Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Hey readers sorry but those of you expecting the deluxe or hard cover editions of The Frazetta Sketchbook from Vanguard this week are going to be disappointed, still all isn't lost - although a quantity of Mitch O'Connell's great new book is, doh - anyway these things happen in the book trade, you have to take the highs and lows that dame fortune and her minions deal you.

Anyway what this week's reviews lacks in numbers it makes up for with our fist title alone, because hot on the heels of the fabulous Alex Toth: Genius Illustrated comes another great book about a top drawer,

HC 160pp Color Black + White
Auad Publishing
The team that brought you the wonderful tribute to Robert Fawcett have done it again, this book covering the career and work of Albert Dorne is crammed with what you want from a study of an artist, lots of examples of his work.
Dorne was a master of crowd scenes, featuring a cast of disntinctive characters, movement and original perspective, a truely gifted and instinctive illustrator. 
His illustrations could convey what ever the client and or subject required, gravitas or humor, he could sell you the mood of a story or just as easily the usefullness of a product.
If you have any interest in the 24 caret talents who created America's golden age of illustration or you simply enjoy richly rendered imagery then you'll want a copy of this book.

Thinking classic illustraion you may like to know we have a small quantity of "J. Allen St. John's Paintings" back in stock. This is the artist who was the original illustrator of Edgar Rice Burroughs' fantasies and proved an enormous and lasting influence on the painters of heroic fantasy who followed.

If they'd been real Mr St John might have encountered some of these chaps and their fangled machines around the turning of the 19th Century to the 20th but since they weren't he didn't, anyway I digress, on to

SC 120pp Color Black + White
Grand Central & Ginko Press
This book explores the origins of the " Steam Punk" movement, the three books and their writers who birthed the concept and even gave it its name.
Characters and scenes from Infernal Devices by K.W. Jeter, Homunculus by James Blaylock and The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers are portrayed by leading artists in the field, while experts on the phenomina provide insightful commentry.

There you have it, not a lot but just to see the Dorne or one of the wonderful books that arrived in previous weeks it's well worth beating a path to Pulp's Art, see you soon I hope.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hello readers, before getting to the new books just to let you know Art of Darksiders 2, Assassins Creed III and Badlands 2 are all back in the house.

If you like special editions then you should know we do too, there are always plenty of rare, limited books in stock, the quantities are such we don't announce them on the site but come on in to find out what we've got.
Here are two of which we received enough to warrant a mention,

HC 62pp Color Black + White
This is the special edition produced for the Angouleme festival of the new story by ace artist Alessandro Barbucci - you know him for being half of the inspired team behind Skydoll - and the writer who is to fantasy fans what McDo is to the hungry, Chris Arleston.
It's Ekho through the looking glass and into a New York of the fantastic yet familiar.
As well as Barbucci's goegeous art work in black and white, there's 14 pages of character designs and development art, which wont appear in the regular edition available in mid March.

HC 64pp Color
The Amerindian heroin, Luuna, returns in a new story by the talent rich team of Crisse, Morvan and of course Keramidas.
This special edition is of series artist Keramidas' color story boards, text free and uninked, for this the eighth installment in the series.
The story and dialogue for each panel and page is provided on the last pages of this limited edition.

And so to the new titles from North America but we start with a book from there yet by an artist from here, Italy to be precise,

HC 112pp Color Black + White
Dark Horse
Well it's the second art book following the career and creations of this young artist bridging the worlds of comics and fine art and also mixing Occidental and Oriental styles.
Lots of images of attractive young ladies with stuff, organic and mechanical, piled high on their heads.

Strap in now as we've two new titles from the whizz kids at Design Studio Press,

HC 36pp Color
Techno porn at it's most seductive now as the man behind a lot of the sexiest means of transport displayed in recent science fiction movies, Harald Belker, returns with a follow up book to "Pulse".
In "Ride" Harald serves up his designs for the lean, clean and we should hope silent electric motorcycles of tomorrow.

Finally one for the youngsters, or younglings as the Jedi call them,

HC 32pp Color
Chris Hubbard serves up some hot-rod fun for the silly speed loving kid in all of us, from the tiny to the huge there is nothing his critters can't put on wheels and attach an engine to it. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hello readers, with our birthday this weekend it's a pleasure to be able to announce such an exciting and diverse range of books but first I'm pleased to report we have again in stock the Art of Todd McFarlane and Art of Wreck it Ralph.

To wet your appetite ahead of our new batch of co editions with Trinquétte, here are three great looking books which Alberto published on his own in association with the artists:

SC 102pp Color
It's the latest book from one of the hardest working and nicest people in animation, quite how Pascal finds time to produce all this great artwork and which often depicts moments of calm repose and reflection with his family, when this isn't his day job is beyond me! 
Anyway, those of you delighted with his first French release, the excellent Sunny Side from CFSL, can get another helping here.
While Parisians and visitors can catch some of Pascal's work at the Arludik Gallery.

