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Hello readers not that much to report on this week in the way of new books as a box or two appear to have gone missing in transit.

Hopefully they'll be found and sent to us for next week, while in addition the art book for the new stop motion animated feature from the good folks behind Coraline, Paranorman, is being supplied to us in what appears to be trickle down fashion and rather like that theory of wealth distribution it's proving unsatisfactory and frustrating to those of us waiting at the trickles end!

(Still the good news is that when we finally have our stock in a significant number you'll discover a much more rewarding book than the art book produced for Coraline, which singularly failed to demonstrate the creativity of the whole team involved in the creation of that delightful film!)

So, here's the latest sketchbook from one of our favorite artists, who happily survived the SDCC despite being positioned under air conditioning blowing air at him of arctic temperatures.

SC 80pp Black + White Signed
Ben Caldwell
Another inspirational collection of sketches from the acclaimed artist behind Wednesday Comics Wonder Woman and the wonderful All Action Classics.
You'll find bold and dynamic images of fan favorites as well as intriguing glimpses of Ben's own projects.
Ben draws in a stripped down, turbo charged, animation style which delivers images between the styles of maestros Don Bluth and Mike Mignola.

Jim Warren's comic magazines of the 1980s featured some of the very best artists in the medium working at the top of their game, Dark Horse have produced two welcome collections featuring the unique talents of Richard Corben and Bernie Wrightson and now IDW bring these Artist's Edition folios featuring two great artists and two great stories.

Folio 7 pages Black + White
This is a sort of bite sized Frankenstein, over 7 pages a mad scientist tries to create life but assumes he's failed, tips his experiment down the drain where it becomes the muck monster, which then pays professor pop a visit.
Wrightson's art has seldom been better, it of course recalls his triumph and the inspiration for this tale, his illustrated version of Mary Shelley's classic Frankenstein, as well as the work of master engravers of the early 20th century such as Franklin Booth.
These pages are scanned directly from the original and presented in exactly that size in a handsome and sturdy - no it doesn't look like myself or John Hamm - wallet.

Folio 7 pages Black + White
A story that could have come from recent headlines about a disturbed and  disconnected young man going berserk with a gun he shouldn't be able to lay his hands on, not if a responsible society was paying attention.
Neal Adams is often credited with bringing modernity and realism to American comic book art, he's also charged by some with creating the opportunity for grand standing illustrators to show off instead of telling stories.
What can't be denied is the power and mastery of the story telling in these 7 pages as innocents and heroes are indiscrminately gunned down by a lone gunman.
As with the Muck Monster, Thrill Kill is presented in a custom designed wallet to sit nicely along side your other Artist's Editions.

Jason Schachter, manager at Essential Sequential, has an incredible roster of artist he represents and recently we purchased some mighty fine prints from him.
Ask us about prints by talents as special and diverse as Dan Panosian - soon to be working on a BD series for a major publisher here like - 7 Detective's Eric Canete, then there's cover supremo Dave Johnson, the so cool Andrew Robinson, the so nice Tim Sale, the amiable Matteo Scalera and the multi tasking Peter Nguyen.
These prints are produced to a very high standard and most come signed by the artist!

Then if you still have some space on your wall, why the first of the 2013 calendars have arrived, we've images from George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones aka Song of Fire & Ice, Wonder Woman by the splendidly monicored Jose Garcia Lopez and classic Marvel characters, who pop right out at you, by greats like John Buscema, Gil Kane and Jack Kirby!

OK, Friday I'll be hitting the road to find some sea and sun for a week, while Adnan takes the helm of the good ship Pulp's Art.

Bonjour chers lecteurs, il n'y a pas grand chose à présenter cette semaine car un ou deux cartons ne nous ont pas été livré.

Espérant qu'ils soient retrouvés et renvoyés au magasin d'ici la semaine prochaine.

SC 80pp Noir et Blanc Signé
Ben Caldwell

Un autre incroyable recueil de sketches par le génial artiste du Wednesday comics Wonder Woman et du All Action Classics.
Vous y trouverez des illustrations de super héros ainsi que des recherches graphiques des ses projets personnels.
Ben dessine avec un style ultra dynamique inspiré de l'animation, entre Don Bluth et Mike Mignola.

Folio 7 pages Noir et Blanc

Voici une histoire qui rappelle son Frankenstein, un scientifique essaye de créé la vie mais pensant avoir échoué il se débarrasse de son expérience qui devient le Muck Monster, celui ci décide alors de rendre une visite au scientifique.
Wrightson nous montre son amour pour les maîtres graveurs du début du 20ème siècle comme Franklin Booth.
Ces pages sont scannées en haute définition directement à partir des planches originales et imprimées à la même taille.

Folio 7 pages Noir et Blanc

Une histoire qui rappelle des évènements récents, un jeune homme dérangé et déconnecté devenant incontrôlable avec une arme qu'il ne devrait pas posséder. 
Neal Adams est souvent crédité pour avoir apporter de la modernité et du réalisme dans les comics, il est également accusé d'avoir créé l'opportunité pour les artistes de plus illustrer que de raconter des histoires.  
Ce qui ne peut pas être nié c'est son talent pour raconter cette histoire en 7 pages où des innocents et des héros sont abattus au hasard par un tireur fou.

Jason Schachter, directeur de Essential Sequential, représente une incroyable équipe d'artistes et nous lui avons commander de très belles lithographies toutes signées.
Demander à voir ces lithographies de Dan Panosian, Dave Johnson, Eric Canete, Andrew Robinson, Matteo Scalera, Peter Nguyen et Tim Sale.

Et s'il vous reste un peu de place sur vos murs nous avons également reçu des calendriers, George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones aka Song of Fire & Ice, Wonder Woman illustré par Jose-Lui Garcia Lopez et Marvel Comics Classic avec des illustrations de John Buscema, de Gil Kane et de Jack Kirby.

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