Wednesday, August 22, 2012

R.I.P. SERGIO TOPPI 1932 - 2012

A friend just informed me of the sad news that another giant of comic book art has passed on, artist Sergio Toppi died yesterday.

Toppi was an immensly liked and respected artist, always gracious and accommodating towards his many fans and with a profound work ethic which had him working virtually to the end, despite failing health.

Toppi combined an encyclopedic knowledge of history and anthropology with amazing draftsmanship and story telling ability, which used abstrat components and distortion to produce unique work, truely an incomperable talent and style. 

Toppi was an inspiration to other artists around the globe, for instance Ashley Wood, Walt Simonson and rising star Sean Murphey  have all acknowledged  their deep respect for the man and his art.

A very small consolation for the fans is that Toppi's French and Italian publishers have multiple books in development, however each of these releases, along with his existing work will now be tinged with the regret that Sergio Toppi himself is no longer with us.

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