From animation in the Bay Area to the wide open spaces of Canada and concept design now,

HC 48pp Color
Those of you who enjoyed the books featuring the work of Martin Abel and Dany Orizio from our first wave of Trinquétte/Pulp's Books are going to love the saucy sirens depicted by the talented Mr White, now which one was he in that Tarantino movie?

Artists from the world of animation and games are pretty much unknown by the broader public but here's an artist most comic fans will know,

HC 48pp Color Black + White
The third collection of art by the talented Mark Brooks concentrates exclusively on his work for US comics giant Marvel. All your favorite Marvel characters are featured and rendered in Mark's dynamic style and beautifully colored.

We stick with comics and Marvel for that matter as we present,

HC Jacket 6 Color Plates
Limited to 350 copies
The maestro of super hero painting is back with a new portfolio featuring 6 of Marvel's more tortured heroes, Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Red Hulk, Phoenix, Pyslocke and black costumed Spider-Man.

Following our shared stand at Angouleme with Gabriele and his team we have lots of his items in store including sketchbooks, portfolios, prints and this very limited edition of Frank Baum's classic tale, featuring sketches and full page paintings, from the Italian publisher S.C.M. Edizioni.

From art that is bang up to date to art from a bygone era yet created by a visionary and so still laden with relevance, at long last I get to review,

HC 282pp Color Balck + White
Those unfamiliar with Alex Toth's amazing gift for story telling should prepare to be dazzled, those familiar with his talent still need to prepare to be amazed once more because this book is utterly gorgeous.
This is the second volume in a three book series chronicling the life and craft of one of animation and comics most gifted draftsmen.
Mullaney and Canwell continue from where they left off in their first book, "Genius Isolated", to chart the rest of Toth's career from the 60's to his death in 2006.
It's a fascinating story of a complex man with a genius for visual story telling, this genius is made clear in the plethora of images from comics, animation and Alex's sketchbooks; two of his best comic stories are reprinted in their entirety from the original pages  " Burma Skies" and "Yellow Devil... White Devil".
An essential book for anyone with a serious appreciation for the mediums of animation and comics.

To the newer medium of games now and no that isn't a Frank Miller cover but it certainly reminds me of his style,

HC 192pp Color Black + White
Titan Books
The team behind the excelelnt "Halo The Art of Building Worlds" are back with an equally good art book based on the popular, genre melding action, horror, sci-fi game Dead Space.
It's all hear, all the stuff fans would want to oogle at, characters, hardware, settings and creatures and concenrated on the third and most recent incarnation of Dead Space.
Recnetly art books based on games have been among our best sellers, hardly surprising given the quality and wealth of eye candy Dark Horse and Titan have brought to books like Art of Alice Madnes Returns, Art of Mass Effect, Art of Assassins Creed 3 and Art of Halo 4 and Art of Dead Space is a worthy addition to their ranks.

We started this review of the arrivals with a book able to charm viewers of all ages and that's how we'll bow out,

HC 128pp Color Black + White
Arthur A. Levine Books
From the multiple award winning artist of "The Arrival" comes this super little sketchbook peppered with of course sketches but also finished color pieces.
The book features development art from some of Shaun's most popular works, as well as personal pieces, a delight.

So here you have them a pretty eclectic assortment and featuring a speciality of Pulp's Art books and items you wont easily find else where; and that's as good a way as any to mark two years of the shop being open!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hello readers, so this weekend will mark the second anniversary of Pulp's Art, Europe's leading book shop dedicated to illustration and entertainment art.

I'm proud of what we've achieved in these last two years and have high hopes for the year ahead but experience and realism mean these hopes are tempered by the recognition that these are exceptionally difficult times for publishers, retailers and consumers.

The high lights from the last 12 months would be launching a range of gorgeous art books published with our friend Alberto Ruiz of Trinquétte, hosting the amazing talents of Kim Jung Gi, Viktor Kalvachev and Mike Huddelston in our store and marveling at the incredible dédicace they made for customers and last but not least being part of Paris Comics Expo.

There will be two new waves of co editions with Trinquétte coming your way this year, and Paris Comics Expo will be back in November bigger and better than before.

I'll sign off by offering sincere thanks to all our customers who made the last 24 months so special, we hope to see you here again in the near future.


Thursday, February 7, 2013


Yes along with a restock of the first collection we have a second collection of 500 Dessins by the incomparable Nicholas De Crecy, again it runs to 252 printed pages of black and white illustrations but this time it's in hard cover!

