Friday, October 28, 2011


In association with our brothers and sisters at Pulp's Comics, Pulp's Art is delighted to announce, DC & Wildstorm Comic's super star artist Dustin Nguyen will be signing books and prints here at Pulp's Art, 6 rue Dante, on November 3rd between the hours of 14.00 and approximately 19.00.

On the morning of the third and during the lunch break customers will be able to buy a sketchbook, graphic novel or print by Dustin which will entitle them to a numbered ticket, then at  shortly after 14.00 hrs Dustin will begin signing your purchase hopefully in the order in which the items were sold and the tickets awarded.

Ideally we'd like to be able to follow the sequencing of the tickets and we respectfully request that people with a ticket don't all leave returning for a signature at 18.30 because that wont work out.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So another week another half hearted attempt to rescue the € by the clueless club, hopeless clique, sums aren't us, Neros are us, call them what you will and yet somehow these jokers are the masters of our financial fates!
If the thought of this brings you down - and it probably should - then we've some books old and new here at Pulp's Art to make getting out of bed each morning just that little bit easier.

In response to requests I've tracked down some rare out of print animation books including Tarzan Chronicles, Herculese Chaos of Creation, Art of Open Season, Art of Prince of Egypt, Art of the Hunchback of Notre Dame and Art of Pocahontas but these are single copies so please hurry to the store or call to reserve copies.

(These are generally second hand books so we can't always guarantee the books will be in top condition but our prices generally reflects the relative condition of the book and its rarity.)

So to the new books and you can't get any newer than electronic gaming and the far future so let's kick off the new arrivals with,

HC 192pp Color, B+W
Titan Books
Gaming, should we love it or loathe it, is it the 10th art, does it help society by letting people release harmful impulses when shooting virtual opponents, stealing  virtual cars or dictating to virtual worlds or is the cure for cancer, the greatest comic book yet to be published or perhaps a viable social model delayed while some nerd seeks a third level on some life wasting and ultimately futile quest?
Whatever, gaming is now an established part of our recreational, cultural and social scene, eclipsing main stream film in terms of revenue and rivaling porn in terms of money made and hand cramps it's induced!
Halo is among the most popular games around and this book is a testament to the creative genius behind the best examples of this new phenomena, it being a book packed full of illustrations of the characters, environments, gadgets and vehicles from the excellent British publishing house Titan Books.

HC 160pp Color, B+W
Disney Editions
One reason for the continuing success is the Disney company's ability to wed tradition to modernity and nothing makes the point quite like Epic Mickey.
Epic Mickey sees the Disney company's main man - or main mouse if you prefer - enter the realm of gaming, as he meets familiar characters from Disney's archive as well as new ones in settings from both their films and theme parks. 
This is the art book of the game, exploring the creative process and its amazing results, it's enough to make a creationist believe in evolution!

HC 120pp Color, B+W
Art of Fiction
Andy Surian's edgy energy so influences his style that you're left with the impression that some underground artist from the low brow, pop surrealist set has mistakenly been given a regular job drawing animation and comic books.
You may know his work from Image Comic's Charlatan Ball or his designs for animation shows such as Star Wars Clone Wars and Samurai Jack.
This landscape formatted book is crammed with Andy's powerful illustrations, so much so it's near to bursting!

HC 60pp Color, B+W
Art of Fiction
Butch Lukic is an award winning animation artist with 20 years experience behind him and those awards were well deserved.
Which makes this selection of over a hundred marker roughs, story boards and paintings by Butch a great way for Art of Fiction to start their series of beautifully produced sketchbooks collecting art from some of the best talents in animation.

HC 60pp Color, B+W
Art of Fiction
On first encountering Kevin Nelson's work in the Disney Art Department's collective Peck'n'Paw & The Black Mirror I thought who is this artist, where has he been and I desperately wanted to see more of his exquisitely refined line work.
Well my wait is over and I can't recommend this delightful little book too highly.

HC 60pp Color, B+W
Art of Fiction
Another great collection of unseen artwork by a professional animation artist, Lenord Robinson has worked for Disney and Warner Bros, neither of which probably ever required him to draw naked ladies so catch them here, so to speak.

SC 68pp Color
Brittney Lee
We've been selling Brittney's prints very successfully for a few months now and most buyers have asked if there was a book of her artwork available and now there is.
Confetti is a delightful collection of art from this talented artist, currently designing all kinds of cuteness for Disney's Animation studios, including some of her intricate 3-D layered paper pictures as well as her best illustrations to date.

HC 208pp Color, B+W
This fabulous retelling of the Sanskrit classic the Ramayana by Pixar artist Sanjay Patel has one of the most distinctive styles we've ever encountered and given this is a ancient tale featuring nine headed, eight armed demons and monkey kings you are in for a visual treat.
We've been doing really well with the English edition but now Ankama bring it to our home audience in their native French.

