Friday, March 29, 2013


Hello readers,the long wait will be over very soon and our second experience of publishing books will be ready for your approval here at Pulp's Art.

So, the format is again hard cover and 48pp, just like a classic BD, the contents fabulous illustrations from established and emerging talents, check them out below!

Coquetterie: Alizon Ludwig

There was a change of cover and title on this last one, Nick!

N.B. Not all these titles will be on sale straightaway, we have to honour the on sale date for certain titles offered through a general distributor but you can see them all here at the store before the on sale date!

So, what do you think, did we do good? For our part we're pretty pleased with this batch and for this second wave we've changed the printer and the quality of the books is a step up.
Also, this new batch includes more titles where Pulp's has served as the broker, previously we'd brought Jason Felix and Felix Meynet to the party, this time we were the point of contact for our friend Didier Crisse, his friend Evana Kisa, and our Swiss buddies JP Kalonji and JM Walder.
We know the artists are happy with the results, so that's half the battle won but now we have to hope you consumers like them.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hello readers if you're feeling like Spring hasn't yet sprung perhaps we can brighten your mood with some stunning eye candy.

If, I were to write that our first book is full of women with doll like beauty and proportions, who hang around butchers' shops and that the butcher is often an Abe Lincoln doppelganger then you might think I need to lie down or you'd know that I'm writing about,

HC 145pp Color Black + White
Huginn & Muninn
The French edition of the Rizzoli book due for release soon is a nice overview of the particular obsessions of Mark Ryden, an artist effortlessly able to combine the cute and the creepy.
Mark enjoys one of the highest profiles of the many practitioners of Pop Surrealism, his work is cluttered with symbolism and flotsam beautifully rendered and is nicely described here by the New York Times' critic, "Ryden’s pictures hint at the psychic stuff that pulsates beneath the sentimental, nostalgic and naive surface of modern kitsch."

Mark's stuff is full of references to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the era inspiring the Steam Punk movement; in our next new arrival this epoch serves the purpose of  21st century cutting edge technology, in:

HC 184pp Color Black + White
Dark Horse
In gaming circles the latest installment of the Bioshock franchise is garnering plenty of the top awards and praise awash in superlatives!
So what you need to know is that in this new art book, from the publisher behind the excellent Mass Effect art book, you get plenty of development art, covering all the principal characters, setting and gadgets galore from this thrilling and enthralling caper set in the realm of Steam Punk. 

We'll be sticking with Game Art for what remains of this post, but hoping across the Pacific now,

SC 320pp Color
Udon Entertainment
She's in demand from all the top Gaming companies in Japan for who she has provided art, Square Enix, Sega, etc., they love her colorful images of lovely ladies, the fine details of her costumes and the exquisite exoticness of her settings.
Find out just why this young miss is a rising star of Japan's artistic community with this frankly titanic tome of stunning art.

SC 208pp Color
Udon Entertainment
Takehito Harada is the amazing designer behind the characters in these top games,  Disgaea 1 - 4, Prinny 1 & 2, Makai Kingdom, and Phantom Brave.
This book might be as slim as one of his cuties but it is still filled with lots of his work in various stages of completion and he discusses his creative process, so buyers wont be disappointed!

Finally to a game the theme of which brings together the previous generation of under achievers with today's slackers, behold dudes the total awesomeness of, 

HC 252pp Color Black + White
Udon Entertainment
Brutal Legend is a peddle to the metal, wild ride of a game which has the world's best roadie, Eddie Riggs, travel to the dimension of Metal to save it and us from Liberace.. er no wait from the diabolical Doviculus.
A fitting tribute to the screeching rock gods of yore and their head bangin' fans, this book has over 600 pieces of grungy development art for the game and a whole heap of it is by - can't help but be funny - Scott Campbell, yay!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Hello readers, so this week's US delivery yielded some welcome restocks but just the one new title!
So the welcome restocks included a new printing of the gorgeous Art of the Rise of the Guardians, Art of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and Scott Campbell's charming Amazing Everything.
The sole new title is also very welcome as we're big fans of,

SC 80pp Color Black + White
Illustration  Magazine
As is some times the case with the talents featured in this excellent magazine this issue offers up the sharply contrasting styles of Edward Austin Abbey, a highly respected artist from the Golden Age and the thoroughly "Pulp" art of Bruce Minney.
Abbey counted Singer Sargent and Alma Tadema among his peers, it is frankly baffling the relative obscurity of this artist today given the reputation and standing of certain others artists from this era with half of Abbey's talent.
Abbey's illustrations of Shakespearian and historical themes are superbly realised having been thoroughly researched.
Minney is best remembered for the many lurid images of men and women in dire peril he painted for the plethora of manly men's magazines filling the upper racks of new stands in the 1960s.

