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Hello readers, things just got a whole lot hotter in the store this week, sure the weather is pushing the mercury up on the old barometer but  check out these great new titles which are just as sweat inducing!

We've had a lot of folks asking about them and finally here they are,

2 x 48pp Black + White
J Scott Campbell asked his favorite colorist and art director, Mexico's own Mad Hatter - honestly I've never seen this hombre without a stylish chapeau of some sort - Leonardo Olea, to collect some of the best pencil works from his sketch books and package them sympathetically for fans.
The result is these twin spiral books presenting a compelling mix of subjects in the inimitable style of J Scott Campbell, which probably gets us mortals as close to the master's own sketch books as we can hope to get.

The twins look so good together that we've decided not to seperate them and to sell them as a set, thus saving you the dilemma of having to choose between them.
That said we're offering the sets signed and for the thrifty shopper unsigned so the purchase will require a degree of decisiveness!

Here's another great sketch book which like the Ruff Stuff twins debuted at the recent San Diego Comic Con,

SC 36pp Black + White Signed
There's not a genre he can't handle, or a mood he can't convey, no wonder stars such as Neal Adams, Tood McFarlane and Arthur Adams have declared Michael Golden's a rare and amazing talent.
This neat little book features mostly porttraits and individual figures of fan favorite characters from the comics and film, all offered up in Michael's wonderfully expressive style.

HC 128pp Color
Harper Design
New Zealand beautiful land of the long white cloud is also home to the world's best national rugby union team and to Weta Workshop, the design studio behind Peter Jackson's block buster movies.
28 fantasy artists from way down there tell us about themselves and their work, in this lavishly illustrated book, while luminaries like film maker Guillermo Del Toro and Weta chief Richard Taylor add their praise and appreciation of the artists efforts.

OK we've waited ten years since his last book so without further ado, it's

HC 200pp Color, Black + White
Baby Tattoo
Hot damn, Coop can take what are already symbols of rebellion and nonconformity, such as Hot Rods and wanton women and twist yet more
subversion from them.
In doing the Devil's bidding Coop's idle hands employ a bold clear line serving up images of potency and power usually depicting our drinking buddy Satan, voluptuous cuties or hot rod dragsters, no wonder he's a mainstay of the Southern Californian Low Brow, Pop Surrealism scene. 

Possibly as soon as next week we'll receive the earlier collections of Coop's work, Devil's Advocate and Big Fat One .

We stay with the alternative art scene and Baby Tattoo books with the strangely hypnotic 

HC 250pp Color, Black + White
Baby Tattoo
Hmm the cover doesn't give much away about Michael Hussar's compelling and disturbing work, I'll help out with some images in a bit.
What you need to know about the book is that it collects finished paintings and preliminery sketches produced over  a 10 year period, spanning 1999 - 2009, it has amazing production values including embossed outer band, color edged pages and vellum inserts.
Hussar's work fits into that catagorey examplified by artists such as Mark Ryden and Nicoletta Ceccoli but with even more despair and angst, see what we mean?

In closing we want to express our sadness at the passing of two giants in the field of entertainment, Joe Kubert and Tony Scott.

Joe Kubert leaves behind a legacy almost certain to endure for decades to come, first there's the amazing and voluminous body of his own work, the man worked for 70 years as a comic book artist, then there's the numerous ullumnai from his school of cartooning filling animation studios and drawing comics professionaly and finally there's his talented sons, Andy and Adam, two power house artists of comic's current era.

The brash subject matter and the colossul egos of the stars can sometimes blind one to the craft Tony Scott brought to his films, for better or worse the modern action film wouldn't be what it is without him.
Frenzied, kinetic editing and soaring camera work were hallmarks of his work and have become de rigueur in the action field. 
Yet it should be remembered that for all the pyrotechnics and spectacle the director also gave space to the actors to express their talents, take Crimson Tide, or to give it it's imaginative French title U.S.S. Alabama, as good a thriller as one can come across, with fine performances from its principals Denzil Washingon and Gene Hackman.

Bonjour chers lecteurs, les choses sont devenues un peu plus chaude cette semaine, bien sur le temps y est pour quelque chose mais les nouveaux livres y sont pour beaucoup.

Beaucoup de gens les attendaient, les voila enfin

2 x 48pp Noir et Blanc
J Scott Campbell a demandé à son coloriste et directeur artistique favori, Leonardo Olea, de faire un recueil des meilleurs crayonnés provenant de ses sketchbooks et de les présenter de la manière la plus sympa possible pour ses fans. 
Le résultat est deux sketchbooks présenter comme des carnets à croquis avec spirale, remplis de différents travaux préparatoires et recherches dans le style inimitable de J Scott Campbell.

Les deux sketchbooks sont proposés ensembles dans un set, ce qui vous évite le dilemme d'avoir à choisir lequel acheter.
Un choix sera quand même à faire entre la version signée et non signée.

Voici un autre super sketchbook venant aussi de San Diego

SC 36pp Noir et Blanc Signé
Il n'y a aucun genre ou sentiment qu'il ne peut pas dessiner, pas étonnant que des stars comme Neal Adams, Todd McFarlane ou Arthur Adams aient déclaré Michael Golden un rare et incroyable talent.
Vous retrouverez dans ce sketchbook des portraits des personnages de comics et de films favoris des fans, le tout dans style incroyablement expressif.

HC 128pp Couleur
Harper Design
Les magnifiques paysages de Nouvelle Zélande abritent Weta Workshop, le studio de design derrière tous les gros Blockbusters de Peter Jackson. 
28 artistes de fantasy nous parlent d'eux et de leur travail,le tout accompagné de nombreuses illustrations et de commentaires du réalisateur Guillermo Del Toro et du directeur de Weta Richard Taylor exprimant leur admiration pour ces artistes.

HC 200pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Baby Tattoo

L'incroyable artiste Coop emploie une ligne claire sure pour produire des images pleine de force et de pouvoir habituellement impliquant Satan buvant, des femmes voluptueuses et des hot rod dragsters, pas étonnant l'importance de Coop dans le mouvement sud Californien Low Brow, Pop Surrealism.

Nous recevrons potentiellement la semaine prochaine ses premiers recueils Devil's Advocate et Big Fat One .

HC 250pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Baby Tattoo
La couverture ne donne pas vraiment une idée du travail de Michael Hussar, c'est pour cela que j'ai rajouté deux de ses oeuvres.
Ce que vous avez besoin de savoir sur ce livre c'est qu'il recueil ses peintures et dessins préliminaires couvrant une période de 10 ans, 1999-2009 et que la qualité d'impression est incroyable.
Le travail d'Hussar est dans l'esprit d'artistes tel que Mark Ryden er Nicoletta Ceccoli mais avec encore plus de désespoir et d'angoisse.

Pour finir nous aimerions exprimer notre tristesse à l'annonce de la disparition de deux géants du divertissement, Joe Kubert et Tony Scott.

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