Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The good people of Udon Entertainment continue to bring the joy this summer - unlike the weather - with yet another fabulous new book; and yes I know I said to expect this book in January yet here it is!

SC 304pp Colr, Black + White
Udon Entertainment
Visual references to just about any and everything in this hugely popular fantasy game, the settings, the heroes, their armor and weapons and of course those monsters, are to be discovered in this hefty landscape format book, which also has some entertaining and insightful creator comments.

SC 128pp Color
Image Comics
Praise laden Sonny Liew has been nominated for an Eisner award and won both a Xeric-award and a Utopiales for this delightful science-fiction comic about two street urchins in a near future metropolis.

We also have Sonny Liew's delightful take on Disney's version of Lewis Carroll's Wonderland called - no surprise - Wonderland.

Rounding out today's new deliveries from the USA is a book from one of the nicest artists out there.

Chris Ayers: My Daily Zoo
SC 96pp Black + White
Design Studio Press
Concept artist Chris Ayers' previous books of animal caricatures, The Daily Zoo volumes 1 and 2, are among our best selling titles, each one being a collection of illustrations undertaken my Chris as a means of additional therapy while receiving treatment for leukemia.
His latest release is an activity book for children of all ages, wherein one can assist the artist by getting ones own hands dirty and finishing of a piece by filling in those gaps Chris has left gaping and gasping for our input and then coloring the whole thing, hours of fun, or days if you are slow or have a country or big company to run!

NB: A percentage from all My Daily Zoo sold will go to aid research into Cancer treatment.
Also, along with artist Joe Weatherly Chris will be having a gallery show here in Paris courtesy of our friends at Gallery Daniel Maghen, we'll ley you know exact dates once these are confirmed.

We carry virtually every book from Chris's publisher, Design Studio Press, DSP.
DSP have published a fine selection of books by professionals from concept and cgaracter design in animation, games and film effects, do call into Pulp's Art to find out just how good these books are.

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