Thursday, April 25, 2013


Hi readers, hopefully you read my recent postings about our dedicase here May 3 & 4 with Swiss sensations Johan Walder and JP Kalonji and also about Joe Weatherly's master class course over here in Paris!

Good, so let's look at what's new this week and we'll kick off with a blood soaked tale of samurai and demons,

SC 120pp Black + White
Dark Horse
JP Kaloni, yes him, follows up his successful "365 Samurai and a Few Bowls of Rice" with another story featuring his nose less hero Ningen.
JP's work gets better and better and frankly this book needed to be sized up to do it full justice but this is still a visual treat and a real rush for those who like Samurai and Ninja action flavoured with a dash of the supernatural.

(Like the Belgian artist Michetz of Kogarutsu, JP really knows his Japanese culture and has martial arts moves straight from the dojo.)

We stick with the Japanese theme but throw out any measure of authenticity in favor of the fantastic,

SC 256pp Color Black + White
Udon Entertainment
With its mix of sorcery and action Atelier became immensely popular with Japanese gamers, this book looks at artwork for all three incarnations of the fantasy game, Rorono, Totori and Meruru.
Along with lots of pin-ups, promotional and development art there is an extensive selection of Mel Kishida's character studies along with character profiles, it's the ultimate fan book.

We keep it cute but cross the continents to arrive back here in Paris for,

HC 160pp Color
Vents d'Ouest
A story about fidelity and infidelity follows two friends, the sensible Calista and her impulsive and imprudent friend Anna.
A story written by Jim and drawn by Grelin of men and women looking for the elusive something and getting distracted by more basic stuff, much of it set in the bedroom!
Despite having a very spare style, like his brother Bengal, Grelin is still able to convey a lot of emotion with just a few strokes of the pen, expect to care about these characters, or at least some of them.

We've had the VF for a while but we now have the VO or English edition of Mark Ryden's Gay 90s,

we also got a welcome restock of, Petar Meseldzija's impressive sketch book,
Source of Imagination:

Finally the charming Arthur Fong dropped by and very kindly signed all our copies of, 

that's Arthur's work gracing the cover of "Art of the Croods"; the film has done so well Dreamworks will want Arthur and the other talented artist to go back to the stone age for a Croods 2 or is that Too Crood?

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