Thursday, September 1, 2011


Doh, play time's over and it's back to work but don't feel blue just because obligation is back on the menu, check out our spirit lifting new arrivals; and for those of you who have enjoyed, or endured, an extensive summer break you'll enjoy checking out our summer arrivals here at the store or by reading previous posts.

HC 143pp Color, Black + White
Dark Horse
A welcome rave from the grave, as everything the incomparable Bernie Wrightson ever did for publisher Jim Warren aka Uncle Creepy and Cousin Eerie, including covers and front pieces, is interred in this great book.
Bernie remains arguably the horror fans favorite artist, he employed the techniques of the great engravers like Dore and Booth to his signature elongated characters in stories of gothic dread by masters of the genre like Lovecraft and Poe as well as those by Warren regulars Bruce Jones and Bill Dubay.

SC 128pp Color
Dover Publications
Over 100 of the Wyeth senior's illustrations made between 1905 and 1930, depicting the pioneer west, the American Civil War, and including his celebrated illustrations to accompany Robin Hood, Treasure Island, The Last of the Mohicans and other classics tales of high adventure.

SC 128pp Color, Black + White
Dover Publications
Baron Hans Henning Voight was the saucey so'n'so who lead the kinky Decadent movement under the moniker Alastair.
Alastair's opulent and oppressive style, often linked to that of Beardsley, Harry Clarke and Erté was used to great effect to illustrate stories by Oscar Wilde and Flaubert.

We have a pretty good stock of Dover's excellent publications covering illustration from the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

SC 160pp Color
Design Studio Press
Browsing through Places is a bit like strolling around the streets and buildings of the near future, such is the mastery of his craft demonstrated by Sean Hargreaves. 
Sean is a designer for the entertainment industry, his concepts have featured in The Fifth Element, Seven and many more movies requiring believable designs.
As well as providing the viewer with some environments Sean serves up some futuristic looking vehicles in which to gad about these locations.

SC 176pp Color, Black + White
Design Studio Press
Vroooooom, this book subtitled "The Complete Guide to Future Racing", assumes oil reserves are going to support this pointless exercise in wasting the stuff for some time longer, yet let's face it people are so feckless that it's probably making the right assumption.
Anyway, enough of my green concerns, those of you already familiar with Design Studio Press's previous books about futuristic cars such as Drive, Cosmic Motors and Start Your Engines - all of them available here - know to expect a whole heap of glistening, gleaming techno porn which will have you happy to grow old fast just so you can see this stuff for real!
As well as the racing cars of the future the book casts an eye over the likely drivers and courses.

SC 160pp Color, Black + White
Design Studio Press
Designers for the entertainment industry, Christian and Patrick obviously have creative juices to spare because they decided to create from scratch this sci-fi project about a far flung world hospitable to human habitation, with huge oil reserves and so colonized.
Technology moves on and the oil from this once thriving colony is no longer needed and so the colony becomes a backwater, reduced but not abandoned.
There's a wealth of ideas here lending themselves to rich visual research into what this world would have looked like in its prime and now in decline.
This is the first book in a proposed series by the designer duo exploring the world of Kolonie The Forgotten Empire.

At the end of next week we'll be heading to the flat land of Holland for the Breda show on September 10 and 11th, which in the soccer nuts Netherlands just happens to clash with the opening games of the Rugby World Cup, duh!
Oh well, if you're going then we'll see you there with an awesome assortment of illustrated books.

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