Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hello readers, before getting to the new books just to let you know Art of Darksiders 2, Assassins Creed III and Badlands 2 are all back in the house.

If you like special editions then you should know we do too, there are always plenty of rare, limited books in stock, the quantities are such we don't announce them on the site but come on in to find out what we've got.
Here are two of which we received enough to warrant a mention,

HC 62pp Color Black + White
This is the special edition produced for the Angouleme festival of the new story by ace artist Alessandro Barbucci - you know him for being half of the inspired team behind Skydoll - and the writer who is to fantasy fans what McDo is to the hungry, Chris Arleston.
It's Ekho through the looking glass and into a New York of the fantastic yet familiar.
As well as Barbucci's goegeous art work in black and white, there's 14 pages of character designs and development art, which wont appear in the regular edition available in mid March.

HC 64pp Color
The Amerindian heroin, Luuna, returns in a new story by the talent rich team of Crisse, Morvan and of course Keramidas.
This special edition is of series artist Keramidas' color story boards, text free and uninked, for this the eighth installment in the series.
The story and dialogue for each panel and page is provided on the last pages of this limited edition.

And so to the new titles from North America but we start with a book from there yet by an artist from here, Italy to be precise,

HC 112pp Color Black + White
Dark Horse
Well it's the second art book following the career and creations of this young artist bridging the worlds of comics and fine art and also mixing Occidental and Oriental styles.
Lots of images of attractive young ladies with stuff, organic and mechanical, piled high on their heads.

Strap in now as we've two new titles from the whizz kids at Design Studio Press,

HC 36pp Color
Techno porn at it's most seductive now as the man behind a lot of the sexiest means of transport displayed in recent science fiction movies, Harald Belker, returns with a follow up book to "Pulse".
In "Ride" Harald serves up his designs for the lean, clean and we should hope silent electric motorcycles of tomorrow.

Finally one for the youngsters, or younglings as the Jedi call them,

HC 32pp Color
Chris Hubbard serves up some hot-rod fun for the silly speed loving kid in all of us, from the tiny to the huge there is nothing his critters can't put on wheels and attach an engine to it. 

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