If the demons and gods of the Hindu pantheon are to your liking why not seek out the fabulous collaboration between Grant Morrison and Mukesh Singh: 18 days the epic retelling of the Mahabharata; which mixes ancient goods and heroes with futuristic technology to stunning effect.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Just ahead of skipping town for the Facts Festival in Ghent I need to let you know about these new arrivals at Pulp's Art.

Imported from Holland we have these gorgeous books featuring the full color strip art of British great Don Lawrence as he chronicles the adventures of Storm.
Each one of these 8 volumes features two story arcs of this amazing sci-fi. fantasy in English, is between 102 and 106pp in full color and measures 24 x 34 cm.
The stories contained in these volumes are not those in the excellent French language collection from Editions Toth, also on sale here. 

As well as these fabulous comic albums we've this 80pp tribute, Don Lawrence The Legacy: Storm, featuring sketches, development art and color character studies, a wonderful companion to the collected comic stories.

If you like Don's artwork don't forget we've his Wells Fargo and Pony Express western strips and another tribute to his run on Storm, Pandarve.
We also have a collection of pin-up work by this wonderful artist, Don Lawrence The Legacy 2: Women.

Also just through the door are these collections of cover art from Zenescope's saucey retelling of the Grimm boy's fairy tales.

HC 96pp Color

HC 96pp Color
The contents are the same but the edition sporting the Red Riding-hood  cover had a limited printing, both feature lots of cheeky images by top American comic and pin-up artists including J Scott Campbell, Al Rio, Talent Caldwell and others.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So this Friday instead of watching the Rugby World Cup's third place play off match, I'll be taking the low road to Ghent in Belgium for the Facts Festival 2011 this weekend on the Saturday and Sunday.

(Quite what Dutch and their Flemish cousins have against rugby is beyond me but somehow the good comic fans of Breda and Ghent have conspired to hold their festivals on the opening and final weekends of the Rugby World Cup, duh!
Next time if you must please tie it to the Olympics, Euro 2012 or some other trivial sporting event run by fat cat types with a lot of Swiss Bank Accounts for their benefit and that of their pals in the sports ware trade, OK?)

Please make it worth our while, visit our stand and buy some of our fabulous books will you?

(Quick word to our French readers, good luck in the final and hope you bring the cup back to Europe.
As for Friday's game GO WALES!)

So again it's a bit of quite week for new books here at Pulp's Art but readers this is simply the quite before the fabulous book storm which is brewing for November and December.
As it is we continue to get some nice little books through the doors and to restock the seminal works which don't stop selling, bless 'em.
SC 176pp Color, B+W,
You may have run across Haitao Su's sensational work already by way of his "Art Scrapbook" published by Brandstudio Press and if you haven't then call in and pick up both books because they're equally terrific.
Su's style is brimming with dynamism, his male characters are a clenched fist of bulging muscle and attitude and his girls are among the sexiest sirens to get you hot and bothered, while his fantasy creatures and comical caricatures are a riot of fun.
And if this weren't enough in this book he tells you how he does it!

SC 48pp Color, B+W
Toru Terada, the talented artist behind Dargaud's Le Petit Monde let's us into his sketchbook and what a treat it proves as we check out images ranging from the cute to the provocative, c'mon in the drawings are lovely!

Parental guidance:-


SC 126pp Color, B+W
La Musardine
So don't say you weren't warned moral guardians, though really Aslan's pin-ups are as charming as they are erotic and wouldn't you know it this book has some etchings in it as well as glorious full color images.
His girls while being cheekily provocative retain a certain wholesome quality which even if one can't quite puts one finger on it one wishes one could!

SC 128pp Color, B+W
Have Geoff Taylor explain to you all about depicting the characters, settings, gadgets, etc. that crop up in sci-fi games, comics and book covers by getting hold of this book.

Till next week I hope to see some of you among all those soccer fans in the government free zone which is Belgium at the enjoyable Facts Festival in Ghent and ALLEZ LES BLEUS!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Well thank heavens it's Thursday the 13th and not Friday, eh readers?

We finally bade a fond farewell to all those boxes that appeared to be taking over the store, they're now on there way to make friends across "the pond" happy.

This past Monday handsome hunk - those Welsh genes look you - and fine artist Kent Williams checked over planning permission for some new book cases and signed some books for an enthusiastic audience of fans here at Pulp's Art.

You can still catch a fabulous selection of Kent's originals at Galerie Daniel Maghen until October 22nd and a comprehensive selection of Kent's illustrated books here.
Kent was accompanied on his trip by his equally charming friend, agent and publisher Allen Spiegel.
Allen represents some of the brightest talents around including Dave McKean and Phil Hale and we look forward to a fruitful association with Allen and the artists he publishes and represents.

Courtesy of these fine gentleman we have a very limited number of this amazing poster signed by Kent of the Kurosawa classic Rashomon.

