Wednesday, March 6, 2013


So those new Trinquétte books I've been writing about are due to land some time next week, then there's unloading and clearing Customs but we hope to have them before the end of March.

Here's what arrived this week and finally we received the long awaited,

HC 134pp Color Black + White
Vanguard Productions
I'm sure most of you know the work of the inspirational and influential Frank Frazetta, well here's a look at the development work behind many of his master pieces and also development, experimental and personal work previously unseen by the general public.
Those of you who enjoyed the Fenner's excellent Frazetta Rough Work are sure to like this larger collection from Frank's sketch books.

Again with the sketchbooks and again from a highly regarded artist,

SC 72pp Color Black + White
A generous helping of Glen's art, featuring lots of fan favorite characters from the US and UK comic scenes and plenty of the ever popular zombies.
Glen has a large following given his work on "Slaine" and "Judge Dredd" in the UK and his run as DC Vertigo's exclusive cover artist for the phenomenally successful "Preacher" series and they wont be disappointed by this his first sketch book.

Now an artbook featuring plenty of finished work as well as sketches and a dash of deja vous,

SC 400pp Color Black + White
Image Comics
A personality and talent as large as Todd's was always going to require a big book and WHAM here it is.
Todd's detailed and dynamic art struck a chord with comic book fans from the get go, he enjoyed great success at both DC and then Marvel before breaking with the majors to make a stand for creator rights by co founding Image Comics and creating Spawn.
From Image he expanded beyond comics, into animation, films, music videos, games and collectibles and what ever one may think of the results his passion and commitment can't be denied. 
Todd's not the shy or retiring type but it's worth reading his comments about his approach to work and his craft as well as enjoying the eye candy in this book, beacuse his succes wasn't preordained.
Todd has worked hard for his success, he respacts and appreciates his fans and his colleagues, so here's to Todd a genuine game changer.

OK on Friday March 22 Pulp's Comics, courtesy of Urban Comics, will be hosting the amazing talents of Fiona Staples, Pia Guera and Brian K Vaughn, the creators behind the fantasy "Saga" and the speculative story "Y The last Man".
Keep checking this blog and that of Pulp's Comics for exact details, meanwhile you might like to know we have copies of the just released sketch book from Fiona, " Fiona Staples Digest # 1", 36pp of color and black and white images.

See you here soon I hope, till next week stay safe and be lucky.

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