We also bagged a few copies of the now out of print Wreck it Ralph and Art of the Rise of the Guardians, of course given they are no longer generally available the price to us increased but these are the last to be had unless the publisher decides to reprint.
We also found a rare copy of the Tarzan Chronicles in French, Tarzan Le Livre du Film just the one though, so anyone wanting any of these is advised to contact me or call in as soon as possible!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Hello readers, lots to get through this week but first thanks to those of you who dropped by our stand during the 40th International Festival of BD in Angouleme.
We picked up some great books while we were there and got the low down on some projects you're waiting on, happily I can report both the Spirit Artist Edition and the second  book in the three volume series from IDW Alex Toth: Genius Illustrated will both be available soon.

So let's start with an artist from way over there yet published over here by Soleil,

HC 137pp Color Black + White
Flag Studios
The artist behind Soleil's "Guerre des Orcs" showcases art for various projects and publishers American, Asian and European in this art book.
Obviously there's a bent towards the fantastic and with a distinctly Asian flavour but if you like highly intricate yet dynamic art, also to be shown how the artist achieves these results then this is your sort of book.

We stay with fantasy now as we finally get to review the fabled,

HC 376pp Color Black + White
Insight Editions
It's been a long time coming but finally this big brash book of art from the studio behind some of the world's most popular games is here.
If you like the look of Worlds of Warcraft, Diablo and Start Craft then you are in for a treat because this book is filled to the rafters with development and promotional art from these games, featuring principal characters and locations in vibrant color and moody black and white.

Fantasy of a gentler hue now as we collect our passes from a very clean cut young person for,

HC 144pp Color
Disney Editions
This is a wonderfully produced book, vivid colors and images leap at you from every page, as it follows the themes and styles used to promote the numerous attractions at the various Disney Parks around the world.
Given the Parks have been using posters since 1956 to alert visitors to what they can expect to find and given the sheer number of attractions there's a wealth of visual styles and great art on display.
Pirates and Tikki idols, cityscapes of the future and the nostalgia of the bygone American main street mix it up with Disney's own brand of fantasy in the Parks and they're all represented here, as are images of posters which didn't get produced but it wasn't for lack of merit.
So, a treat for everyone, er can I get a drink here?

Since we're in the Nostalgia neighbourhood why don't we travel back to the future, 

HC 127pp Color Black + White
Frank R Paul might not have been the world's greatest draftsman but what he lacked in technique he made up for with an imagination which was way way out there and that was just as well because he was constantly called upon to realize images of things yet unseen in the 1930s.
His designs for rockets and robots became the template other artists who followed him used time and again, they might appear kitsch or ludicrous to our generation but back when these images were freshly printed they enthralled and excited a significant audience.

We continue to hug the curb of memory lane with,

HC 140pp Black + WHite
The original Artist's Edition is back in a new printing and with a new cover, so yes not the original one featured above.
Heavily detailed art is falling out of favour but not Dave's, his lush line and brush work are well served by the faithfull reproductions of each page for his hugely popular Rocketeer adventures.
Enjoy again the daring do of a young aviator in the early 40s, his jet pack, his glorious glamour model girl friend Betty and the lousy Nazi spies who's fiendish plots he's out to foil!

So that's what's new from that side of the Atlantic, we move closer to home now, with two welcome additions to the Comix Buro series of sketchbooks.
So by now you'll know that each of these books features lots of artwork in various stages of development from rough sketch to fully colored finished art and the subjects range from the artist's signature creations to the two sketch book staples animals and cute girls.
Each of these books runs to 48 printed pages, the first features the heady work of Andreae, while the second is full of cheerful images from El Gunto! 

Before I go I should mention we picked up the new portfolio and sketchbook from one of the best illustrators of super heroes, Gabriele Dell'Otto, as well as a fabulous adaptation of the Wizard of Oz illustrated by him and some new prints.
We'll cover all these when everything arrives later this month but we have a limited number of the new sketchbook available right now!

Then given we're just the play things of fate I should have known to expect this but yes the week after Angouleme we've received restocks of lots of popular titles such as The Disney Sketchbook, The Hobbit Chronicles, Art of Madagascar 3, Art of District 9, Art of Halo 4 and Art of Assassins Creed 3, so if you missed any of these first time around then call in to Pulp's Art.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Crisse en dédicace !

Crisse sera en dédicace sur le stand de Pulp's Art qui se trouve au Monde des Bulles à Angoulême  vendredi de 14h30 à 18h et samedi de 15h30 à 18h. Ne ratez pas cette occasion unique de posséder une magnifique dédicace du papa d'Atalante. Son nouveau Sketchbook Travels sera en vente !