Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Hello, first item of the post is a big thank you to those of you who spurned the sun to attend the book signing of "Nos Annees Strange"here on Saturday.

Now to the new books this week, let's kick things off with the everyone else's  favorite space opera

HC 180pp Color, Black + White,
From the get go Star Wars appeared in comic form, as the  first  - third,whichever - film debuted in 1977 so did Marvel's comic adaptation featuring the art of Howard Chaykin, then not long out of shorts!
Over 30 years later and some of the greatest artists of the medium have illustrated the wonderful and not so wonderful characters from the movies, books and games, as well as concocting new ones.
This book celebrates their efforts by showcasing some of the best artwork they produced and commissioning new pieces from some of the best new talent from the English speaking comic community.

We stick with the genre of science fiction with our next announcement but shake off some of the fantasy aspect of Star Wars with our next title, an overdue homage to an artist who almost certainly influenced designers on just about every sci-fi. movie made in the past 30 years.

HC 240pp Color
Titan Books
There hasn't been an art book dedicated to Chris's work for way too long but this gorgeous volume from UK based Titan Books more than makes up for the wait.
This comprehensive books spans his career and features both his classic illustrations for science fiction's masters, as well as his film work and previously unpublished works.

SC 126pp Color
Xa is one of the principal character designers and stylists at Ankama studios, the folks behind the on line games and publishing sensation that feature the Dofus and Wakfu universes.
Vibrant colors and slick designs are the hallmark of Xa's joyous and playful artwork.

HC 504pp Color, Black + White
Unlike Walt, who apparently remains on ice - or part of him dose - until science can revive him goes the story, this celebrated homage to the man is out and about once more, bigger and better.
Walt might not have had a clue about a fair society but he had a genius for story telling and entertaining. He was obsessed with the quality of everything the Disney studios undertook from film and television to theme parks, he and his associates set the standards competitors struggled to match.
His legacy continues to inspire as Christopher Finch makes clear in this expanded edition, which now covers Pixar and concludes with the Disney studios latest animated feature to be released, the utterly splendid Tangled. 

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