Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Hello readers, not so many of these missives from me to go but before they do let me tell you why it's still a good idea to drop in on our unique book store.

So, right there there's the fact we are unique, other book shops may carry some of the titles we do but only we carry such an extensive selection of self published art books and sketch books, as well as the best in gaming, animation and comic art and on top of that we've historical, animal, aviation, military and Western - as in the old American frontier - art.

Also, there is the chance to pick up some real bargains, not beaten up scrappy old books but good as new top titles, reduced because we were a tad too enthusiastic in our ordering, a bit like our expectations for the store, doh!

Anyway, don't think I'm sitting here crying into my beer feeling low, that's not how we do it where I'm from, so just drop in to bid me adieu and to grab a bargain before we're but a bitter sweet memory.

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