Thursday, October 6, 2011


Hello readers, those of you who have called by the store recently may have wondered what the heck is going on what with boxes and books filling the far corner?

The answer is I'm preparing a mammoth order for a client in the USA, as well as having a chain of stores here in Paris the owners of Pulp's Art, Comics and Toys also run a niche distribution company which imports and exports, that's right Mr Exchequer exports French books abroad!

So please excuse the fact the store looks a little cluttered these boxes will be out of the door soon and off to help the Nation's balance of payments, vive La BD vive La France!

OK new at the store, we finally got those Mike Hoffman prints I mentioned way back. These are exceptional value and great fun, we've images depicting ferocious werebeasts,  brawny barbarians, buxom vamps and a nice selection celebrating the spirit of Halloween.

The popular sketch book series from Comix Buro sees two very welcome new editions this week with a third to follow later in the month.

SC 48pp Color, Black + White
Comix Buro
After a stint in the talent heaped Disney animation studio in Paris Pierre Alary took his magic pencils off to the world of BD where of course he's become a star.
This second collection of little seen, unpublished and development works includes a lot of homages Pierre was asked to do from fellow professional and some he just wanted to do, it's a great window into the way a professional works towards the final realization of a concept.

SC 48pp Color, Black + White
Comix Buro
Alberto Varanda draws and paints beautifully as this second collection of sketches and finished works testifies to. Wonderful fantasy images ranging from studies of Dracula to the majestic Elixirs to the saucer eyed cuteness of his "Petit Pierrot".

HC 192pp Color, Black + Whie,
I was fortunate to have a peek at the original book while it was still making its world tour when Gérald Guerlais, who along with Pixar art director Daisuke Tsutsumi is one of the two driving forces and coordinators of the project, dropped by my place of work back then.
I was excited then by the concept and those pieces already in the book; the long wait has been more than worth it as within the pages of this fabulous book are gorgeous sketches and fine finished illustrations by 71 of the world's leading illustrators from animation, comics and children's books.
The artist's were given license to illustrate pretty much whatever they wanted and then send it on to a colleague or friend, eventually the book traveled from Europe to America and on to Asia.
If it wasn't enough that this book features your favorite artists illustrating at the top of their game, proceeds from the sales go to the worthy Room to Read Association, so you do good while feeling good!

Finally don't forget Kent Williams, one of the finest figurative artists of his generation, will be signing copies of his books here at Pulp's Art from 17.30 hrs this coming Monday, October 10th.
Meanwhile, a fine selection of Kent's fabulous art is being exhibited and offered for sale at Galerie Daniel Maghen, 47 Quai des Grands Augustins, 75006 Paris, from now until October 22nd.

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