Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So another week another half hearted attempt to rescue the € by the clueless club, hopeless clique, sums aren't us, Neros are us, call them what you will and yet somehow these jokers are the masters of our financial fates!
If the thought of this brings you down - and it probably should - then we've some books old and new here at Pulp's Art to make getting out of bed each morning just that little bit easier.

In response to requests I've tracked down some rare out of print animation books including Tarzan Chronicles, Herculese Chaos of Creation, Art of Open Season, Art of Prince of Egypt, Art of the Hunchback of Notre Dame and Art of Pocahontas but these are single copies so please hurry to the store or call to reserve copies.

(These are generally second hand books so we can't always guarantee the books will be in top condition but our prices generally reflects the relative condition of the book and its rarity.)

So to the new books and you can't get any newer than electronic gaming and the far future so let's kick off the new arrivals with,

HC 192pp Color, B+W
Titan Books
Gaming, should we love it or loathe it, is it the 10th art, does it help society by letting people release harmful impulses when shooting virtual opponents, stealing  virtual cars or dictating to virtual worlds or is the cure for cancer, the greatest comic book yet to be published or perhaps a viable social model delayed while some nerd seeks a third level on some life wasting and ultimately futile quest?
Whatever, gaming is now an established part of our recreational, cultural and social scene, eclipsing main stream film in terms of revenue and rivaling porn in terms of money made and hand cramps it's induced!
Halo is among the most popular games around and this book is a testament to the creative genius behind the best examples of this new phenomena, it being a book packed full of illustrations of the characters, environments, gadgets and vehicles from the excellent British publishing house Titan Books.

HC 160pp Color, B+W
Disney Editions
One reason for the continuing success is the Disney company's ability to wed tradition to modernity and nothing makes the point quite like Epic Mickey.
Epic Mickey sees the Disney company's main man - or main mouse if you prefer - enter the realm of gaming, as he meets familiar characters from Disney's archive as well as new ones in settings from both their films and theme parks. 
This is the art book of the game, exploring the creative process and its amazing results, it's enough to make a creationist believe in evolution!

HC 120pp Color, B+W
Art of Fiction
Andy Surian's edgy energy so influences his style that you're left with the impression that some underground artist from the low brow, pop surrealist set has mistakenly been given a regular job drawing animation and comic books.
You may know his work from Image Comic's Charlatan Ball or his designs for animation shows such as Star Wars Clone Wars and Samurai Jack.
This landscape formatted book is crammed with Andy's powerful illustrations, so much so it's near to bursting!

HC 60pp Color, B+W
Art of Fiction
Butch Lukic is an award winning animation artist with 20 years experience behind him and those awards were well deserved.
Which makes this selection of over a hundred marker roughs, story boards and paintings by Butch a great way for Art of Fiction to start their series of beautifully produced sketchbooks collecting art from some of the best talents in animation.

HC 60pp Color, B+W
Art of Fiction
On first encountering Kevin Nelson's work in the Disney Art Department's collective Peck'n'Paw & The Black Mirror I thought who is this artist, where has he been and I desperately wanted to see more of his exquisitely refined line work.
Well my wait is over and I can't recommend this delightful little book too highly.

HC 60pp Color, B+W
Art of Fiction
Another great collection of unseen artwork by a professional animation artist, Lenord Robinson has worked for Disney and Warner Bros, neither of which probably ever required him to draw naked ladies so catch them here, so to speak.

SC 68pp Color
Brittney Lee
We've been selling Brittney's prints very successfully for a few months now and most buyers have asked if there was a book of her artwork available and now there is.
Confetti is a delightful collection of art from this talented artist, currently designing all kinds of cuteness for Disney's Animation studios, including some of her intricate 3-D layered paper pictures as well as her best illustrations to date.

HC 208pp Color, B+W
This fabulous retelling of the Sanskrit classic the Ramayana by Pixar artist Sanjay Patel has one of the most distinctive styles we've ever encountered and given this is a ancient tale featuring nine headed, eight armed demons and monkey kings you are in for a visual treat.
We've been doing really well with the English edition but now Ankama bring it to our home audience in their native French.

If the demons and gods of the Hindu pantheon are to your liking why not seek out the fabulous collaboration between Grant Morrison and Mukesh Singh: 18 days the epic retelling of the Mahabharata; which mixes ancient goods and heroes with futuristic technology to stunning effect.

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