Before getting back to sweeping the floor and polishing the books I just wanted to mention again the amazing educational comic of the 1960s through to the 80s from the UK which enabled me to cast down many a would be challenger in Trivial Pursuits, Look & Learn!
We now have the Bumper Book of Look & Learn back in stock and also sets of the recently released 48 issue Best of Look & Learn; each issue is 24pp reprinting classic features by top artists and includes an episode of the Trigan Empire illustrated by Don Lawrence, fantastic stuff!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Hello readers, those of you who have called by the store recently may have wondered what the heck is going on what with boxes and books filling the far corner?

The answer is I'm preparing a mammoth order for a client in the USA, as well as having a chain of stores here in Paris the owners of Pulp's Art, Comics and Toys also run a niche distribution company which imports and exports, that's right Mr Exchequer exports French books abroad!

So please excuse the fact the store looks a little cluttered these boxes will be out of the door soon and off to help the Nation's balance of payments, vive La BD vive La France!

OK new at the store, we finally got those Mike Hoffman prints I mentioned way back. These are exceptional value and great fun, we've images depicting ferocious werebeasts,  brawny barbarians, buxom vamps and a nice selection celebrating the spirit of Halloween.

The popular sketch book series from Comix Buro sees two very welcome new editions this week with a third to follow later in the month.

SC 48pp Color, Black + White
Comix Buro
After a stint in the talent heaped Disney animation studio in Paris Pierre Alary took his magic pencils off to the world of BD where of course he's become a star.
This second collection of little seen, unpublished and development works includes a lot of homages Pierre was asked to do from fellow professional and some he just wanted to do, it's a great window into the way a professional works towards the final realization of a concept.

SC 48pp Color, Black + White
Comix Buro
Alberto Varanda draws and paints beautifully as this second collection of sketches and finished works testifies to. Wonderful fantasy images ranging from studies of Dracula to the majestic Elixirs to the saucer eyed cuteness of his "Petit Pierrot".

HC 192pp Color, Black + Whie,
I was fortunate to have a peek at the original book while it was still making its world tour when Gérald Guerlais, who along with Pixar art director Daisuke Tsutsumi is one of the two driving forces and coordinators of the project, dropped by my place of work back then.
I was excited then by the concept and those pieces already in the book; the long wait has been more than worth it as within the pages of this fabulous book are gorgeous sketches and fine finished illustrations by 71 of the world's leading illustrators from animation, comics and children's books.
The artist's were given license to illustrate pretty much whatever they wanted and then send it on to a colleague or friend, eventually the book traveled from Europe to America and on to Asia.
If it wasn't enough that this book features your favorite artists illustrating at the top of their game, proceeds from the sales go to the worthy Room to Read Association, so you do good while feeling good!

Finally don't forget Kent Williams, one of the finest figurative artists of his generation, will be signing copies of his books here at Pulp's Art from 17.30 hrs this coming Monday, October 10th.
Meanwhile, a fine selection of Kent's fabulous art is being exhibited and offered for sale at Galerie Daniel Maghen, 47 Quai des Grands Augustins, 75006 Paris, from now until October 22nd.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Hello, first item of the post is a big thank you to those of you who spurned the sun to attend the book signing of "Nos Annees Strange"here on Saturday.

Now to the new books this week, let's kick things off with the everyone else's  favorite space opera

HC 180pp Color, Black + White,
From the get go Star Wars appeared in comic form, as the  first  - third,whichever - film debuted in 1977 so did Marvel's comic adaptation featuring the art of Howard Chaykin, then not long out of shorts!
Over 30 years later and some of the greatest artists of the medium have illustrated the wonderful and not so wonderful characters from the movies, books and games, as well as concocting new ones.
This book celebrates their efforts by showcasing some of the best artwork they produced and commissioning new pieces from some of the best new talent from the English speaking comic community.

We stick with the genre of science fiction with our next announcement but shake off some of the fantasy aspect of Star Wars with our next title, an overdue homage to an artist who almost certainly influenced designers on just about every sci-fi. movie made in the past 30 years.

HC 240pp Color
Titan Books
There hasn't been an art book dedicated to Chris's work for way too long but this gorgeous volume from UK based Titan Books more than makes up for the wait.
This comprehensive books spans his career and features both his classic illustrations for science fiction's masters, as well as his film work and previously unpublished works.

SC 126pp Color
Xa is one of the principal character designers and stylists at Ankama studios, the folks behind the on line games and publishing sensation that feature the Dofus and Wakfu universes.
Vibrant colors and slick designs are the hallmark of Xa's joyous and playful artwork.

HC 504pp Color, Black + White
Unlike Walt, who apparently remains on ice - or part of him dose - until science can revive him goes the story, this celebrated homage to the man is out and about once more, bigger and better.
Walt might not have had a clue about a fair society but he had a genius for story telling and entertaining. He was obsessed with the quality of everything the Disney studios undertook from film and television to theme parks, he and his associates set the standards competitors struggled to match.
His legacy continues to inspire as Christopher Finch makes clear in this expanded edition, which now covers Pixar and concludes with the Disney studios latest animated feature to be released, the utterly splendid Tangled.