Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hello readers so Easter has thrown a wee spanner in the works and the deliveries are backed up but this aaffords me the opportunity to bring you all some news.

Fans of those Artists Editions from IDW will be relieved to know that Will Eisner's Spirit will finally be arriving next week.

Citizens of Barcelona not only can you enjoy having a fabulous city and great football team - if that's your sporting thing - but at Ficomic, beginning next week on the 11th, you can find us and a selection of our books. It's a new team this year, Sam, Margot and I are rested so that Arno and Claude can wow you with their sales technique and stand side manner at stand # 32/33.

And thinking of crossing the Pyrenees let me hail the brilliance of a young Spanish artist working over here, if you aren't familiar yet with the ability of Adrian Fernandez Delgado then pop into Pulp's Art and demand to see Tangomango his latest book for Ankama, or Remington Tome 1 the previous book he illustrated for them.
Catalonia and Spain as a whole has yielded some amazing talent to follow in the considerable foot steps of Jordi Bernet, Juanjo Guarnido, Enrique Fernandez, Roger, Robledo & Toledano and Jordi Lafebre are all amazing artists in the field of BD, while Carlos Pacheco, Pascal Ferry, Salvador Larroca and Daniel Acuna are flying the flag over in the USof A.
Spain we salute your BD/Comic artists, while noting your politicians and financiers are as useless as ours!

OK stay tuned to this blog spot for updates on new stuff coming in this week!

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