Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Welcome back to our blog updating you on what's new at Pulp's Art, there's not a lot of new titles this week but what we might lack in quantity we make up for in quality.

SC 146pp Color
Funkolor Studios
Taiwanese artist Jo Chen is enjoying huge success as a cover artist for various US comic publishers, including Dark Horse for whom she painted a number of gorgeous Buffy The Vampire Slayer images.
This book includes many of her most popular pieces from Buffy, Marvel's Runaways and Thor Son of Asgard, as well as pieces for other publishers and personnel work.
Our supply of this rare Chinese printing are very limited so come early to avoid disappointment!

HC 160pp Color, Black + White
Impact Books
If you like dragons then stop right here as this book might just be to your liking. inside Dragonworld 49 creators discuss the inspiration they derive from this mythical creature and the characteristics they want to convey in their work,
and so one finds whimsical, cruel, timid and fierce dragons galore in this enjoyable collection.

HC 256pp Color, Black + White,
The news cycle, pandering as it does to a public unable to maintain its interest once the spectacular and sensational has subsided, hasn't had a lot to say about how the people of northern Japan are coping now months after the cataclysmic earthquake and tsunami wrought havoc and destruction to its shores.
Anyone who viewed the images of the aftermath will be in no doubt that a massive effort is required to bring something remotely like a recovery to the devastated areas.
This art book is a means of assisting the recovery, both materially and emotionally, for in it artist from around the world depict their tribute or response to the event and its survivors and from its sale the publisher will donate a % to the relief fund.
The images range from the heart breaking to the heroic and your support of this title will be uplifting in every way.

Surrounded in this district by excellent BD stores we carry a very small selection of BDs for the occasional buyer, one more concerned with art then the narrative or for the foreign tourist overwhelmed by the sheer number of Franco-Belgian comic books in the dedicated stores.
Anyway to the few BDs we carry we couldn't resist adding these beauties:-

HC 74pp Color
Anthropomorphic antics in a fantasy setting as our canine heroes battle ursine and lupine villains.
Pau illustrates this lively tale in a lush style reminiscent of classic animation from its golden age in the 40s.
If you liked Bone by Jeff Smith then you'll like Atlas & Axis.

HC 74pp Color
Bengal's style is elegant and uncluttered, there's nothing superfluous in this fantasy story about angels and demons, even the color pallet is reduced.
One might not think the market here needs yet another fantasy graphic novel but the sophistication of Bengal's illustrations make for a welcome addition to the genre.
The book ends with a selection of pin-ups by other top artist.

We're off to Strip Festival Breda this weekend, yeah we should be at home watching the Rugby World Cup but duty calls and Holland needs art books!
Anyway, any Dutch or Belgian readers we hope to see you there.
Also attending will be John Fleskes of Flesk Publishing and he'll have the amazingly talented artists Craig Elliott, Gary Gianni, Mark Schultz and William Stout with him!

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