Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Hello readers, so this week's US delivery yielded some welcome restocks but just the one new title!
So the welcome restocks included a new printing of the gorgeous Art of the Rise of the Guardians, Art of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and Scott Campbell's charming Amazing Everything.
The sole new title is also very welcome as we're big fans of,

SC 80pp Color Black + White
Illustration  Magazine
As is some times the case with the talents featured in this excellent magazine this issue offers up the sharply contrasting styles of Edward Austin Abbey, a highly respected artist from the Golden Age and the thoroughly "Pulp" art of Bruce Minney.
Abbey counted Singer Sargent and Alma Tadema among his peers, it is frankly baffling the relative obscurity of this artist today given the reputation and standing of certain others artists from this era with half of Abbey's talent.
Abbey's illustrations of Shakespearian and historical themes are superbly realised having been thoroughly researched.
Minney is best remembered for the many lurid images of men and women in dire peril he painted for the plethora of manly men's magazines filling the upper racks of new stands in the 1960s.

Happily Flesk Publications will be releasing a book of Abbey's black and white work later this year, while we have all the issues of Illustration in print available at Pulp's Art.

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