Saturday, July 20, 2013


Hello readers, normally I'd be at the San Diego Comic Con today buying lots of great books for the store but I'm still here in Paris because as you probably now know the store will change after the summer and eventually close down.

BUT don't be too blue because Pulp's co owner Arno is State side right now collecting the best books for the shop, so I can go out on a high, so to speak.
Yes at some point next month we'll have all the great books enthusiasts would want us to have from their favorite artists, from arguably the world's most important pop culture event.

We even have the first of the San Diego Comic Con books in the store right now, did we use the "Tardis", how is it possible?
Check it out,

SC 38pp Color Black + White
Simone Bianchi
One of Marvel's original exotic European signings, Simone has tackled all of that company's coolest characters and Wolverine. Right now he's illustrating the Intergalactic megalomaniac with a penchant for shinny hand ware, Thanos.
This neat book featuring lots of images in various states of finish is limited to just 650 copies.

(Those who like Simone's very original take on classic comic characters will be pleased to read we still have available a few of his previous SDCC exclusive sketch books.)

So come to Pulp's Art before the Legend is History!

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