Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This week's US delivery is pretty much all restocks but the one brand new title is a significant one because it's:-

HC 246pp Color
Chronicle Books
James Jean's first two art books, Process Recess 1 and 2, were sell outs in the best sense of the term, the out of print copies commanding huge sums on Ebay for the few willing to part with their copies.
Following a hugely popular stint as cover artist for DC Vertigo's Fables, and yes there's a gorgeous collection of these illustrations available here, he's now even more sought after.
If you were one of those who purchased one of those out of print copies of the Process Recess books on Ebay you may want to look away because Rebus is the best of Jame's major work from the last 10 years collected into one beautiful book and I do mean beautiful.
OK if you were one of those Ebay purchasers who kept reading why not call in and buy two copies, one for you and another because this gorgeous book is destined to be a collectors item, ah sweet consolation. 

We are now carrying a bunch of books from Heavy Metal publishing, among which  are some very cheeky books by Booty maestro Serpieri, a great collection of Barbarian illustrations from Arthur Suydam, some antiquated motor transport interspersed with lots of lovely nude cuties courtesy of Denis Sire and some steamy sketchbooks from Spaniards Azpiri and Royo.

Finally last week the Gallery 9em Art debuted a new exhibition and sale of original art from Frank Cho, Brandon Peterson and Adam Hughes in northern Paris.
Comic art doesn't come much better then when it's drawn by these three talented illustrators so we recommend you catch this opportunity to see it in the flesh, then if your pockets don't run to purchasing original art why not call back at Pulp's Art where we have a nice selection of books from each of the artists.

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