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Hello everybody, this week sees the annual explosion of fun and frolics which is the combined Japan Expo and Paris Comic Con, there are so many great guests and events to enjoy that I can't mention them all here but I will say Pulp's will have a stand featuring graphic novels and art books.
It's worth the price of admission and the soulless experience of boarding the RER B to reach it and at least on the way back you can enjoy the amazed expression of arriving tourists and home going locals to a mass of Sailor Moon Girls boarding the train at Parc des Expositions, ALLEZ!

So to this week's arrivals, let's kick off with a man from over here doing very well over there, why it's..

SC 144pp Color 
CFSL Ankama
Pascal is from Alsace but he's making a successful living in San Francisco working for the leading US animation studios and free lancing in illustration.
We've been selling his self published art books and prints here at Pulp's Art for a while and always suspected a major publisher here would eventually get around to releasing a book of his joyous art and so it happened.
Pascal captures the cutest critters and tender scenes from what is clearly his wonderful life in simple but stunningly effective images, with a wonderful sense of color and design.

Sticking with the theme of artists from here doing well over there, classic BD doesn't come better than this:-

HC 144pp Color Balck + White
Archaia Enteratinment
I imagine these are exciting times for Alex Alice, he recently become a farther, he's recently brought his stunning interpretation of the Teutonic/Wagnerian legend, Siegfried, to a critically and commercially successful conclusion and he's just won a Spectrum Gold Medal in Comics for his cover to the third and final volume of this Siegfried series for Dargaud.

This English edition reprints and resizes the original Dargaud deluxe edition of volume 1 but without the DVD of animated footage.
We have stocked the French edition for a while because we wanted to have a small representative selection of the best in BD for those tourists who felt they couldn't wade through the literally thousand stocked by our neighbors specializing in BD.
Given the deluxe original is out of print we thought we'd bring in this edition because the extra material is a fabulous blend of what drew Alex to this story and what inspired and informed his vision, as well as stunning development work from Alex and his collaborators.

BTW Alex Alice is one of the talents I didn't mention earlier who will be attending the Paris Comic Con, ALLEZ encore!

Again to meet the demand of foreign customers looking for excellence in BD but maybe wanting to do more than simply look at the pictures, we are now carrying Dark Horse's excellent repackaging of the first three stories of feline super sleuth Blacksad, by the incomparable draftsman Juanjo Guarnido.

HC 184pp Color
Dark Horse.

New books from over there received this week include..

HC 128pp Color Black + White
Aspen MLT Inc.
A return to the days when Presidents and the GOP did more then just genuflect to Wall Street, though I remain doubtful the deservedly revered Mr Lincoln found time to save the Union, emancipate America's slaves and kill Vampires!
This book features development art, story boards and heaps of behind the scenes goodness from this crazed but welcome fantasy film from Wanted director, Timur Bekmambetov and featuring every bodies - with the exception of some very mean spirited fanatics - favorite President, # 16 Abraham Lincoln. 

Tired of looking at books face front, then how about I do this.

SC 320pp Color Black + White
Total 3D Publishing
OK you probably know by now what to expect here, stunning digital art from precocious talents not afraid to let you in on their secrets for creating this sort of stuff.
These are tremendously well produced books, nice to the touch and lovely to look at.

Those of you who weren't able to attend our book signing here last Saturday with sensational Korean artist, Kim Jung-Gi, missed a spell binding treat.
Here are some images from the afternoon, when we hope between our efforts and the talent of Kim we were able to make some clients very happy.

Don't be too down cast, you can still buy Kim's incredible 2011 sketchbook and  hopefully Kim will return to these shores soon.
Indeed, possibly as early as next January, when hopefully Glenat will be ready to release a super charged BD written by Jean-David Morvan and drawn by Kim, it's in the works, we'll keep you posted!

Bonjour, cette semaine se deroulera à Paris la Japan Expo/Paris Comicon, il y aura de nombreux grands artistes et un stand Pulp's où vous pourrez trouver comics, artbooks et figurines!

SC 144pp Couleur 
CFSL Ankama

Pascal est originaire d'Alsace mais c'est depuis San Francisco qu'il travaille pour les plus grands studios d'animation et en tant qu'illustrateur freelance.
Nous vendons ses ouvrages et affiches auto publiés depuis longtemps et nous avons toujours su qu'un editeur finirait par publié un recueil de ses travaux.
Pascal arrive à capturer les scenes les plus tendres et mignones de son incroyable vie de façon toujours simple et efficace, avec un incroyable sens des couleurs et du design.

HC 144pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Archaia Enteratinment

Cette version anglaise reprend dans un nouveau format la version deluxe du volume 1 sorti chez Dargaud mais sans le DVD contenant des scenes animées.
Nous avions deja la version farnçaise en magasin car nous considerons qu'elle fait partie du meilleur de la BD franco belge à proposer aux touristes qui ne sauraient quoi choisir dans l'offre gigantesque proposée par nos voisins specialisés en BD franco belge. 
De plus la version francaise etant epuisée cette edition permettra de profiter des bonus qui nous montre quels etaient les influences d'Alex, ainsi que ses recherches et travaux preparatoires.

Pour faire profiter de l'histoire les nombreux fans anglophones de la serie Blacksad, nous avons en magasin la compilation anglaise des trois premiers tomes francais editée par Dark Horse.

HC 184pp Couleur
Dark Horse

HC 128pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Aspen MLT Inc.

Ce livre regroupe les recherches graphiques, story boards qui ont amenées à cet incroyable film par le réalisateur de Wanted, Timur Bekmambetov.

SC 320pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Total 3D Publishing

Vous devez surement savoir à quoi vous attendre, d'incroyables illustrations digitales par de jeunes talents qui n'ont pas peur de partager leurs secrets de creation.
Le tout dans un ouvrage tres bien construit.

Pour ceux d'entre vous qui n'ont pas pu assister Samedi dernier à la dedicace de l'incroyable artiste Coréen qu'est Kim Jung Gi, voici quelques photos.
Nous esperons que les clients ayant reçu une dedicace etaient ravis.   

Mais ne soyez pas trop decus car il y a de fortes chances que Kim revienne en dedicace au mois de Janvier, il devrait revenir en France pour la sortie d'une bande dessinée avec l'auteur français Jean-David Morvan. 

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