Friday, June 22, 2012

Dedicace avec Kim Jung-Gi, Samedi Juin 30, 15hrs - 18hrs!

Hello readers we're delighted and relieved to at last be in a position to confirm the details of our book signing here at Pulp's Art on June 30th between 3.00 and 6.00P.M. with the sensational artist Kim Jung-Gi.

I'm thinking you have the time and date by now so let me explain the method, on Wednesday we should have our restock of Kim's two sketchbook, 2007 and 2011, customers can buy a book and will be given a ticket, one per book, for a draw to determine those customers who will receive a sketch from Kim and the order in which these will be produced.
Books and Tickets will be available while stocks last up until we make the draw, shortly before Kim begins signing and sketching at 15.00hrs. 

Those customers who have already purchased Kim's books from us, need only contact us and as long as we have you logged in the data base of our fidelity card/reward system you will be awarded a ticket or tickets for the book or books previously purchased.

Kim will be with us for 3 hours and he calculates being able to produce at least 15 sketches in this time, believe us what Kim can produce in 10 minutes would take a less remarkable talent hours assuming they were able to draw to this standard, so we hope to make lots of customers happy.

Well, I hope I've made things clear but if you do have questions then do contact us.

Perhaps it isn't fair of me but if there any waverers out there wondering if they should skip the sales or the sun to spend a few hours in Pulp's Art, below are just a few reason why it will be worth your while, Kim's is a truly awesome talent.
Adnan and I we're both fans and we bought his books on their arrival here at Pulp's Art, come and see why both we and the international community of illustration fans are so excited by this artist!

So, can I expect to see you Saturday June 30th between 15.00 and 18.00hrs then?

Finally thank you again to Jean-Christophe Caurette of the Stasbulles Festival and super BD scribe Jean-David Morvan for their assistance in our staging of this event.

Bonjour chers lecteurs, nous sommes ravis de pouvoir enfin vous confirmer les informations concernant la dedicace de Kim Jung GI, ce sera le samedi 30 Juin entre 15h00 et 18h00.

Et voila exactement comment elle va se derouler, nous recevrons un important reassort des ses deux sketchbooks de 2007 et 2011 mercredi, il sera alors distribué un ticket numeroté par sketchbook acheté, ces tickets seront utilisés lors du tirage au sort qui designera ceux qui pourront avoir un sketch de Kim et l'ordre de leur passage.
La distribution des tickets numerotés se terminera avec le tirage au sort qui aura lieu à 14h50. 

Pour les clients qui nous ont deja acheté ces sketchbooks, il suffit seulement de nous contacter et apres avoir verifié que vous avez bien acheter ces sketchbooks, nous vous donneront alors un ou deux tickets numerotés.

Kim sera present 3 heures et il pense pouvoir faire au moins 15 sketches.

Si jamais vous aviez des questions n'hesitez pas à nous appeler.

Je voudrais finir en remerciant à nouveau Jean-Christophe Caurette du festival Strasbulles et le scenariste Jean-David Morvan pour leur aide dans la preparation de cette dedicace.


  1. Bonjour,
    Les sketchbooks sont à combien environ ?
    Et pour les sketches, il dessine tout ? Merci :)

  2. Bonjour,

    Combien coûte les skeetchbooks? svp

  3. Bonjour,

    On ne donne pas de prix sur le blog car la plus part de nos livres sont des imports dont les prix sont variables.
    Nous vous invitons donc à nous telephoner au 09 50 49 93 54 pour toutes informations.