui-ci est "les structures" comprenant aussi bien l'architecture de batiments que de villes dans des environnements futuristes, contemporains et fantastiques.

SC 304pp Couleur Noir et Blanc

Le seul rival de l'excellent recueil annuel d'art Spectrum est le merveilleux recueil de travaux de la communauté d'artistes francais Café Salé.
Vous y retrouverez des sujets illustrés divers et variés, un pur plaisir pour les yeux.

SC 224pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Baron's Educational Series

Voila un livre qui vous apprendra les bases et plus pour utiliser Photoshop dans le domaine de la creation d'illustrations.

HC 148pp Couleur

IDW continu de publier leurs recueils sur les comics d'horreur des années 50, qui avait choqué le docteur Wertham le poussant à commencer une croisade contre les comics.
Retrouver des histoires illustrées par Jack Cole, Bob Powell, Wally Wood et bien d'autres grands talents du comics.

Et pour finir nous avons reçu des réassorts concernant Art of the Avengers, une petite quantité de Art of John Carter et quelques autres titres tels que Art of District 9 .
Nous avons egalement recupérer les volumes 3 à 6 de Inside Moebius.