Wednesday, September 14, 2011


OK, let me get straight into introducing these great new books,

SC 16pp Color, Black + White
Flesk Publications
This item was first released at the San Diego Comic Con, it's a teaser for the forthcoming book from Flesk Publications Naughty & Nice: The Good Girl Art of Bruce Timm, about which more in a moment.
Frankly we're lucky to have these copies as this teaser is a unique booklet, limited to just 1000 copies and signed by the artist, it features artwork which wont appear in the final book, it's purpose is to entertain and prime the audience for the main event later this year.

Eventually two editions of Naughty & Nice will be made available, a regular soft cover of 304 pages and a deluxe slip cased hard cover.
The publisher John Fleskes is debating the final version of the limited deluxe slip cased edition with  his art director, printer and of course Mr Timm but it is certain to be mighty fine and much sought after by collectors and as such we suggest you ask us to reserve you a copy.

I'm sure Bruce Timm doesn't need an introduction but just in case he's the stylist and driving force behind many of Warner Bros Animation Studio's better shows, from Batman to Green Lantern Corp and the artist of several comic books including Batman: Mad Love.

Another item John published for the convention circuit, specifically the Breda Comic Strip Festival of 2010 is

SC 16pp Color
Flesk Publications
Again a big thank you to John for allowing Pulp's Art to get some of this limited edition sketchbook from the modern master Mark Schultz.
While doomsday cults calculate if the world will end before Mark completes the illustrations he wants to accompany his novella Storms At Sea, a lucky few of us can enjoy these sketches most completed in blue line, which are a combination of studies from Mark's sketchbook and preliminary sketches for Storms At Sea.

SC 16pp Black + White
Flesk Publications
Like his collaborator on Prince Valiant, Mark Schultz, Gary Gianni is a traditional illustrator happy to have his style of illustration compared to the greats of a bygone age such as Clement Coll and Booth.
Gary's subjects are also traditional, Prince Valiant and characters from the stories of HG Wells, Melville and Lovecraft but that's not to say he isn't brimming with imagination and original ideas; as this sketchbook sampling makes clear, an example being his octopus headed pirates committed to paper long before a certain film franchise featuring Pirates did something similar.

You may like to know we have limited quantities yet reasonably priced copies of Gary's sketchbooks produced to accompany the Wandering Star editions of Robert E Howard's stirring adventure yarns, Bran Mak Morn, Solomon Kane and of course Conan.

HC 64pp Color, Balck + White
Flesk Publications
Get an insight into the workings of five inspired artists and their politely passionate publisher.
John Fleskes has created this introduction to the personalities and works of the five artists he is most heavily involved with currently and his attitudes to publishing illustration art.
Craig Elliott, Gary Gianni, Petar Meseldzija, Mark Schultz and William Stout have selected some of their favorite works to please their fans and impress the uninitiated.

4 x HC in Slipcase
Excellent value for money and a great way to start your fitness regime is this hefty package containing all four art books for the four Marvel movies setting the stage for next summer's uber block buster Avengers!
This package contains the long out of print Art of Iron Man as well as Art of Iron Man II, Thor and Captain America, for good measure there's also a limited edition Avengers Poster, Avengers Fans Assemble! 

HC 176pp, Color, Black + White
Voyageur Press
Is your nerve strong enough to allow you to enter the Alien Vault? 30 years ago audiences screamed and swooned as the crew of the Nostromo got on the wrong side of a creature neither bright nor beautiful.
Alien Vault is a treasure trove of Alien trivia and artifacts from and for the original film, including art by Giger, Moebius and Ron Cobb, rare photos of the actors and crew and it's just in time for the prequel!

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