Happily Flesk Publications will be releasing a book of Abbey's black and white work later this year, while we have all the issues of Illustration in print available at Pulp's Art.

Friday, March 15, 2013


Hello readers, next week our brothers and sisters at Pulp's Comics will be hosting, the talented trio of Fiona Staples, Brian K Vaughn and Pia Guerra for a signing courtesy of their French publisher Urban Comics.

As French readesr will have noted from the previous post, the fun wil run from 16.00 - 19.00hrs, meanwhile fans of Miss Staples art can call in here for her very first sketch book, 40pp of striking images.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Détails Dédicace Vendredi 22 mars

Vendredi 22 approche très vite et voici donc plus d'informations concernant la venue de Brian K. Vaughan, Pia Guerra et Fiona Staples.
Vous le savez si vous êtes déjà venus à l'une de nos dédicaces, nous n'aimons pas vraiment le principe du "premiers arrivés, premiers servis" et préférons pour les dessins des artistes organiser un tirage au sort afin de donner sa chance au plus grand nombre. Et si l'achat d'un des livres de l'artiste est obligatoire, c'est à la fois pour participer à la promotion de l'artiste en question et aussi pour financer leur venue (parce que vous vous doutez bien que 3 artistes venant des États-Unis, même si ce n'est pas juste pour nous, c'est pas donné quand même).

Les 3 auteurs seront présents de 16H00 à 19H00 au 9 rue dante et voici les détails pour chacun:

Brian K. Vaughan dédicacera de 16H00 à 19H00 5 exemplaires maximum par personne. Pas de tirage au sort. Une preuve d'achat est nécessaire parmi ces titres:
Y le dernier homme volume 1 et 2, Urban Comics
Saga volume 1, Urban Comics.
Y the last man volume 1 à 10, Vertigo, DC.
Y the last man Deluxe edition HC volume 1 à 5, Vertigo, DC.

Pia Guerra dédicacera avec un joli sketch de 16H00 à 18H00 pour 10 heureux gagnants et signera ensuite de 18H00 à 19H00. Une preuve d'achat est nécessaire pour participer au tirage au sort des gagnants qui auront droit à un sketch et se faire signer ses comics parmi ces titres:
Y le dernier homme volume 1 et 2, Urban Comics.
Y the last man volume 1 à 10, Vertigo, DC.
Y the last man Deluxe edition HC volume 1 à 5, Vertigo, DC.

Fiona Staples dédicacera elle aussi avec un joli sketch de 16H00 à 18H00 pour 10 heureux gagnants et signera ensuite de 18H00 à 19H00. Une preuve d'achat est nécessaire pour participer au tirage au sort des gagnants qui auront droit à un sketch et se faire signer ses comics parmi ces titres:
Saga volume 1, Urban Comics.
Saga volume 1, Image.
Fiona Staples Digest #1 sketchbook.

Petites précisions, l'achat de Saga volume 1 par exemple vous donnera droit à 2 tickets: l'un donnant accès à une dédicace de Brian K. Vaughan et l'autre permettant de participer au tirage au sort pour un dessin de Fiona Staples ou une signature si vous tombez de malchance (mais attention, vous ne pourrez pas participer au tirage au sort de Pia Guerra). De même, l'achat d'un exemplaire de Y le dernier homme vous donnera droit aussi à 2 tickets, cette fois ci pour Brian K. Vaughan et Pia Guerra.
L'achat de 2 exemplaires de Y le dernier homme donnera droit à 2 tickets pour Pia guerra mais qu'un seul pour Brian K. Vaughan puisqu'il n'y aura pas de tirage au sort pour lui.
Vous pouvez vous inscrire au tirage au sort pour Fiona Staples et Pia Guerra et vous pouvez si vous êtes vraiment chanceux gagner à chaque tirage au sort mais dans le cas où vous auriez plusieurs tickets, vous ne pourrez néanmoins pas gagner 2 fois pour le même artiste.
Le tirage au sort se fera Vendredi 22 mars à 12h00 et la liste des gagnants sera publiée sur le blog dans l'ordre. Vous saurez donc si vous devez venir à partir de 16H00 si vous avez gagné un dessin ou à partir de 18H00 si vous avez seulement des comics à faire dédicacer.

Bon, si malgré toutes ces informations, vos avez encore des questions, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter, soit par mail, soit par téléphone.
A la semaine prochaine et bonne chance à tous pour le tirage au sort.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Hello readers, my word we've some cracking books to announce this week but before that, just to say the soft cover of the Frazetta Sketchbook, the hard cover incarnation was announced last week, is now available.

