Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Know o' Prince that betwixt the sinking of Atlantis and August 18 hither came CONAN! A raver, a slayer and with hair by Teezy Weezy of Hollywood, hailing Princes and Princesses across Paris Conan the movie kicks off tomorrow August 17!

The trailer looks like fans of the sword and sorcery genre will be served up a generous helping of what they like best but oh my why on earth did the Hollywood producers give their glowering star an 80s vintage glam rocker's teased tresses, duh!?
Anyway his hair aside the Conan movie looks visually strong, and if heroic fantasy is your cup of mead then head over to rue Dante where the Pulp's stores carry a heady range of products you may like.

Here at # 6, Pulp's Art, we have a wealth of books by masters of fantasy art such as the legendary Frank Frazetta, Jeff Jones, Mark Schultz, Gary Gianni, Sanjulian, Arthur Suydam, Paul Bonner, Aleksi Briclot, Jean-Sebsatien Rossbach, William Stout, Petar Meseldzija, Mike Hoffman, Louis Royo, etc. 
While at # 9, Pulp's Comics, you can find the adventures of Robert E Howard's quintessential action hero in their graphic form by such fantastic comic artists as John Buscema, Cary Nord and Barry Windsor-Smith.

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