Thursday, October 13, 2011


Well thank heavens it's Thursday the 13th and not Friday, eh readers?

We finally bade a fond farewell to all those boxes that appeared to be taking over the store, they're now on there way to make friends across "the pond" happy.

This past Monday handsome hunk - those Welsh genes look you - and fine artist Kent Williams checked over planning permission for some new book cases and signed some books for an enthusiastic audience of fans here at Pulp's Art.

You can still catch a fabulous selection of Kent's originals at Galerie Daniel Maghen until October 22nd and a comprehensive selection of Kent's illustrated books here.
Kent was accompanied on his trip by his equally charming friend, agent and publisher Allen Spiegel.
Allen represents some of the brightest talents around including Dave McKean and Phil Hale and we look forward to a fruitful association with Allen and the artists he publishes and represents.

Courtesy of these fine gentleman we have a very limited number of this amazing poster signed by Kent of the Kurosawa classic Rashomon.

Before getting back to sweeping the floor and polishing the books I just wanted to mention again the amazing educational comic of the 1960s through to the 80s from the UK which enabled me to cast down many a would be challenger in Trivial Pursuits, Look & Learn!
We now have the Bumper Book of Look & Learn back in stock and also sets of the recently released 48 issue Best of Look & Learn; each issue is 24pp reprinting classic features by top artists and includes an episode of the Trigan Empire illustrated by Don Lawrence, fantastic stuff!

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