Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So we did get in quite a few books this week but would one call them new if they are new to the store yet aren't exactly hot of the press, hmm?
Among these books were several Disney editions including Brother Bear: A Transformation Tale and no it isn't about Robots which become shopping trolleys or whatever but about early Amerindians; and the fantastic Art of Bolt and the making of Prince of Persia.

Ah now here's one you might not have seen before:-

The Job of Figure Drawing
SC 108pp Color B+W
Dark Horse
Figure drawing it's a tough job but somebodies got to do it and few are as well qualified as master pin up artist, Jim Silke.
Jim shares reflections on the subject of glamour illustration informed by a long and successful career, as well featuring some of his best work there's a selection of illustrations by some of the greatest names in the field.

(We have a nice range of Jim's books from Dark Horse and Flesk Publications in our Glamour and Pin-Up section in the store.)

SC 128pp Color B+W
Anyone visiting Pulp's Art will know we really love the books Ankama and Cafe Sale put together.
The latest in this nicely produced and eminently affordable range of pocket books features a great mix of artists and styles exploring the theme of designing characters.

SC 102pp Color B+W
A terrific showcase of what the fiendishly talented Black Frog, or Grenouille Noire to use his nom de guerre has been doing with his time - none of it ever spent idle - lately.
This landscape, or Italian if you prefer, formatted book has comic strips, sketches and designs from this ace artist.

Hey # 6
SC 143pp Color B+W
HEY! WHAT? Well it's another issue of the bilingual pop culture publication is what HEY is.
Crammed as always with art from the low brow, angry edgy end of the fine art spectrum, and mixing graphics with the plastic arts from across the globe, Hey holds it's own along side Juxtapoz and Hi-Fructose. 
A high light of the latest issue is a specially commissioned series of illustrations from the inspired Argentine artist, Carlos Nine.

He drinks and he draws like some urban barbarian, it's LA artist Dan Panosian, who with his lovely wife dropped by Pulp's Art  and was kind enough to sign copies of his sketchbook "Urban Barbarian" and draw a doodle or two into a few copies of "Drink 'N' Draw".
Dan's great art is concealed within his sketchbook, the cover of which resembles the label for a certain celebrated beverage from Tennessee; you have to open it up and take a look to get the picture, so to speak!

Next week I'll be heading to the San Diego Comic Convention, it's an opportunity to meet old friends and hopefully make some new ones and also to research and select new products for Pulp's Art.
While I'm away we should receive the Art of Captain America the companion volume to both the new film and the previous books featuring the art and designs for Iron Man 1 & 2 and Thor.
At the risk of sinking the boat I'll also announce three books from a Singapore based artists' studio we hope to have towards the end of next week.

Imagine Prime
HC 246pp Color B+W

The Pepper Project Artbook
SC in plastic case 220pp Color

SC 48pp Color B+w
I look forward to seeing you on my return and giving those interested all the news and developments in our business post Comic Con.

Pulp's Art, along with Pulp's Comics and Pulp's Toys will be open over August but if you're going away on holiday then stay safe and enjoy.

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