Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Hello readers, if you aren't out of the city on vacation you should consider visiting one of the many excellent galleries here in Paris.

OK tourists flock to the city's exceptional selection of world class museums housing some of the world's great masterpieces, from an array of cultures and time lines but as well as these and the galleries selling top dollar art in the "Latin Quarter " there are several galleries dedicted to our sort of stuff.

Galleries here in Paris dedicated to the sale and exhibition of BD/Comic art include Galerie Petits Papiers and Galerie du 9em Art, while two of our favorites are a stones throw from our store, the Arludik on Ile de La Citié and Galerie Daniel Maghen at Quai  des Grands Augustins.

At the Arludik they mix up aniamtion, comic and game art with shows regularly changing every few weeks, currently they are displaying the enticing sounding show, "Girls Drawing Girls",

While at Galerie Daniel Maghen they have long had the reputation of being the address for fans of BD, recently they have branched out and are putting animation and illustration into their mix. Currently they are having a show with the Tasmanian Titan, Ashley Wood.

Ashley's incredible art doesn't come cheap so if your budget doesn't run to a piece, call by our shop and find consolation with one of the many books of Ashley's art we stock but do go and see this amazing collection of his art and prepare to be shocked and awed!

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