Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hello readers, so this weekend will mark the second anniversary of Pulp's Art, Europe's leading book shop dedicated to illustration and entertainment art.

I'm proud of what we've achieved in these last two years and have high hopes for the year ahead but experience and realism mean these hopes are tempered by the recognition that these are exceptionally difficult times for publishers, retailers and consumers.

The high lights from the last 12 months would be launching a range of gorgeous art books published with our friend Alberto Ruiz of Trinquétte, hosting the amazing talents of Kim Jung Gi, Viktor Kalvachev and Mike Huddelston in our store and marveling at the incredible dédicace they made for customers and last but not least being part of Paris Comics Expo.

There will be two new waves of co editions with Trinquétte coming your way this year, and Paris Comics Expo will be back in November bigger and better than before.

I'll sign off by offering sincere thanks to all our customers who made the last 24 months so special, we hope to see you here again in the near future.