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Hello readers here are the new titles available at Pulp's Art, a unique book shop serving the enthusiast of the best in illustration, old and new.

Here's a fellow Brit who has been around nearly as long as I have but looking a whole let better on it, the cad!

HC in Slipcase 304pp Color, Black + White
DK Adult
So James Bond 50 years young this year and as one would expect over this span of time he's endured mixed fortunes, weak martinis, fashion faux pas, dud puns, misogyny and a small weapon in the - column but fast cars and faster gals, along with those outrageous stunts on the + side.
This book celebrates JB's career in the poster and lobby cards which enticed and greeted cinemas goers down the years.
They're all here, the good, the bad and the ugly, smoldering Sean, transient George, smirking Roger, irate Tim, sneering Pierce and determined Dan.
The quality of the posters are as mixed as the quality of the films, both reflecting prevailing fashions of the time but those from arguably the golden age, before the safari suits and the spiteful killing of unarmed women, were illustrated by some top draftsmen such as Renato Frantini, Robert McGinnis, and Frank C McCarthy. 
Even some from the following era of Roger Moore were wonderfully crafted by McGinnis, Bob Peak and Dan Goozee until photographic images became the order of the day.
The book boasts great reproduction of the art for all the films produced by the Broccoli family and is fairly comprehensive, it also features rare sketch and concept art, which for hard to fathom reasons never went into production. 
It also contains some oddities, including art from Asian posters, images from the misguided beatnik version of Casino Royal with Sellers and Niven both playing the lead role and Connery's return to the role in Never Say Never Again (Ever).
This Autumn will see the release of Skyfall and frankly it looks like it's going to be a cracker, so why not whet your appetite with this intriguing book.

From the big to the small screen now where we meet one of TV animation's best character designers in,

SC 80pp Color
Stephe has been an animation pro since 1997 and is the artist behind such hit shows as Kim Possible and Clerks.
In this book for big pockets you'll find a little bit of everything Stephe packs into his impressive arsenal, portraits, caricatures, life drawing, pin-ups and animals, all drawn in Stephe's spontaneous and fluid style.

Two best buddies, one from comics and animation and the other a regular comicbook artist, decided to share book space just as they share a stand each San Diego Comic Con, what Sean - Cheeks - Galloway and Ryan Benjamin have in common is talent and passion.

HC 104pp Color
Yes the cover isn't giving a whole lot away is it? I'll give you a couple of interior pages in a moment, what you need to know is this book has significant chunks of comic stories, Sean serves up a Bastion 7 and Gumshoes 4 Hire cross over, while Ryan heaps on another installment of his apocalyptic online graphic novel Pancretia.
Now for those pages and first up is a slice of Sean's,

and here's a helping of Ryan's,

So you've seen the chaps' comic work and maybe you'd like to see the blood, sweat and tears behind it all, if so then we recommend,

HC 104pp Color, Black + White
In which Sean and Ryan show you how they do their thing, you'll see vehicle, environment and character designs from the comic stories featured in the above book and again to help you get a taste of the taffy here are some pages.

OK, keeping the cocktail theme going we now mix comics and the big screen and shake it up to the point of screaming!

SC 64pp Color
Titan Books
OK let's avoid a con flab about the merits of Prometheus, some of you liked it some of you didn't, anyway long before this though supposedly long after was Ridley Scott's original sci-fi monster movie Alien.
Two of the best professionals then in the business were asked to adapt the movie into a comic format, Archie Goodwin and Walter Simonson delivered a tour de force which became a New York Times best seller.

Finally to a pleasingly irreverent collection of portraits in,

HC 112pp Color
Ginko Press
Oh he's been a right cheeky chap has Alex Gross, he's taken old portraits from the 19th century and painted over them, so now some body's great grand dad is General Urko from the Planet of the Apes, someones Nan a Star Trek villain! I guess given the original sitters are now long gone and are strangers to boot we shouldn't worry for their dignity, so let's not, let's just enjoy!
( Note to self, ensure clear instructions are left in the will for usage of photos and video clips of self!)