So to this week's new arrivals and we start this side of the Atlantic because the new titles from here are all top notch, for instance,

HC 240pp Color Black + White
What you are looking at here is the cover free of belly band and underneath with belly band. Anyway, what you need to know is that the supremely talented Mathieu Lauffrey has poured the best from his various assignments in comics, film design and the sundry other assignments art directors have assigned to him into this gorgeous book.
This isn't the first art book dedicated to Mat, some of you may be lucky enough to own the excellent "Proto" but while this new tome touches on some of the work featured in Proto it expands on it and features everything Mat's been up to since, including production design for a Tarzan project, the zany representation of prehistory by Roland Emmerich, 10,000 BC and Mat's incredible sequel to Treasure Island, Long John Silver!

Less eclectic but as visually delicious is,

HC 40pp Color
Spanish animation artist, Man Arenas, whisks us back to the whimsical world of Yaxin. This time the diminutive and ever curious faun, Gabriel is hanging out with Unicorns and not Wizards but the results are no less gorgeous.
Lush artwork of frolicking unicorns might be thought of as fodder for young girls but as I tell the gaming boys from UB Soft, "I be hard" and I'll be taking a copy to treasure, so watch it!

Another fantasy now from the one man story spinning machine who is Arleston because he's teamed up again with, Skydoll's Barbucci for,

HC 48pp Color
This is the regular edition of the special black and white album I reviewed a couple of weeks back, so now you can take your pick, do you want this nicely colored version or the larger, black and white one with lots of tasty extras?

Not so long ago we reviewed the first installment of,

HC 64pp Color
It's still April 1917 and while the war still rages Sils Corey is still racing to foil a dastardly plot against the Republic by vicious and determined German agents.

SC 284pp Color Black + White
Last Gasp
And whose to say Mitch isn't the World's Best Artist, you can't call it till you've seen his work and frankly to see it is to like it.
Mitch is steeped in the pop culture of the last 40 odd years and he has a ton of fun dropping it into his delightful and playful images.
It's low brow, pop surrealism with a big cheesy grin, yay!

Oh, serious illustration art now as we soberly celebrate the annual event which is,

SC 608pp Color Black + White
Harper Design
It's the annual collection of the supposed best work from the august body, The American Society of Illustrators. Their annual book is a rich mix to be sure, some of it is edifying and or beautiful, while some of it is pretentious and knowingly a la mode but it is always a rewarding experience viewing it.

Please note I'll be closing the shop a little early this Saturday evening, 19.00hrs, to catch a train to the UK but to ensure everyone gets their monies worth, the store will close at 13.30 and not 13.00hrs for lunch!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


So those new Trinquétte books I've been writing about are due to land some time next week, then there's unloading and clearing Customs but we hope to have them before the end of March.

Here's what arrived this week and finally we received the long awaited,

HC 134pp Color Black + White
Vanguard Productions
I'm sure most of you know the work of the inspirational and influential Frank Frazetta, well here's a look at the development work behind many of his master pieces and also development, experimental and personal work previously unseen by the general public.
Those of you who enjoyed the Fenner's excellent Frazetta Rough Work are sure to like this larger collection from Frank's sketch books.

Again with the sketchbooks and again from a highly regarded artist,

SC 72pp Color Black + White
A generous helping of Glen's art, featuring lots of fan favorite characters from the US and UK comic scenes and plenty of the ever popular zombies.
Glen has a large following given his work on "Slaine" and "Judge Dredd" in the UK and his run as DC Vertigo's exclusive cover artist for the phenomenally successful "Preacher" series and they wont be disappointed by this his first sketch book.

Now an artbook featuring plenty of finished work as well as sketches and a dash of deja vous,

SC 400pp Color Black + White
Image Comics
A personality and talent as large as Todd's was always going to require a big book and WHAM here it is.
Todd's detailed and dynamic art struck a chord with comic book fans from the get go, he enjoyed great success at both DC and then Marvel before breaking with the majors to make a stand for creator rights by co founding Image Comics and creating Spawn.
From Image he expanded beyond comics, into animation, films, music videos, games and collectibles and what ever one may think of the results his passion and commitment can't be denied. 
Todd's not the shy or retiring type but it's worth reading his comments about his approach to work and his craft as well as enjoying the eye candy in this book, beacuse his succes wasn't preordained.
Todd has worked hard for his success, he respacts and appreciates his fans and his colleagues, so here's to Todd a genuine game changer.

OK on Friday March 22 Pulp's Comics, courtesy of Urban Comics, will be hosting the amazing talents of Fiona Staples, Pia Guera and Brian K Vaughn, the creators behind the fantasy "Saga" and the speculative story "Y The last Man".
Keep checking this blog and that of Pulp's Comics for exact details, meanwhile you might like to know we have copies of the just released sketch book from Fiona, " Fiona Staples Digest # 1", 36pp of color and black and white images.

See you here soon I hope, till next week stay safe and be lucky.