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Hello readers, a mixed bag of news for you to bring the curtain down on June, on a personal note my yahoo email address has been usurped by some so'n'so and yahoo have yet to cover themselves in glory by rectifying this sad state of affairs.
So, if someone drops you a line calling themselves Nick and with a sob story of being destitute in Spain and requiring funds, ignore them, in fact best to ignore any email of this sort from anybody.

Moving on but sticking with the notion of mean streets and destitution comes this absolute classic from the Marvel Cannon,

HC 200pp Black + White
While the focus of this book is the stunning art of David Mazzucchelli, as one would expect for an addition to IDW's Artist's Edition range, which faithfully reprints classic comic stories from scans of the original pages in the original size, it has to be said this was an absolutely terrific story by its writer Frank Miller.
David's artwork for this story of Matt Murdock's and Daredevil's fall, redemption and rise, perfectly captured the intense emotion of the characters and urban setting of NY's Hells Kitchen for this crucial story arc in the character's trajectory.
David collaborated again with Frank Miller on the acclaimed Batman Year One story before leaving super heroes behind as he produced more personal works through Rubber Blanket, City of Glass and the enormously successful - and deservedly so - Asterios Polyp.
David's was always a subtle style even when drawing superheroes, he was aware that less can achieve more, his art was always propelling the audience through the story with images that perfectly suited the mood and tempo of the narrative, never distracting one with eye candy and showing off.
Post their fruitful collaborations, while David sought subtlety Frank went another way and went pretty far down that road, so it's nice to have this tribute to two fine artists making a valued contribution to our medium with a wonderful story about the potential of the human spirit. 

The Artist's Editions are produced in low numbers and consequently appreciate rapidly in value once the print run is sold, so don't delay acquiring your copy as we expect a high demand for this book.

Meanwhile, we've had some restocks through our doors this week and some rare out of print books in both the animation and western art sections, as well as the welcome return of the sold out Iain McCaig artbook Shadowline pictured below.

Oh and we finally got the VO edition of,
not so very different from the VF edition, just a little less fussy with the grammar really, still a visual treat for Sci-fi fans!

Finally to this weekend and two events not to be missed, this Saturday we will host Korean artist Kim Jung-Gi for a book signing here at Pulp's Art between the hours of 3 and 6.00 PM, his fabulous 2011 sketchbook is available now and your purchase just might win you a sketch this Saturday, after which we suggest you head over to the 

39 rue Daitancourt,
75017 Paris
( Metro: La Fourche Line  13)

where our pal Mike Huddleston's outrageous artwork for Butcher Baker The Righteous Maker - to be published by Ankama later this year - will be displayed for your viewing pleasure.
Saturday night Mike will be doing some live art and there'll be a DJ and refreshments, so this is by invitation only but you can pick up some invites from us here at Pulp's Art, fun starts there at 18.30hrs.
If you can't make the Saturday Vernissage make a point of getting over to the gallery at some point because this is a show which shouldn't be missed.

( This is a picture of Butcher Baker and not Mike!)

HC 200pp Noir et Blanc

Retrouvez dans ce livre l'incroyable art de David Mazzucchelli, comme dans les precedents Artist's Edition vous pourrez admirer les pages originales de la geniale saga Born Again scannées en haute definition à partir des veritables originaux et imprimées au même format.
Le travail de David pour cette saga sur la chute de Daredevil et de Matt Murdoch, capture parfaitement les emotions intenses des personnages et l'ambiance du quartier new yorkais d'Hell's Kitchen qui sont cruciales pour cette histoire.
David a toujours eu un style subtil, il a toujours su que moins de details apportaient plus d'impact, il a toujours presenté aux lecteurs des images qui etaient parfaites pour l'ambiance et l'humeur de ses histoires. 

Les Artist's Editions sont imprimées en petite quantité, ne tarder donc pas trop car nous attendons une importante demande.

Nous avons egalement recu quelques reassorts, certains livres d'animation et livres sur le western qui sont normalement epuisés, et nous avons recupéré quelques exemplaires de l'artbook sur Ian McCaig Shadowline.

Nous avons enfin recu la version anglaise de l'art of Prometheus!

39 rue Daitancourt,
75017 Paris
( Metro: La Fourche Line  13)

Notre cher ami Mike Huddleston presente son travail sur Butcher Baker The Righteous Maker - qui sera publié en français par Ankama cette année - lors d'une exposition d'oeuvres originales .
Samedi soir Mike dessinera en direct lors de cette soirée de lancement, il y aura egalement un DJ et de quoi se rafraichir, à partir de 18h30.

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