Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hola amigos, with Pulp's Art due to end with the summer we're not bringing in all the new titles we once would have and generally those we do will be in smaller quantities but there will be exceptions and right here is one.

HC 48pp Color
AME Ediciones
If a tale of Dwarfs on a quest sounds vaguely familiar then let me assure you that when the writer artist of the tale is master draftsman and story spinner Enrique Fernandez then you will be off the beaten track, in uncharted and envigorating territory.
Brigada is a new project from the artist behind such hits as Aurore, L'ile sans Sourire, Les contes de l'ére du Cobra, Le Magician d'Oz and La Mére des Victoires but unlike these others it is self published courtesy of the funds submitted by fans and enthusiasts to finance the project.
What this means is Brigada wont appear in your local book store and will only be available in select outlets, given the print run is only 4000 books world wide.
Pulp's Art is happy to be able to offer this exclusive book by an artist we like and admire, we have both French and English versions available.

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