Monday, July 23, 2012


Hello readers, I'm not long off the train from the UK where they're sort of gearing up for the Olympics, following a short stop in the home country after the San Diego Comic Con, SDCC.

(Honestly Paris you should be relieved yours isn't the dubious honor of hosting the stupendously arrogant IOC and their over priced marketing event!
The average Londoner is paying far to high a price in terms of tax and disruption to experience any kind of fell good factor. )

As ever the SDCC was a mixed blessing, the effort of getting there and the hassle of moving about a space filled with tens of thousands of fans moving at the speed of grazing herbivores is exhausting, while the thrill of encountering brilliant creative talent is positively exhilarating.
Ultimately I always conclude I've been fortunate to attend, I catch up with old friends in the communities of comics, animation and the making of images and art, while hoping I've also made some new ones.

In the coming weeks we'll be receiving some of the sketch books I secured for Pulp's Art from top creators in the field of animation and comics such as Arthur Adams, Terry Dodson, Dustin Nguyen, Andrew Robinson, Alex Ross, Tim Sale, Chris Sanders, Bill Sienkiewicz and Michael Turner.
Later on down the line in August we'll have even more books as a result of our efforts at this year's SDCC and towards the end of the month or in early September we'll be debuting a line of art books we've published with our friends at Brandstudio Press and Trinquétte!

(We'd be delighted to hear from any professional artists from the field of games, comics or animation, with a pop culture sensibility, interested in working with us on art books produced to a very high standard.)

In closing this brief message I'd like to thank Adnan for holding the fort in my absense and for updating the Blog.
Fans of great art should make a bee line to the store to pick up the fabulous recent arrivals he announced, covering three amazing and important talents, John Buscema, Richard Corben and Jack Davis!

Bonjour chers lecteurs, je reviens juste d'une visite familiale en Angleterre où tout le monde se prépare pour les Jeux Olympiques, juste apres un court séjour au San Diego Comicon.  

Comme d'habitude le SDCC proposait du bon et du mauvais, l'effort pour y arriver et pour se déplacer parmi ces dizaines de milliers de fans bougeant à la  vitesse d'escargots était épuisant mais l’excitation de rencontrer tous ces incroyables talents etait énergisant.
Au final j’étais très content d'avoir la chance d'y être, j'y ai retrouvé d'anciens amis artistes de comics, d'animation et d'art en général et m'en suis fait de nouveaux.

Dans les semaines à venir nous recevrons certains des sketchbooks que j'ai acheté pour la boutique, des sketchbooks des meilleurs artistes du comics et de l'animation, Arthur Adams, Terry Dodson, Dustin Nguyen, Andrew Robinson, Alex Ross, Tim Sale, Chris Sanders, Bill Sienkiewicz et Michael Turner.

Un peu plus tard en Aout nous recevrons encore plus de livres et début septembre nous aurons une nouvelle collection d'artbooks que nous co-publions avec nos amis de Brandstudio Press et Trinquétte!

(Nous sommes ravis que de nombreux artistes issus des jeux videos, des comics et de l'animation soient interressés à l'idée de travailler avec nous sur la production d'artbooks de qualité)

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