Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hello readers, so Pulp's Art will continue as it is selling the best in illustration at least until some time in September.

This means I'm still on the scene, like a sellin' machine, until that time.

Also, we'll be getting some new titles in before we bring down the curtain, so keep checking back here please and don't forget we're offering incredible bargains on excellent titles!

Well, I sincerely hope this makes some of you a bit happier,


  1. Yeah, definitely much happier, but still I'll be really sad when the curtain will fall. You really did an incredible job with this shop. It is my reference and the best shop on animation art I ever known ! Keep it up your great work !

  2. C'est un bonne nouvelle meme si je suis triste d'apprendre que le magasin va finalement fermer, c'est toujours triste de voir un magasin fermer ses portes surtout quand celui-ci fait parti de vos magasins favoris. L'accueil a toujours été exemplaire et agréable, le choix excellent. Triste.