Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Hello readers, a reminder that Pulp's will be in Barcelona for the Ficomic festival from Thursday onwards, check us out at stand #32/33.

Also, we have our new co editions with Trinquétte and The Labyrinth in the house, even those books we aren't able to sell straight away are here for your viewing pleasure. Please stay tuned  as we hope to announce a signing here with two of the artists in the new line up for the near future.

" Game of Thrones/Trone de Fer" is back on your TVs and if you're a fan why we have lots of books relating to the fantasy creation of George R.R. Martin which might be to your taste.

So to the new books this week and they're all celebrating art from back in the day, including this eagerly anticipated title

HC 144pp Black + White
IDW's Artist's Edition series allows the enthusiasts the opportunity to see major works by the mediums top creators as they were originally drawn and presented to the publisher. The latest features the art of the revered Will Eisner, it was produced with the participation of the Eisner Estate and features complete stories from the Post War period, generally acknowledged as some of Will's best work on his iconic creation "The Spirit".
Black and white doesn't really do justice to the reproduction of the art, black, white and sepia might be closer to the real reproductions because the art is actually scanned in color despite in not being colored, to ensure all the details are presented authentically.

More classic American comic strip art from an undisputed master in,

HC 240pp Black + White
Fantagraphics continue their reprinting of classic EC comics in collections based on the work of a particular artist or writer with a welcome compilation of Al Williamson's works for the company's " New Trend" line. Al's work from Weird Science and Weird Fantasy made a big impression on the young George Lucas who Incorporated Al's aesthetic into his Star Wars films.
Along with other stories, this collection  features three adaptations of Ray Bradbury short stories and some stories Al worked on with his fellow "Fleagle Gang" members, Frank Frazetta and Roy Krenkel.

Finally, it's the latest volume in the popular series reprinting the long out of print instructional books by a master draftsman,

HC 120pp Black + WHite
Titan Books
Though this is the fifth book in Titan's run of reprinting the classic books of Andrew Loomis, it was in fact the first book he had published back in 1939.
In it Mr Loomis uses his alter ego, "Professor Blook" to guide one into how to create funny and serious images from scratch but to a very high standard using his tried and tested formulas.

Hope to see you here soon and do enjoy your week.

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