The good people of Bordeaux can look forward to a brand new emporium of fantasy products and publications when, Pulp's Bordeaux opens its doors at 56 rue Du Loup soon!
The store will feature collectibles, action figures, graphic novels, art and sketch books and BD, watch this space and the doors to # 56 rue Du Loup!

If that news doesn't excite you in Lille, Strasbourg or Nice then remember we do have a mail order site at and there's more in the way of news, this week a container arrives from China with our first endeavours at publishing!
Yes we teamed up with eye candy wizard Alberto Ruiz of Brandstudio Press and Trinquétte Publishing to bring you a new selection of art books from the triumvirate of Brandstudio Press, Pulp's Books and Trinquétte Publishing.
Of course you want to know more, so keep tuning in wont you?

Bonjour chers lecteurs, voici les nouveautés disponibles à Pulp's Art, une librairie unique en son genre pour les amoureux de livres nouveaux et anciens d'illustration. 

HC Coffret 304pp Couleur, Noir et Blanc
DK Adult
Cette année nous fêtons les 50 ans de James Bond et comme on peut s'en douter durant ces années il a connu des bons comme des mauvais moments.
Ce livre celebre la carrière de James Bond à travers les affiches et illustrations promotionnelles des différents films à travers les années.
Ils sont tous presents le bon, la brute et le truand, Sean, George, Roger, Tim, Pierce et Dan.
La qualité des affiches est aussi mitigée que celles des films, les deux refletant les modes de leurs epoques, même si ceux de l'âge d'or sont illustrés par les meilleurs de l'epoque Renato Frantini, Robert McGinnis, Bob Peak and Frank C McCarthy.
Vous trouverez de tres bonnes reproductions des affiches ainsi que des croquis rares et quelques recherches de production jamais utilisées.

SC 80pp Couleur
Stephen travaille dans l'animation depuis 1997 sur des projets tel que Kim Possible et Clerks.
Dans ce recueil vous trouverez toutes sortes de dessins, portraits, caricatures, dessins de modeles, pin ups, animaux le tout dans le style spontanné et fluide de Stephen.

Deux amis, l'un venant des comics et l'autre de l'animation decidèrent de partager un livre comme ils partagent leur stand chaque année au Comicon de San Diego, leurs points communs etant leur passion et leur talent.
HC 104pp Couleur
La couverture ne donne pas vraiment une idée de ce qu'il y a l'interieur, c'est pourquoi j'ai ajouté quelques extraits, vous y trouverez deux histoires, une par Sean Galloway où l'on decouvre un crossover entre Bastion 7 et Gumshoes 4 Hire et la suite du comics post apocalyptique qu'est Pancratia par Ryan Benjamin.

HC 104pp Couleur, Noir et Blanc
Decouvrez comment Sean et Ryan font leurs comics, recherches de vehicules, environnements et personnages.
Ainsi que les differentes techniques qu'ils utilisent.

SC 64pp Couleur
Titan Books
Deux des meilleurs professionnels du comics ont été engagés pour adapter le film Alien en bande dessinée, Archie Goodwin et Walter Simonson ont livré cette excellente adaptation qui devint un New York Time Best Seller.

HC 112pp Couleur
Ginko Press
L'artiste Alex Gross utilise d'ancien portraits du 19ème siècle pour repeindre par dessus des personnages comme le General Urko de la planète des singes ou des vilains de Star Trek.

Les habitants de Bordeaux vont être ravis d'apprendre qu'une nouvelle boutique Pulp's va ouvrir ses portes au 56 rue du Loup bientôt, vous pourrez y trouvez le meilleur du comics, artbooks, action figures et objets de collection!
Surveillez bien le blog pour connaître la date d'ouverture du Pulp's Bordeaux 49 rue du Loup!

Et pour ceux qui n'habite pas Paris ou Bordeaux, n'hesitez pas à visitez notre magasin en ligne

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