Friday, March 29, 2013


Hello readers,the long wait will be over very soon and our second experience of publishing books will be ready for your approval here at Pulp's Art.

So, the format is again hard cover and 48pp, just like a classic BD, the contents fabulous illustrations from established and emerging talents, check them out below!

Coquetterie: Alizon Ludwig

There was a change of cover and title on this last one, Nick!

N.B. Not all these titles will be on sale straightaway, we have to honour the on sale date for certain titles offered through a general distributor but you can see them all here at the store before the on sale date!

So, what do you think, did we do good? For our part we're pretty pleased with this batch and for this second wave we've changed the printer and the quality of the books is a step up.
Also, this new batch includes more titles where Pulp's has served as the broker, previously we'd brought Jason Felix and Felix Meynet to the party, this time we were the point of contact for our friend Didier Crisse, his friend Evana Kisa, and our Swiss buddies JP Kalonji and JM Walder.
We know the artists are happy with the results, so that's half the battle won but now we have to hope you consumers like them.

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