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Hello readers, with our birthday this weekend it's a pleasure to be able to announce such an exciting and diverse range of books but first I'm pleased to report we have again in stock the Art of Todd McFarlane and Art of Wreck it Ralph.

To wet your appetite ahead of our new batch of co editions with Trinquétte, here are three great looking books which Alberto published on his own in association with the artists:

SC 102pp Color
It's the latest book from one of the hardest working and nicest people in animation, quite how Pascal finds time to produce all this great artwork and which often depicts moments of calm repose and reflection with his family, when this isn't his day job is beyond me! 
Anyway, those of you delighted with his first French release, the excellent Sunny Side from CFSL, can get another helping here.
While Parisians and visitors can catch some of Pascal's work at the Arludik Gallery.

From animation in the Bay Area to the wide open spaces of Canada and concept design now,

HC 48pp Color
Those of you who enjoyed the books featuring the work of Martin Abel and Dany Orizio from our first wave of Trinquétte/Pulp's Books are going to love the saucy sirens depicted by the talented Mr White, now which one was he in that Tarantino movie?

Artists from the world of animation and games are pretty much unknown by the broader public but here's an artist most comic fans will know,

HC 48pp Color Black + White
The third collection of art by the talented Mark Brooks concentrates exclusively on his work for US comics giant Marvel. All your favorite Marvel characters are featured and rendered in Mark's dynamic style and beautifully colored.

We stick with comics and Marvel for that matter as we present,

HC Jacket 6 Color Plates
Limited to 350 copies
The maestro of super hero painting is back with a new portfolio featuring 6 of Marvel's more tortured heroes, Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Red Hulk, Phoenix, Pyslocke and black costumed Spider-Man.

Following our shared stand at Angouleme with Gabriele and his team we have lots of his items in store including sketchbooks, portfolios, prints and this very limited edition of Frank Baum's classic tale, featuring sketches and full page paintings, from the Italian publisher S.C.M. Edizioni.

From art that is bang up to date to art from a bygone era yet created by a visionary and so still laden with relevance, at long last I get to review,

HC 282pp Color Balck + White
Those unfamiliar with Alex Toth's amazing gift for story telling should prepare to be dazzled, those familiar with his talent still need to prepare to be amazed once more because this book is utterly gorgeous.
This is the second volume in a three book series chronicling the life and craft of one of animation and comics most gifted draftsmen.
Mullaney and Canwell continue from where they left off in their first book, "Genius Isolated", to chart the rest of Toth's career from the 60's to his death in 2006.
It's a fascinating story of a complex man with a genius for visual story telling, this genius is made clear in the plethora of images from comics, animation and Alex's sketchbooks; two of his best comic stories are reprinted in their entirety from the original pages  " Burma Skies" and "Yellow Devil... White Devil".
An essential book for anyone with a serious appreciation for the mediums of animation and comics.

To the newer medium of games now and no that isn't a Frank Miller cover but it certainly reminds me of his style,

HC 192pp Color Black + White
Titan Books
The team behind the excelelnt "Halo The Art of Building Worlds" are back with an equally good art book based on the popular, genre melding action, horror, sci-fi game Dead Space.
It's all hear, all the stuff fans would want to oogle at, characters, hardware, settings and creatures and concenrated on the third and most recent incarnation of Dead Space.
Recnetly art books based on games have been among our best sellers, hardly surprising given the quality and wealth of eye candy Dark Horse and Titan have brought to books like Art of Alice Madnes Returns, Art of Mass Effect, Art of Assassins Creed 3 and Art of Halo 4 and Art of Dead Space is a worthy addition to their ranks.

We started this review of the arrivals with a book able to charm viewers of all ages and that's how we'll bow out,

HC 128pp Color Black + White
Arthur A. Levine Books
From the multiple award winning artist of "The Arrival" comes this super little sketchbook peppered with of course sketches but also finished color pieces.
The book features development art from some of Shaun's most popular works, as well as personal pieces, a delight.

So here you have them a pretty eclectic assortment and featuring a speciality of Pulp's Art books and items you wont easily find else where; and that's as good a way as any to mark two years of the shop being open!

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