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Hello readers and welcome to the first post of what should be an exciting month for Pulp's Art.
I shan't tempt fate by banging on about possibilities so please just keep dropping in on this site.

So let's get this week's road test of new arrivals here at Pulp's Art under way with some models recalling a bygone era of wonderful illustration.

SC 96pp Color, Black + White
Book Palace Books
Book Palace publisher Geoff West is an admirer of Dan Zimmer's excellent quarterly publication "Illustration", which celebrates vintage American Illustration, it's hardly surprising then that there are parallels between it and Geoff's brand new publication dedicated to vintage European Illustration, "Illustrators".
So, one shouldn't think of these two wonderful publications as competing with one another but more as companions.
The first issue of Illustrators puts the focus on Denis McLoughlin's pulp illustrations, UK comic mainstay Ian Kennedy and from across the channel there are pieces on Spaniard Angel Badia Camps and the fancifully monickered Frenchman Cheri Herouard.
It's an auspicious debut for a title with a lot of potential and from a team with excellent knowledge and contacts, we're looking forward to subsequent issues.

HC 272pp Color limited to 950 copies
Book Palace Books
So, here's a highly plausible hypothesis, having read Illustrators with its examination of Denis McLoughlin's art you're intrigued to know more about this fabulous British illustrator, what's to be done?
Well here's the remedy an in depth book looking at the artist and with lots of reproductions of his work.
Post War Britain was a pretty dreary place, certain parts of the country were being restored after extensive bombing, food was rationed and Brits were having to come to terms with the evidence of the war, of a new world order and our reduced standing among the nations.
In this context it's hardly surprising our gaze turned westwards to the seductive haven of glamour and abundance, America.
From the culture of the pioneer west to racy pulp and crime stories, Europe had an insatiable appetite for it all and Denis McLoughlin was some how hard wired to what visually gripped us about these genres.
In this book you find hundreds of his illustrations of western heroes and sensational detective stories.

HC 142pp Color, Black + White
David Colman
Ace animator David Colman, yes the one who won an Emmey, is back with a whole heap of fabulous drawing from his sketch book.
Some of the pieces featured in this book were displayed at his show with Craig Elliott at Galerie Daniel Maghen here in Paris a year or two back.
David is a versatile artist, both in technique and in subject, sure we know him best for his animal caricatures but there are many more strings to his bow as this book gives testament to.

David's excellent Art of Animal Character Design will very soon be sold out but Doodles II and Animal Character Design Grizzly Bears are still available HERE!

SC 39pp Color, Black + White limited to 600 copies
Simone Bianchi
Marvel's Italian maestro offers up his annual peek at his creative process and for those of you yet to be acquainted with Simone's work then be prepared for a rich mix of Italian classicism and American dynamism.
As well as turning out some amazing work for Marvel, Simone's been producing design for Hollywood and becoming a dad!

SC 192pp Color, Black + White
Udon Entertainment
All the behind the scenes visual stuff you could want for the concluding installment of the ground breaking persona game, with lots of art from Shigenori Shoejima and creator interviews about the whys and wherefores of making the whole thing.

Last and if you attend church regularly then certainly least is this book about tea time for swingers, why its,

HC 96pp Color, Black + White
Fantagraphics Books
Supposedly there was once a golden age of pornography in the USA, that was age by the way, before AIDS rose its ugly head along with the attendant loons declaring it God's rather harsh judgement on promiscuity.
Yes back in the 70s  - ahem - "adult" films attempted to entertain as well as stimulate and this book celebrates 100 posters from these pioneering days of porn, when this stuff actually played in cinemas and not booths!
Great fun, if not good clean fun or for all ages.

Bonjour chers lecteurs et bienvenue au premier post de ce qui devrait être un mois excitant à Pulp's Art.
N’hésitez donc pas à visiter ce blog pour plus d'infos.

SC 96pp Couleur, Noir et Blanc
Book Palace Books
L'editeur de Book Palace Geoff West etant un admirateur de l'excellent magasine "Illustration" publié par Dan Zimmer, magasine celebrant l'age d'or de l'illustration americaine, il decida de proposer un equivalent sur l'age d'or des illustrateurs Européens, il le nomma "Illustrators".   
Ces deux magasines ne sont donc pas des concurrents, ils sont plutot complementaires.
Le premier numero vous presente l'illustrateur anglais de pulps Denis McLoughlin, l'artiste anglais de comics Ian Kennedy, l'illustrateur espagnol Angel Badia Camps et l'illustrateur français du debut du 19ème siècle Cheri Herouard. 
Voici donc un trés bon debut pour un magasine ayant beaucoup de potentiel et pour une equipe avec d'excellentes connaissances et contacts, nous attendons avec grande impatiente les prochains numeros. 

HC 272pp Couleur limité à 950 copies
Book Palace Books
Pour ceux qui apres avoir decouvert l'art de Denis McLoughlin veulent en apprendre plus sur cet incroyable illustrateur anglais, voici un ouvrage avec plus d'informations sur lui et de nombreuses reproductions de ses oeuvres.
L'angleterre d'apres guerre etait dévastée par les nombreux bombardements et elle avait perdu son influence d'avant guerre dans le nouvel ordre mondial, c'est dans ce contexte que son peuple s'est nourri de la culture d'abondance et de glamour venant de Etats Unis.
De la culture des pionniers de l'ouest aux pulps et histoires de crimes, ce sont des artistes comme Denis McLoughlin qui ont permis aux Anglais de se nourrir de tous ces genres.
Dans cet ouvrage vous retrouverez des centaines d'illustrations d'heros de western et d'histoires sensationnelles de detectives.

HC 142pp Couleur, Noir et Blanc
David Colman
Voici un des plus grands animateur contemporain de retour avec un nouveau sketchbook.
Certains des dessins de cet ouvrage ont été presentés pendant une exhibition qu'il partagé il y a un an ou deux avec Craig Elliott à la Galerie Daniel Maghen à Paris.
David est un artiste versatile, que ce soit avec ses techniques où les sujets de ses dessins, il est evidemment connu pour ses caricatures animales mais ce livre nous montre qu'il a differentes cordes à son arc.

SC 39pp  Couleur, Noir et Blanc  limité à 600 copies
Simone Bianchi
Comme chaque année ce genie italien nous offre une vue de son procedé creatif sur les differents titres Marvel Comics auxquels il participe.
Son style est un savant melange de classicisme Italien et de dynamisme Americain.

SC 192pp Couleur, Noir et Blanc
Udon Entertainment
L'artiste Shigenori Soejima a créé des illustrations incroyables pour jeux videos Persona 3.
Les fans de ce jeu devraient apprecier ce recueil d'illustrations de personnages, d'environnements et de storyboards. 

HC 96pp Couleur, Noir et Blanc
Fantagraphics Books

Dans les années 70 les films pour "adultes" ont essayés de divertir autant qu'ils stimulaient, cet ouvrage celebre cette epoque avec 100 affiches de films, quand ces films passaient encore au cinema.

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