Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Hello readers, Pulp's Art will be open tomorrow between 13Hr30 and 19Hr30, so if you start getting either of cabin or hay fever then you know where to come for a cure.

It's nostalgia time here at Pulp's Art, as Adnan takes over from me while I take a short break for a few days; and also on account of this week's big new title from the US of A is Michael Golden's Artist Edition Portfolio.
This is the full 22 page story by Michael and Larry Hamma from the G.I. Joe Year Book # 2, in which the GIJ team are in Afghanistan looking to retrieve some high tech which Cobra and the Soviet Oktober Guard are scrapping over.
Each page of the folio is double sided, you have the text free side with Mike's dynamic art in all it's glory, while on the reverse you have the page complete with Larry's story.

And that's it, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow or when I get back, bye for now.

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